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Soldier’s Home State/Country of (military) Record or State/Country of Residence:

California **

Hawaii *  

Oregon ***


Philippines #


AUS- Army of the United States

BNR-Body Not Recovered

BR-Body Recovered

DOW- Died of Wounds

DSC-Distinguished Service Cross (54 recipients)

KIA-Killed in Action

MIA-Missing in Action

POW-Prisoner of War

PA Philippine Army, part of the United States.Armed Forces

PS-Philippine Scout, part of the United States Armed Forces

SWA-Seriously wounded in action by missile

USAFFE United States Armed Forces of the Far East; organized 12/1941 commanded by Gen Douglas MacArthur beginning 7/26/1941

WAS- Women’s Auxiliary Service



Units established in the United States -1st Filipino Inf Bn, 1st Filipino Inf Regt (“Laging Una”), 2nd Filipino Inf Bn, 2nd Filipino Inf Regt, 5217 Recon Bn, 5218th Recon Co and 978th Signal Service Co

Ist Recon Bn (“Come What May”)




Pedro Ababon* born 4/28/1924; died 5/10/1985; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc

Eustaquio Abacan MIA 6/1/1942 Army TEC5

Mamerto Abacan MIA 2/22/1945; Army Cpl

Agustin Abad # born 1919 Philippines; enlistment 12/1/1940

Alejandro Abad # born Philippines POW 5/7/1942-2/26/1945

Alejandro Abad Pfc Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Alfredo C. Abad *

Aurelio E. Abad born 1920 Philippines; enlistment 7/23/1942; brother of Benj & Cresencio

Benjamin E. Abad # Army Med Bn 121st Inf Regt; guerrilla brother of Aurelio & Cresencio

Cerilo C. Abad *

Crescencio E. Abad # Army; born 2/29/1920 San Esteban Ilocos Sur; died 8/5/2008 L. A. Ca.;buried Forest Lawn Cemetery Glendale Ca.; USAFFE; 301 1st Field Artillery; Death March; POW; guerrilla under USFIP-NL; fought Battle of Bessang Pass; joined PS; discharged 1949; became a lawyer; M.P.A. grad; brother of Benj & Aurelio

Eduardo E. Abad # Army Med Bn 121st Inf Regt; guerrilla

Enrique S. Abad *

Epifanio S. Abad *

Fernando A. Abad born 1917 Philippines; enlistment 7/14/1942

Florencio Abad # Pvt Army 15th Inf Co I Casualty; died 3/31/1945 from Batac Ilocos Norte

Homero R. Abad # born Philippines POW 5/7/1942-6/12/1942

Jose A. Abad born 1921 Philippines; enlistment 4/17/1941 NY; residence Kings, NY

Jose A. Abad born 1924 Philippines; enlistment 7/25/1942

Matias C. Abad *

Norgerto Abad # 2nd Lt Army Pltn Ldr 14th Inf Co C

Orlino Vergara Abad * born 7/25/1925 Kahuku, Hawaii 7/25/1925; died 10/18/2001; buried Nat. Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec5; Filipino Inf Regt; postwar: retired Navy Public Works Center mechanical inspector (quote from Winona "Nona", daughter of Orlino to M.E.Embry via e-mail dated 11/11/2008 Veterans Day, " I have just started doing this family genealogy for about a month..I was around my father and his war veteran friends, and use to listen to them talk about the war and the fun they had growing up. It brought joy to see my father with a smile and with laughter as they would share their stories.  I wish I knew back then to help with research)

Pedro Abad born 1906 Philippines; enlistment 3/2/1945

Pedro Abad # born 1904 Philippines; enlistment 5/27/1941;

Pedro Abad # born Philippines; POW 5/7/1942-2/26/1945

Peregrino P Abad # Pvt Casualty died 5/17/1945 121st Inf Co C Army from San Esteban Ilocos Sur

Salvador "Sal" Astudillo Abad # born 3/18/1920 Manila; died 12/11 2007 SF California; Death March POW 5/7/1942-

4/2/1945; enlisted 26th Calvary (PS) 2/3/1941

Serapio Abad # born Philippines POW 5/7/1942-2/1945

Vicente Abad born 1917 Philippines; enlistment 4/13/1945

Victor Abad Lt. Col Bataan guerrilla

Reynaldo Abadiano # 26th Cavalry (PS)

Bienbenido Abadilla * born 4/14/1911 Philippines; died 4/15/1998; Army Pvt

Julio Abadilla # Army 1st Lt Bn Surgeon 15th Inf 3rd Bn

Ray H. Abadilla ** born 11/26/1908; died 8/6/1998; buried Forest Lawn Mem Parks Cypress Ca

Antonio Abagat * born 1/12/1912; MIA POW died 6/29/1942 Army Cpl

Pablo Abagat MIA 3/15/1946 Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Elias P. Abalanzar *

Pedro S. Abalez *

Adriano Jandoc Abalos ** born 4/12/1919 Philippines; died 6/10/1953; buried Golden Gate Nat. Cemetery; Pfc


Demetrio D. Abalos * born 1922 Philippines; Filipino Regt

Dominador "Domingo" Abalos, Sr * born 3/26/1925 Philippines; died 1/11/2006 Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital; buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery; Army Pvt; postwar: field attendant

Guillermo Aban # Army 2nd Lt 14th Inf G Co Platoon Leader

Jaime B. Aban born 3/10/1922; died 1/23/2008; buried Ligao Cemetery Albay, Philippines; Army Air Forces

Jose M. Aban MIA 6/6/1942; Army Pvt

Vivencio M. Aban MIA 4/13/1942; Army Pvt

Leopoldo Abang # Navy; Steward

Francisco Abanid *

Domingo Abanzado *

Fortunato Abanzado *

George Abarqiez * born 1908 Philippines; enlistment 7/28/1942

Angel A. Abarquez Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Jaime Abasolo # Army Cpl Casualty died 6/18/1945 14th Inf Hq & Sy Co; from Tayug Pangasinan

Alejandro Abat Pvt Army Casualty; died 2/22/1945; Co B 121st Inf from San Juan La Union

Santos S. Abat # Army Pvt 121st Inf Co B Casualty 4/22/1945 from San Juan La Union

Domingo Abaya # Army 2nd Lt Ex Off, Hq Serv Cogr Bn

Francisco Abaya *

Frank A. Abaya born 12/17/1905; died 8/28/1974; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery California; Army Pfc

Gavino Antolin Abaya Army Sgt born 4/11/1908 Philippines; died 5/2/1996; buried Catholic Cemetery Cordon Isabela Philippines Sgt Army

Leopoldo R. Abaya *

Macario Abaya # Army Pfc 14th Inf Co D Casualty 6/21/1945 from Santiago Isabela

Rafael Abaya # Army Cpt Bn Surgeon Engr Bn

Silvestre S. Abaya *

Victorino Guia Abaya born 3/16/1897 Candon, Philippines; died 8/8/1942 Solano County California; ship cook2c USN; buried Golden Gate Cemetery California (Notes from "arr via George Washington 12/8/1921 "stowaway" "address in U.S. National Navy Club 15 41st St NY NY"; notes for wife Rosa also in ellis island tripod website by M.E. Embry)

Salvador Abcede # Lt Col PA (PS) assigned to Negros resistance efforts; Award: Distinguished Medal Cross (for 7/8/1943 to 3/23/1945)

Diosdado Abe *

Mariano Abe *

Jose Abella Navy KIA; Steward’s Mate 1c; from Altaves, Capiz, Philippines

Sento C. Abella *

Arcenio Abellana, Jr * born 6/29/ 1926 Honolulu Hawaii died 12/28/1994; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific S2 Navy

Arcenio C. Abellana Sr * born 9/14/1898 Daet Philippines; died 7/21/1972; buried Willamette National Cemetery Portland Oregon; Army Pvt. also WW1 veteran (3/3/1918-1/27/1919 residing @ Paia, Hawaii) Corporal Co H 2nd Inf Hawaii NG

Antonio Abellanosa *

Precioso F. Abellanosa *

Antonio D. Abellera # TSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Bauang La Union Philippines

Juan Abellera # Army 2nd Lt S-1 66th Inf 3rd Bn

Lucio Macavinta Abello ** died 6/16/1946; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Navy SD1

Valeriano Abello Scout Master from San Roque, Tolosa, Leyte

Nicanor B. Abenan *

Fernando A. Abendano

Cipriano Abenes *

Florentino Abenes # Army Pvt 121st Inf Co H Casualty 4/11/1945 from Aringay La Union

Victor Abenglar # Army Pfc 121st Inf Co G Casualty 1/2/1945 from Naguilian La Union

Herminigildo T. Abenoja # Army Pvt 121st Inf Co A Casualty 1/19/1945

Juan Q. Abenoja # Army 2nd Lt 121st Inf Co D Casualty 6/5/1945 from Naguilian La Union

Manuel Abenoja 1st Lt. CO Co F 121st Inf

Crispin Abenojar Cpl 14th Inf Hq & Sy Co Casualty 4/28/1945 from Tayug Pangasinan

Aberin Pvt 57th Inf Hq Co PS driver for Col Edmund J Lilly

Mathias Abes Pvt 11th Inf Co D Casualty 2/6/1945 from Utokan Bauko Mt. Prov

Eleuterio S. Abiad 1st Lt. later Cpt Plans & Training Officer 23rd Inf Regt 21st Div

Anastacio Abiang *

Sotero Abida one of the 12 Pilipino stewards assigned to the Presidential yacht, then later to Shangri-La (1942) before & during WW11 Source:

"With the presidential yacht out-of-commission during the war, the navy dispatched to Shangri-La a team of twelve Filipino stewards formerly assigned to the yacht. The crew, overseen by Sotero Abida, who remained in the Thurmont area long after his service to FDR, worked to put final touches on the retreat" (Notes FDR-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Shangri-La presidential retreat in Catoctin Mountain Park Maryland; meeting location for Pres Roseevelt & Prime Minister Winston Churchill)

Diego Abila # Army USAFEE 11/1940-2/1945

Ulpiano C. Abila # Army; Death March survivor; SSgt 12th Ordnance Co (PS) from Rosales, Pangasinan

Ponciano Abiles # Army Battery A 91st Coast Artillery; Death March; POW

Charles Abing * born 9/9/1922; died 1/16/1990; buried National Memorial of the Pacific; Army Pvt.

Manuel Abing Pvt 121st Inf Cop I Casualty 7/8/1945 from Sagada Bontoc Mt Province

Eduardo "Edward"Abinsay # born 1920 Philippines; SSgt 92nd Coast Artillery Battery A PS POW

Domingo Felipe Abiva Pvt 15th Inf Co G Casualty 2/20/1945 from San Nicolas Ilocos Norte

Jose Ablang 2nd Lt 2nd in Command, Combat Co 14th Inf

Roberto Ablasa Pvt 66th Inf Co K Casualty 7/1/1945; from Sapid Mankayan, Benguet

Lorencio B. Abon *

Ramon Abong * born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 11/11/1944

Enrique Abono Navy Seaman 1c; died 8/10/1942 POW Casualty from 115 Rizal Interior Iloilo

Tripon B. Abordo *

Manuel Abrantes *

Pedro Abrajano of San Narciso Zambales Navy Steward 3c Casualty

Epitacio Abrenica * born 1925 Hawaii; Filipino Regt

Desiderio Abreo

Manuel Abrigas * Filipino Regt

Tiwe Abrigo Pfc 63rd Quartermaster Co PS "New Scout"

Clemente Abuan # Sgt 121st Inf Co D Casualty 2/17/1945 from Bauang La Union

Mauro B. Abuan Pvt 121st Inf Co C Casualty 4/30/1945 from Naguilian La Union

Pedro O. Abubo born 4/16/1916; died 5/18/2000; buried Arlington Section 59 Site 36; served 8/22/1946 until 7/13/1947; 2nd Lt. US Army; from Cagayan Valley; Bataan wounded in action; POW


Ricardo F. Abubo born 1917 Philippines enlistment 7/7/1945 POW 5/7/1942 Army Corps of Engineers Pvt

Vicente Acosta Abubo ** born 1/22/1898 died 8/23/1992 buried Riverside Ca. Nat Cemetery Navy MUC military also WW1 & Korean War veteran; military service 12/21/1919-3/30/1951

Francisco Ulep Abuluyan # born 10/5/1924 San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, Philippines; died 4/7/2005; buried Mililani Memorial Park; Army; post-war retired maintenance man & security guard

Manuel Abunda *

Valentin B. Abunda * Army; Bataan; Corregidor 12/20/1941-1946

Gaudencio Abuyador, MIA 2/6/1942 Pfc Army # 315370

Carlos Abuyan, MIA 3/31/1946 Pvt Army # 10303820

Felipe Abuyo, MIA 6/18/1942 Cpl Army# 6739648

Delfin Oamil Acab ** born 12/21/1907 Philippines died 10/6/1966 buried Tulare Ca

Bernaldo Academia * Filipino Regiments

Dominador "Domie" Luardo Acain * born 11/8/1923 Paia Maui Hawaii; died 10/6/2003; enlistment 10/12/1944; brother of Patricio; postwar: Kekaha Sugar Plantation retiree

Patricio Acain * born 3/15/1928 Honolulu; died 6/17/2006 Queen’s Medical Center; buried Kauai Veteran’s Cemetery Tec5 Army; brother of Dominador; post war: dairy worker

Placido Augustin Acain * born 9/15/1909; died 4/11/1906; buried National Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Pfc Army

Trinidad Acasio 1st Lt. S-3 MP Bn

Alberto Acay Pvt 66th Inf Co H Casualty 2/7/1945 from Tuding Itogon Benguet

Tranquilino E. Acay MIA 2/18/1942 Amy#10300675

Alban Acdang Pvt 121st Inf Co K Casualty 6/13/1945 from Bosao Bontoc Mt. Province

Jacob T. Acdang Pvt 121st Inf Co Casualty 6/10/1945 from Bauko Bontoc Mt. Province

Joseph Aceba *

Vicente G. Acedo Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Ricardo Lachica Achaval ** born 2/7/1898 Manila Philippines; resident of Berkeley; died 5/15/1975; buried Los Angeles Nat Cemetery; Army Pfc

Mariano Achaver 2nd Lt. JO I Co 11th Inf

Alfredo Pascua Acierto born 10/10/1903 Candon Ilocos Sur; died 2/29/2008; buried Rosehill Cemetery Chicago, Illinois; Navy; civilian: sakada in Hawaii, then in California farms before moving to Chicago Illinois

Antonio Acierto Navy Casualty Cook1c from 352 Calabash Rd Interior 7 Sampaloc Manila

Joaquin Acierto ** born 8/20/1906; died 3/3/1999; buried Ft Rosecrans Nat. Cemetery Navy SDGC

Ricardo F. Acierto # born 1917 Philippines; died 1997; buried Ruby Memorial Park San Felipe, Zambales; Army Pvt

Calixto Aciong Pvt 121st Inf Co B Casualty 6/25/1945 from San Emilio Ilocos Sur

Geronimo M. Aclan pilot; 3Lt PAAC, 6th Pursuit Squadron

Henry Acmor 2nd Lt. 2nd Bn 11th Inf

Andres Acnam Sgt 15th Inf Co I Casualty 3/19/1945; from Nueva Era Ilocos Norte

Eugenio Acnam Pvt 15th Inf Co F Casualty 6/11/1945

Felicisimo Acoba *

Frederico Acoba * born 7/2/1924; died 6/22/1961; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Army; also Korean War "separated for disability" injured 9/4/1950 South Korea Pfc Army Co H 5th Inf Regt

Gerardo Acoba Pvt 14th Inf Co D Casualty 5/6/1945

Domingo Aconia Pvt 11th Inf Co H Casualty 6/22/1945 from Bago Pamplona Cagayan

Alberto Acop Pvt 66th Inf Co B; Casualty 4/14/1945; from Payquec Kapangan Benguet

Marcelo C. Acopan born 5/20/1922; died11/19/1994; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; STM2 Navy

Ambrocio M. Acosta Pfc 121st Inf Co C Casualty 4/13/1945 from Cervantes Ilocos Sur

Catalino Acosta Pvt 121st Inf Co A Casualty 5/2/1945; from Bauang La Union

Damaso Acosta 2nd Lt Pltn Ldr 14th Inf Co D

Damaso Acosta Pvt 66th Inf Co E. Casualty 5/15/1945 from Libtong Tagudin Ilocos Sur

Eficio Acosta 2nd Lt Pltn Ldr F Co 14th Inf

Ernesto Acosta 1st Lt/ asst. Bn Surgeon 1st Bn 121st Inf

Galileo C. Acosta

Genero Acosta STM1c Navy Casualty; from Tatug Pangasinan

Julio Acosta 1st Lt. Co I Co, 15th Inf

Maximo Acosta 2nd Lt JO Eng Bn A Co

Melchor Acosta 2nd Lt 1st Bn 15th Inf S-3

Pablo Acosta Pvt 121st Inf K Co Casualty 4/24/1945 from Tagudin Ilocos Sur

Rafael Acosta Sgt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Telesforo (George) M. Acosta 2nd Filipino Regt

Tomas Acosta 1st Lt Asst G-5 Med Section

Cerilo Coamo Acuning Merchant Marine; Pantryman; died 12/9/1942; Casualty; from Panitan Capiz Philippines


Fraxiso B. Adajar Echo Co 2nd Bn 43rd Inf (PS)

Daniel B. Adea

Luis Adea

Isidro M. Addepa *

Tomas Adela 1st Lt. Ex Off 15th Inf B Co

Eleuterio L. Adevoso (also known as Terry Magtanggol) PMA cadet, later guerrilla leader; Jerry Adevoso, his son was appointed in 2003 by Pres Gloria Arroyo as the Phil Veterans Adm. rep to U.S.

Canuto Adiong Pvt 14th Inf Co D casualty 6/22/1945 from San Mateo Santiago Isabela

Moises Adique Cpl 121st Inf Co Hq & Hq casualty 2/3/1945

Diosdado C. Adji *

Emiliano Adlawan # died 5/12/1942 Casualty; MIA Army PS; Pfc

Aniceto Adona # Pvt Det QMC PS

Baltazar Adona 3rd Lt Army (PS); KIA Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 12/10/1941-12/16/1941; posthumous)

Florentino A. Adona ** born 6/7/1910; died 8/4/2004; buried North Kern Cemetery, Delano Ca; Army Filipino Inf

David C. Adongay *

Delfin C. Adongay *

Agustin Adonglay Pfc 11th Inf Co. Combat casualty 7/13/1945 from Kiangan Ifugao Mountain Prov

Peter Aquino Aduja * born 1920 Salindig Vigan, Philippines;died 3/29/2007; Army 1st Filipino Regt 3rd Bn Hdqtrs Co. ; Tec4 postwar: 1st Filipino-American elected to U.S. public office; member Hawaii House of Rep; Attorney General; father of former Hawaii State Senator-Melodie Aduja

Marcelo Adduru Maj; Cagayan governor; founder of Cagayan-Apayao Force guerrilla 12/10/1941; POW 4/1943; paroled 10/1943; revived the Cagayan Force; re-captured 7/5/1944

Alejo Afable *

Alonzo Afalla Pvt 14th Inf Co H casualty 4/2/1945 from Santa Lucia Bagabag Nueva Vizcaya

John Afalla born 1924 Philippines; Filipino Regt

Ernesto Afed Capt CO, 11th Inf Co I

Antonio Afo Navy Coxswain Casualty 12/10/1941; from 381 Launa Tondo Manila

Mario Agag # born 1/19/1896; died 6/1969 Philippines; buried Philippines; POW; Pvt Co B 57th Inf

Alfredo Agamao *

Jose G. Agamao *

Douglas Agan born 1924 Hawaii; Filipino Regt

Maximo Agan born 1925 Hawaii; Filipino Regt

Waes Agang Pvt 121st Inf Co Casualty 8/5/1945 from Sudipen La Union

Cleto Porte Aganon * born 1/1/1910; died 1/14/1972; buried Nat Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Army, also Korean veteran

Manuel Agao * born 12/23/1926; died 12/15/1993; buried Hawaii State Cemetery; Army TEC5

Paquito Agapito Sgt 66th Inf Co K Casualty 8/2/1945 from Kibungan Benguet Mountain Province

Santiago Agapito Pvt 121st Inf Co K Casualty 6/13/1945 from Kayan Mountain Province

Sotero B. Agaran** born 4/27/1927; died 12/2/2001; buried Reedley Ca Cemetery; Army RCT

Florentino Agas Pvt 15th Inf Co F Casualty 4/2/1945 from Laoay Ilocos Norte

Primitivo Villanueva Agas born 11/8/1904; died 9/19/1970; buried Long Island NY Nat Cemetery; Army Cpl

Antonio Agassid Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Alejandro Agatep Pvt 14th Inf Land Comm Casualty 6/14/1945 from Uddiauan Nueva Vizcaya

Gulberto Agatep 2nd Lt. Combat Co 11th Inf

Tomin Agaton Pvt 66th Inf Co H Casualty 7/17/1945 from Cayoco Itogon Benguet

Antonio E. Agbayani born 1/16/1901 Philippines; died 5/1/1992; buried Riverside Nat. Cemetery; Army Pvt

Emiliano Agbayani born 9/10/1909; died 1/26/1990; buried Massachusetts National Cemetery; Navy ST1

Federico Agbayani Sgt 15th Inf Co K Causalty 4/25/1945 from Vintar Ilocos Norte

Felipe Tunae Agbayani born 9/13/2002; died 5/4/1974; buried Los Angeles Nat. Cemetery; Pvt Army

Fernando Andres Agbayani born 11/26/1908; died 8/19/1970; buried Long Island NY Nat. Cemetery; Army T4

James Garcia Agbayani Sgt 8311 Hawaiian Ord Depot

Isidro Agbayani *

Manuel Agbayani born 1/10/1910; died 3/29/1985; buried Calverton NY National Cemetery; Navy ST3

Maximiano Agbayani 1st Lt Hosp Co 4th District 11th Inf

Paulo Gapusan Agbayani drafted; California resident

Rizal U. Agbayani * born 9/5/1920; died 9/11/1997 Fairfax Hosp VA; buried Philippines; tribute paid by Cong. Bob Filner U.S. House of Rep 105th Congress 9/18/1997

Singson Agbayani *

Domingo Agbolos * born 1852 Philippines; enlistment 6/21/1944 resident of Hawaii

Domingo Campilla Agbolos * born 11/16/1912; died 2/6/2004; buried Camiling Mem Park, Tarlac Philippines; Army Pvt

Ramon Agbugay Pvt 121st Inf Co B Casualty 2/22/1945 from Burgos Ilocos Sur

Evaristo Agbulos 2nd Lt On DY w/ G5

Louis Agbulus * Filipino Regt

Rodrigo Agbunag 1st Lt Bn Surgeon 2nd Bn 121st Inf

Carlomagno B. Agcaoile *

Eulogio B. Agcaoile *

Amando Quevedo Agcaoili ** born 2/6/1913 Philippines; died 3/28/1997 ; buried Riverside Nat Cemetery; Navy S3

Antonio A. Agcaoili born 1/17/1911; died 8/19/1970; buried Mount Hope Cemetery Mattapan, Ma; SDC Coast Guard; also a Korean Veteran

Casimiro M. Agcaoili Pvt 15th Inf Co F Casualty 4/22/1945 from Laoag Ilocos Norte

Emilio Agcaoili ** born 5/15/1904; died 5/31/1982; buried Riverside Nat Cemetery; Army Pvt

Eustaquio E. Agcaoili *

Fredolin Medina Agcaoili ** born 11/15/1920 Philippines; died 1/19/1995; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Pfc

Ponciano Lucas Agcaoili ** born 11/19/1882; died 9/14/1961; buried Los Angeles Nat Cemetery; Army Pvt

Raymundo E. Agcaoili born 3/15/1905; died 3/26/2007; buried Calverton NY Nat Cemetery; Army SSgt

Rosalio Agcaoili born 1910 Philippines; Casualty

Leon Agda born 1926 Philippines; guerilla

Silvino L. Agdaca * Waipahu Hawaii

Jose M. Aglian *

Bernardo R. Aglugob *

Fernando Aglugob *

Agustin A. Agno *

Felix G. Agonoy * born 6/1/1918; died 6/25/2006; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pvt

Martin Dalida Agoo born 1/22/1905; died 12/14/1988; buried Nat. Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

Rodrigo Obado Agor born 11/20/1926 Kekaha Kauai; died 9/20/2004; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Sfc, also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran

Lucas B. Agpaoa *

Vicente G. Agparisio *

Gregorio Agpoon *

Alfredo Agra Pfc Co H 45th Inf Regt (PS) Army KIA Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 2/12/1942)

Venancio Agricola * born Hawaii 1920; enlistment 11/14/1941

Manuel B. Agricula 7/5/1923; died 5/5/1994; Filipino Regt

Mariano Agricula * born 8/15/1921 Hawaii; died 3/16/1969; buried Nat Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc; Filipino Regt

Alfredo R. Agron # Sanchez Mira Cagayan Phil, TSgt 1st Reconn Bn

Conrado Sison"Conrad" Aguado; born 11/26/1913 Philippines; died 12/8/1993 California;PA 2nd Lt; one of the four former PA officers to receive commissions in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in 12/1942; held a Chief Mate’s license

Juan Aguas # PA

Roman V. Aguas Pfc Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Toribio P. Aguda *

Fidencio V. Aguerre # born 11/16/1917 Philippines; died 6/25/1995; buried Garden of Memories Mem Park Pateros Philippines; Army Pfc

Daniel Aguiar born 1916 Hawaii; enlistment 11/16/1941

Florentino B. Aguila

Asuero Aguilar *

Jose Aguilar Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from 16 J Jimenez San Antonio Cavite

Peter B. Aguilar Msgt 1st Reconn Bn

Raymond Aguilar Alamo Scouts

Rufo V. Aguilar Alamo Scouts

Alfred Aguillion * born 1919 Hawaii; enlistment11/14/1941

Adriano Caldito Aguinaldo ** born 5/17/1927 Philippines; died 9/6/1997; buried Glen Abbey Memorial Park Bonita Ca; Navy SHC, also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran

Antonio Aguinaldo *

Benjamin Aguinaldo born 7/13/1924; died 11/25/1982; buried Calverton Nat. Cemetery; Army SSgt

Bernaldo R. Aguinaldo * Army Tec5

Crispin Zales Aguinaldo ** born 1/7/1903; died 8/16/1963; buried Los Angeles Nat Cemetery; Army Sgt

Domingo Aguinaldo born 1918 Philippines; enlistment 7/7/1945

Lorenzo G. Aguinaldo *

Maurice Ibalio Aguinaldo ** born 9/22/1909 Philippines; died 11/25/1980; buried Riverside (CA) Nat Cemetery; Army SSgt

Max Ibalio Aguinaldo ** born 5/21/1904 Philippines; died 9/27/1948; buried Golden Gate Nat Cemetery; Army Pvt

Richard Aguinaldo # born 6/10/1911 Philippines; died 12/1/1988 Lebanon, Nebraska; POW; postwar: moved with wife to Lebanon, Nebraska in 1960

Robert Aguinaldo Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. operated ships WW11 died in W.D. Anderson, a tanker captained by Albert B. Walters sailing from Texas to Philidelphia that was attacked by a German Submarine U-504, 12 miles NE of Jupiter Inlet Florida; 35 crew, including  the captain, perished w/ one survivor; also see Alexandro Matinog

Alexander "Alex" R. Aguinid ** born 1926 California; Awards for WW11 (1st Filipino Regt Army Cpl) & Korean War (Air Force SSgt tailgunner): 18 ribbons, (2) Bronze Stars; from Salinas Valley California; postwar: mechanic McLellan Air Force Base

Agno A. Agustin *

Alfredo Villa Agustin Army from Victoria, Tarlac

Apolino Agustin *

Agustin Cabicon Pfc Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Demetrio Lopez Agustin born 1925 Hawaii; enlistment 11/11/1944

Inocencio Calaycay Agustin born 12/25/1910 Philippines; died 5/16/2001; buried Seven Fleet Mem Park Rosario, Cavite, Philippines; Army Maj.

Juan M. Agustin born 11/24/1904 Philippines; died 1/23/2003; buried Sta Iganacia Mun Cem.; Tarlac Philippines; Army Sgt

Marcos Villa Agustin (founder of Marking guerrillas) Brg Gen; pre-war cab driver & boxer

Pedro P. Agustin # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Munoz Nueva Ecija Phil

Rigoberto R. Agustin USAFFE 3rd Lt 41st MT Bn 41st Div from Diego Silang Cubao (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Romeo Agustin *

Romero S. Agustin *

Severino Cariaga Agustin # born 1/1/1898 Philippines; died 4/25/1998; buried Camiling Municipal Cemetery Tarlac Philippines; PS

Solano Agustin *

Pafuncio T. Ajoc *

Florentino (Tino) Akiaten * born 1896 Dimiao Bohol; died 1967; buried Cavalry Cemetery LA CA; Navy Chief Steward; shipwreck survivor of Munger T. Ball /Chilsco 5/4/1942, also with the Merchant Marine; WW1 Army Veteran; a sakada in Hawaii; a professional chef (Chef certificate @ LA Trade Technical College) and father of the Hollywood Akiatens Source: research by Maria Elizabeth Embry & some info given by Tino’s daughter-Shirley Akiaten Chrisman via e- mail

Sebastian Alamares Shipfitter1c; Navy Casualty 12/10/1941; from 21 Don Jacinto Caridad Cavite

Epifanio G. Alamilo *

Nestor B. Alampay # born 2/17/1920 Manila Cpt, Hunters; ROTC Guerillas post-war SC Associate Justice (1985-86)

John A. Alanano * born 1915 Hawaii enlistment 4/27/1944

Gumirsindo Alanio *

H. Alano Lt from Bohol

Zoilo Alao* born 1924 Filipino Regt

Julian Orale Alayon USAFFE, Bataan Defense, Death March, POW, guerrilla, Philippine Army; also Korean War w/ 8th U.S. Army; Awards: POW Medal; WW11 Victory, American Defense Service Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, Philippine Islands Defense Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon & Philippine Independence Ribbon

Alfredo L. Albano *

Constantino S. Albano born 4/24/1909 Ilocos Nortedied 8/29/1979; 64th Quatermaster Srv Co Saipan 3/26/1947-12/10/1948; also 76th Ordnance Ammunition Co (PS) enlisted 3/15/1946;

Dominador Albano *

Alfredo A. Alberto # M/Sgt Army arr. Mindoro via the 1st submarine to surface in the Philippines-the USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943 (w/ Capt Ricardo Galang, 1st Lt. R.F. Songco; Sgts Vicente Pinuela,Benjamin Harder, Ramon Vitorio & Arcangel Baniares

Fausto Alberto Col. Bulacan guerrillas

Rosendo S. Alberto born 1918 Philippines enlisted 12/29/1945

Domingo Alborao * KIA Army Pfc; resident of Maui Hawaii

Atanacio Laborte Alcala ** born 1903 Philippines; Cpl 978th Signal Corps 1st Filipino Infantry Radio/Teletype operator GHQ

Antonio S. Alcantara *

Domingo Alcantara *

Jesus S. Alcantara # from Manila, Philippines

Narcy A. Alcaraz guerrilla

Ramon A. "Monching" Alcaraz # USAFFE Cpt promoted to 1st Lt. POW 4/10/1942-9/1942; WW2 Commanding Officer of Q-112 Abra, a torpedo boat; Regt Commander Kakarong Guerrilla; Award: Silver Star for 1/1942; PMA 1940 grad (1st graduating class w/ 4 yr curriculum); from Quingua, Bulacan, postwar: Rear Admiral Phil Navy; retired as Commodore Philippine Navy Fleet in 1966, wrote a war diary that was used for the documentary in 2002 "Bataan: The Last Defense"; Orange, Ca. real estate investor; 2008 Legacy Award from Filipino Veterans Foundation (FVF)

Romulo Alcasabas 1st Lt. Inf 41st Enr Bn 41st Div (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Domingo A. Alcasid

Vicente Alcayro Pfc Troop C 26th Cavalry PS was also w/ Troop B (his family were buried @ Ft. Stotsenburg Philippines: Bregida, wife died 1/25/1937 sons: Francisco died 9/16/1935, Rufino died 6/21/1936)

Pedro Alcobendas Pfc Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Emilio Sensano Alcon * born 1/27/1926 Hawaii; died 9/29/1995; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; SSgt Filipino Regt; post war: Hawaii State Representative and Hawaii Cabinet member

Illuminador L. "Larry" Alcosiba* born 1923 Hawaii; Filipino Regt enlistment 1/10/1945

Andres Buendia Aldaba born1923 Philippines; died 5/18/1942 Camp O’Donnell while POW from dysentery; Army; Defense of Bataan & Corregidor; Death March; from Malolos, Bulacan

Alvaro Alegado born 6/15/1912; died 4/2/2002; buried San Antonio Municipal Cemetery Castillanos Zambales; Navy SD3

Emilio R. Alegar # Army stationed in occupation of Okinawa & Japan; from Mabini, Batangas

Felipe F. Alegre *

Petronilo Alehaga * born 1925 Hawaii; Filipino Inf Reg

Casto Alejandrino Hukbalahap leader

Igmidio I. Alejandro # Army Defense of Bataan; escaped & joined guerrillas; from Lubao, Pampanga

Guillermo Alejo *

Frank F. Alensonorin * born 1924 Hawaii enlistment 1/3/1946

Hipolito F. Alensonorin * born 1926 Hawaii; Filipino Regt

Custodio P. Alerta # Cpl 1st Reconn Bn of Janiuay Iloilo Philippines

Amado Aleta Lt; lawyer

Gaudencio Alexandra 57th Inf (PS); from Abuyog Leyte

Orlando Alfabeto # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn

Casimiro Alfafara * born 2/4/1897 Carcar Cebu; died 5/1/1959 buried National Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy Steward 2c also a WW1 Veteran 2nd Hawaiian Inf (11/1/1915 to 1/18/1918)

Eleuterio Alfarara # born Philippines POW 5/7/1942

Gaspar Enanoria Alfafara born 1/6/1898 Philippines; died 3/30/1956; buried @ Long Island Cemetery NY; Army CSG1/c; naturalized @ Massachusetts Sources: 1920 U.S. Military & Naval Forces census, resident of Suffolk Massachusetts;

Raymond Alferes * Filipino Regt

Albert Feliciano "Sonny" Alfonso* born 8/5/1925 Honolulu; died 1/15/2006 Waipahu buried Nat. Mem. Cemetery of the Pacific, Army, also Korean & Vietnam (Colonel) Wars veteran

Alfred "Opu" Alfonso * died 9/11/2006 TSgt 2nd Filipino Regt & Alamo Scout NELLIST Team; with the troops that liberated POWs in Cabanatuan Prison Camp 1/1945; also Korean & Vietnam wars veteran; from Puunene Maui

Porferio Alforque 57th Inf (PS)

Dionisio Esabida "Duning" Alia * born 8/12/1922 Ewa, Hawaii died 1/15/2003 buried: Hawaii State Nat. Cemetery Pfc Army

Crisostomo Aliado *

Bonifacio L. Alibang *

Pedro B. Alibang *

Benito S. Alibcab*

Leopoldo S. Alicbusan 1st Lt. Asst G-2 USAFFE 41st Inf Div; n-k Gregorio C. Alikbusan Los Banos Laguna

Jesse Jesus Alicuben born 6/2/1917 Maui Hawaii; died 4/18/203 Hilo Hawaii; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; Army Sgt

Avelino Alido born 1922 Philippines

Benjamin Alido * born 1925 Hawaii; enlistment 4/27/1944

Geronimo Alidon * born 1926 Hawaii Filipino Regt

Carnelio Aligado born 6/15/1912; died 1/16/1990; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc

Alberto S. Alimboyoguen Sr. * born 8/14/1928 Kauai Hawaii; died 2/18/2003 Las Vegas NV buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery Army, Pvt

Trespolo Alimboyoguen * born 1926 Hawaii Filipino Regt

Eracleo Alimpolo born 4/22/1898 Isabela Philippines; died 10/2/2002 Seattle Washington; buried Sunset Hills Memorial Park Seattle Wash; enlisted Coast Guard (12/17/1928-10/1/1957) Chief Steward; Awards: American Defense Service Medal; American Campaign Medal, WW11 Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal; also enlisted & served as Navy Steward (1916-1920); Civilian occupation: retiree from Boeing Aircraft (1957-1970’s); also WW1 veteran; SS# 531-32-4777 issued Washington


Eustaquio Alingcomot * born 9/20/1893 Philippines; died 1/8/1966 buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Sgt

Benito L. Alisago * born 7/19/1897 Philippines; KIA 6/24/1942 POW Navy Officer’s Steward 3c; from Nabua Camarines Sur

Sahibad Alisobar # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn

Marcelino Alison Jr * born 1/9/1918; died 4/29/1994 Honolulu; buried Hawaii State Vet Cemetery Army, also Korean War veteran

Pedro "Pete" Alisuag born 4/29/1923 Philippines died 2/8/2005 Washington Hospital Sgt USAFFE C Company 1st Battalion 49th Hunters-ROTC Guerrilla Unit attached to the US 147th Field Artillery war: elementary school teacher

Suficio Alkain *

Hospicio P. Alkino *

Emilio B. Aller # Army 57th Inf from Alegria Cebu

Monico Almachar # 57th Inf (PS) 2nd BN H Co Army; from Vigan

Thomas S. Almadin * born 1919 Philippines; Filipino Regt

Celestino Almeda born 1917 Philippines; activist Filvets for equity fight w/ Guillermo Rumingan & the late Joaquin Tejada

Jose G. Almeida 1st Lt; physician 9/1/1941 until surrender of Bataan officer 22nd Medical Bn 22nd Inf 21st Div USAFFE; from San Pedro Laguna

Teodorico Almoila *

Julian Almonte # Sgt 26th Cavalry Troop G PS

Pio Alocija *

Aurillano Alonso # Army; from Oran Samar

Avelino P. Alonso # PS; Bataan; Death March escaped; guerrilla; from Oran Samar

Francisco Alonso 57th Inf (PS); from San Joaquin Leyte

Federico T. Alonzo *

Rodrigo Alonzo Pfc Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Valeriano Alonzo *

Federico Aloquin Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Pablo Alora # Col. guerrilla

Ali Al-Rashid # guerrilla

Agripino A. Altabano *

Bernardo Alvarado *

Benjamin S. Alvarez # Army; from Cavite

Silverio B. Alvarez *

Beato C. Alvez # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Baulayan Cebu Philippines


Celestisio A. Amado *

William "Willie, Bill" H. Amamalin * born 11/9/1925 Kealia Kauai; died 2/27/1998 Kaiser Hospital; buried Hawaiian State Vet. Cemetery; Army Tec5; postwar: Pearl Harbor Naval Base Police Force retiree

Eugenio B. Amante #Army

Tito P. Amasol # born 1/4/1907 Philippines; died 10/18/1981; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Army Pfc PS Death March; also Korean War veteran TSgt Air Force

Generoso Ambat * born 7/17/1902; KIA12/10/1941; Navy Ship’s cook 2c residence: Bartola St. Caridad Cavite, Philippines

Nicasio P. Ambos *

Jose G. Ambrose Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Delfin C. Ambrocio *

Manuel Ambrocio *

Marcelino C. Ambrocio *

Irineo Ames # 1st Lt. 1st Reconn Bn

Leon Amigable 1st Sgt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Victor Amis * born 1923; Filipino Regt

Simeon "Sonny"Amor Jr. born 4/24/1924; died 3/29/2005 Honolulu, Hawaii; 1st Filipino Inf Regt; Actg 1st Sgt Regimental HQ Co; was in Dulag Leyte & San Antonio Samar; post-war: project historian for the movie "An Untold Triumph"

William Amor born 1890 Philippines; enlistment 3/21/1945 Army

Jesus G. Amores *

Marcelo Amoroso # Army from Dumaguete

Benjamin Quinones Ampong * born 4/19/1925; died 5/14/1991; buried Maui Veterans Cemetery Army SFC

Teofilo M. Amutan 26th Cavalry Troop A Cpl

Juanito R. Anacion *

Vicente H. Anacleto # from Baybay Leyte Philippines, Sgt 1st Reconn Bn

Celestino A. Anada *

Eleno D Anaguey # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Sison Pangasinan Philippines

Aurelio R. Anaque born 1912 Philippines; enlistment 2/8/1945

Eustaquio Anastacio Pfc Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Fructoso Anayon *

Fortunato Ancheta * Filipino Regt

Jose Ancheta Pvt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Lorenzo S. Ancheta *

Vicente Ancheta # Sr. Army

Deogracias Andaya # Army from Lingayen, Pangasinan

Martin Andora born 1917; died 7/1/2009 Seaside, California following a long battle with cancer; Philippine Scout artilleryman, POW survivor; also Korean War veteran; MSgt.

Henry A. Andrada # Army Air Forces

Jose V. Andrada # Col. USNA grad; Army from Iuisan, Capiz

Roberto Andrada Pfc Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Carlos Agnas Andrade 9/12/1942 Casualty; ship- Patrick J. Hurley Merchant Marine; Cook from Capiz Philippines

Alex C. Andres, Sr

Florencio S. Andres *

Francisco M. Andres *

Sebastian Andres *

Trinidad Andres born 1900 Philippines; died 7/20/1942 POW Casualty; Navy Officer’s Steward 1c; from 1342 Misericordia St. Santa Cruz Manila

Ernesto Ang # Capt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Sotero B. Angaangan ** born 4/22/1905 Philippines died 11/1/1977 buried St. Anne’s cemetery Tulare Ca.

Anecito Angana* born 1/1/1901 Philippines; died 4/18/1962; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; (alsoWW1 veteran Pvt Co H 2nd Hawaiian Inf 7/1/1918-2/4/1919; resident of Hana Maui Hawaii)

Alfonzo Angeles Pfc Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Eduardo Angeles # Fort McKinley Army

Perfecto Anghag * born 1916 Hawaii; enlistment 6/21/1944

Hilario Aniasco #

Alejandro Anoos *

Antonio Anselmo # Army from Banayoyo Ilocos Sur

Alfeo S. Antang # Army from Iriga Philippines

Esteban Antes * born 9/2 1909; died 12/10/1941 Casualty; Navy Steward’s Mate 1c from San Marcio, Zambales Philippines

Alberto C. Antonio *

Anselmo C. Antonio Army

Bobby Antonio * Filipino Regt

Cenon E. Antonio Army

Crisanto Antonio died 11/18/2007

Gaudencio V. Antonio *

Antonio D. Guillermo USAFFE 3rd Lt 41st MT Bn 41st Div from Pateros Metro Manila (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Joffre C. Antonio Pvt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Miguel C. Antonio *

Sofronio M. Antonio Army

Zacarias Antonio * born 1910 Philippines; 1st Filipino Regt

Jacinto C. Aparicio *

Mariano C. Apelano *

Higenio Apilado Cpl Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Geronimo Aplaon Sgt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Guillermo B. Apolinario Navy

Jose Apolinario *

Mariano Apollanes *

Bonifacio S. Apongol *

Eugenio Apostol born 6/6/1909 Palauig, Zambales Philippines; Casualty (survived sinking of Sculpin SS-191 sunk north of Groluk Is near Truk11/19/1943, but died 12/19/1943 when being transported from Truk to Japan via INJ Chuyo that was sunk by USS Sailfish); Navy Cook 1c; Award: Purple Heart; (notes: Eugenio Apostal in the National Archives)

Pedro Apostol Navy

Silvestre Apostol Army

Dionisio Apsay * born 1/4/1905 Tubigon Bohol Philippines; died 4/3/1943 (5/6/1943) submarine Casualty; Navy Cook 2c; Operations Specialist 2nd Class USS Pickerel SS-177( with 74 men lost @ sea off Shiramuka, presumably attacked by Fukuei Maru) military award: Purple Heart; residence: 1167 Interior 5, Singalong, Manila, Philippines

Jose O. Aquilino *

Alejandro Aquino Pvt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Jose S. Aquino born 9/10/1916 Pangasinan; died 8/24/2007 SF California of CHF; enlisted 2/4/1935 92nd Coast Artillery Corps PS POW after fall of Corregidor; commissioned 2nd Lt. MP; promoted to 1st Lt; discharged 4/1/1949; enlisted regular Army until retirement as MSgt 163rd MP Co. Presidio Ca; advanced to retired grade of 1st Lt.

Ambrocio Aquino Navy Casualty STM1 5/6/1942

Antonio U. Aquino # 3rd Lt. son of Speaker Benigno Aquino Sr

Claudio G. Aquino *

Domingo Aquino Casualty Navy 5/6/1942 STM1

Elpidio U. Aquino * born 1926 Hawaii; 1st Filipino Regt

Eusebio Aquino # Mt. Arayat Hukbalahap guerrilla

Frank Aquino ** born Salinas California, Lt Filipino Regt; medical officer

Gabriel Aquino Navy

George Aquino

Joe E. Aquino Army

Jose M Aquino

Jose "Joe" Sison Aquino born 9/10/1916 Pangasinan Province; died 8/24/2007 South SF; enlisted 2/4/1935 92nd Coast Artillery Corps (PS); POW-MIA fall of Corregidor for almost three years, guerilla; 2nd Lt. 3/1945; MP1st lieutenant; retired regular Army E8 27 yrs fr163rd MP Co, Presidio SF; advanced to retired grade 1st Lt; military decorations: American Defense Service Medal with one Bronze Star; the Asiatic-Pacific Theater Medal with one Bronze Star; the Phil Defense Ribbon with one Bronze Star; the Phil Liberation Ribbon with one Bronze Star; the Distinguished Unit Badge with two Oak-Leaf Clusters; the WW II Victory Medal; the Army of Occupation Medal (Japan); the National Defense Service Medal; and the POW Medal; president of PS Heritage Society (1996-2001)

Manuel "Manny" Aquino born 8/13/1917 Philippines; died 8/5/2008; USAFFE Death March; post-war: Phil Army (Peftok Korean War veteran sent by the Republic of the Philippines); later served in the Philippine Navy until retirement

Marcelino Aquino Pfc Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Morris A. Aquino *

Perfecto L. Aquino Sr *

Richard Aquino *

Salvador M. Aquino *

Teodoro G. Aquino born 1913 Philippines; 1st Filipino Regt

Timoteo A. Aquino Jr from Piddig Ilocos Norte; Army

Timoteo A. Aquino Jr from Montalban Rizal, Army

Zoilo Aquino Navy Casualty 12/7/1941 STM1

Quirino Aquisando *

Patricio Arabos *

Dionisio Aragon Alamo Scouts

Federico G. Aranas # Army

Marcelino P. Aranas *

Gervacio Aranca *

Alberto Aranda * born 5/31/1925 Honolulu; died 10/19/2003 Aiea, Hawaii; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Pvt Army

Bruno V. Arangca *

Alberto S. Aranzaso born Philippines; pilot PAAC, 6th PS; died 6/5/1942 boat capsized after escaping from Corregidor Casualty; Award: Silver Star

Theodolfo Arao * Filipino Regt

Gerbacio Arangca

Hilario Arbaquez Pvt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Francisco B. Arbillon Army

Ricardo T. Arca ** born 2/7/1910; died 9/26/1950 Korea; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army 2nd Filipino Inf Bn; then assigned to the 1st C.A.D. Hg, 6th Army also was assigned to 521th Recon Bn stationed in Australia (Source: Richard Arca, son’s response to M.E. Embry’s e-mail 5/2008 that per military records: his father was assigned to Training Group USAFFE, 5217 Recon BN (PS) bet 4/1944 & 6/1944); post-WW11: Korean War Casualty Army Maj. 2nd Inf Div Artillery Hqrts Battery KIA near Hyopchon Korea; from Santa Clara California

Benjamin D. Arcamo born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 7/15/1944

Isidro M. Arcano *

Bert Arcaya # born 1922 Philippines captured by Japanese Forces in Mindanao

Avelino V. Arce *

Jovellano S. Arcebal # Army from Santa Lucia Ilocos Sur

Arciago Pvt 57th Inf Co D PS

Bienvenido A. Arcilla # born 1925 Bamban Tarlac 26th Cavalry Signal Bn

Cesar A. Arcilla # born Bamban Tarlac Army

Irineo Arenas Sr. born 6/18/1907; was in Bataan escaped Death March; medic (PS)

Rafael A. Arengo Cpt; born 12/19/1913; died 1/5/1993 Windsor Mill Baltimore Maryland; buried Arlington National Cemetery; POW; CO 76th Ord Ammo Co. (PS) Saipan 1947-1948; also Korean War veteran; SS# issued California

Alfredo Ares # 1st Sergeant 206th Guerrilla Battalion (LGAF) Ind. commanded by Captain Dionco,

post war:enlisted in the Armed Forces of the Philippines on October 8, 1948 and retired on July 16, 1971.

Silvestre C. Ares Army; from Umingan Pangasinan

Eliseo Arevalo # PS Mispah Intelligence Unit; died 12/2000 composer; wrote words & music of Col. Ramsey Guerrilla March later taught @ NRMC Paniqui, Tarlac (e-mail bet. Prof. Arevalo’s daughter & M.E. Embry)

Manuel Argate *

Federico Arguilla born Philippines; Navy Coxswain; died 8/6/1942 POW Casualty; from 16 G. Reyes, San Roque, Cavite

Manuel Estabillo Arguilla # born 1911 Barrio Nagrebcan Bauang La Union; died 10/1944 Ft. Santiago executed; Casualty; POW; guerrilla unit organizer; well-known writer; married to Lydia Villaneuva, another well-known writer

Restituto J. Arias *

Ruben Eduardo Arias Sr Navy; from Samar Philippines

Clemente Mapili Aringay # La Union Philippines SSgt 1st Reconn Bn

Alberto P. Arino, Sr. # Army

Jose Ariola *

Loreto P. Ariston *

Teodoro V. Arizado *

Carmelito F. Arkangel born 1919 Philippines; Filipino Regt; enlistment 5/31/1944

George Sads Arlantico born 5/24/1904; died 6/15/1987; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy SDC

Wenceslao F. Armada *

Victor Armaso 5/24/1943 Casualty Stanvac Manila Merchant Marine O.S. residence Brooklyn NY

Crispulo Armendes *

Pulong Arpa # from Sulu mentioned in Comdr Ramon Alcaraz diary

Lazaro Arquero SSgt 1st Reconn Bn; 1st Filipino Regt

Santiago B. Arquisola* born 1923 Hawaii; enlistment 9/15/1944

Mar G. Arradaza # Army

Florencio A. Arreola Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

George A. Arreola * born 1905; enlistment 8/27/1942

Vitaliado Arrieta Cpt. Regimental Surgeon 23rd Inf Regt 21st Div 1941-1942; Bataan

Jose M Artiaga

Maurice "Baby" Artiago Filipino Regt, Recon Bn; postwar Philippine Army

J. Artillaga Lt.

Eulalio Arzaga 26th Calvalry (PS)


Mamerto Ascu * born 1928; enlistment 9/25/1945 Hawaii

Zoilo S. Ascueta # Cabugao Ilocos Sur Phil.TSgt 1st Recon Bn.

Manuel Asejo died 7/1/1942 POW Casualty; Navy Seaman 1c; from Antique Panay

Jose Asentista born 1926; 1st Filipino Regt

Henry E. Asera ** born 4/24/1920 Hawaii; died 7/28/1999 Vallejo; son of Lorenzo, WW1 veteran & sakada in Hawaii & father of former California Deputy Sect of State Larry Asera

Crestituto Asinas *

Felix S. Asinas * born 1909 Hawaii; enlistment 11/12/1942

Apolonio Simplicio Asis Sgt. born 3/16/1899; died 3/16/1976 POW; grdfather of Dr. Mari Coloma of California

Sabas Asis * Alamo Scouts (Rafael Ileto Team); died 3/10/2006

Alejandro M. Asprer *

Frank O. Aspuria *** born 12/3/1904 Philippines died 8/29/1970 Medford Oregon Pfc Army

Sotiro B. Aspuria ** born 4/22/1908 Philippines died 7/15/1973 SF Ca

Astete Lt.

Agustin P. Asuncion # born Philippines; POW; Casualty died 1942 Ft McKinley

Alberto Asuncion # born Philippines; POW

Anastacio Asuncion # born Philippines; POW

Arturo C. Asuncion # Casualty died 1942 Ft McKinley

Bienvenido P. Asuncion *

Calixto Q. Asuncion *

Cecilio M. Asuncion 3rd Lt. Inf 41st Engr Bn 41st Div (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Demetrio Asuncion # Casualty died 1942 Ft McKinley

Fernando Asuncion # Cpt

Fidel Asuncion # born Philippines; POW

Francisco P. Asuncion # born Philippines; POW

Gervacio M. Asuncion # born Philippines; POW

Honorato Asuncion # born Philippines; POW

Isaac Asuncion # born Philippines; POW

Jack Asuncion *

Juanito R. Asuncion *

Julian Asuncion# Casualty died 1942 Ft McKinley

Julio Asuncion Casualty died 1945 Ft McKinley

Mariano Asuncion * Filipino Regt

Nicasio Asuncion # born Philippines; POW

Nicolas Asuncion Casualty # died 1942 Ft McKinley

Pedro Asuncion # born 11/22/1919 Philippines; died 7/20/2000; buried Olongapo Memorial Park Zambales; POW; Army Pfc

Pelagio B. Asuncion # died Ft McKinley 1942 Casualty

Quinciano Asuncion born 6/16/1922; died 10/10/1992; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery

Simproso M. Asuncion *

Hipolito R. Atabay * born 1923 Philippines 1st Filipino Regt; enlistment 2/8/1945

Gumersindo Atanis *

Rigoberto J. Atienza Maj Ins Gen USAFFE 41st Inf Div n/k Eugenio Atienza 136 Scout Lozano QC

Angelo Atilano born 1911 Philippines; died 2002 Stanford Medical Center; buried Alta Mesa Memorial Park; 1st Filipino Regt; Awards Asian Pacific Campaign Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with Bronze Star; post-war: Menlo Park Courthouse retired custodian, resident since 1932

Jack P. Atillo * born 1921 Hawaii; enlistment 8/15/1944

William B. Atiz * born 1924; Filipino Regt; enlistment 9/18/1944

Mercedita Atas guerrilla spy

Marcos Villa Augustin (Marking) guerrilla; pre-war cab driver & boxer

Leon Aureus guerrilla captain in Bicol; father of Leonor Aureus Briscoe, writer based in Hawaii

Mariano Aureus #

Serapin Aurigui Cpl Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Alfredo Aurio born 1922 Hawaii; Filipino Regt

Henry A. Aurio born 1926; Filipino Regt

Ben Austria 12th Medical PS; post-war: resident of San Antonio Tx

Clement G. Austria # born 11/23/1923 Tiaong Quezon; died 11/1986 Ohio guerilla while a medical student @ U.S.T.; post-war: became a physician; father of U.S. Congressman Stephen Austria of Ohio, 7th District (Republican)

Romulo Austria # 1927 Philippines guerilla postwar: PhD Engineering University of Rome 1958; Bechtel nuclear engineer; father-in-law of Atty Rodel Rodis

Marcelino Jacalme Avecilla M.D.# born 12/21/1912 San Juan La Union, Philippines; died 8/31/1999 St. Francis hospital Hawaii; buried @ Nuuanu Mem. Park; father of Dr Zenaida (Sadorra) & Dr. Rebecca (Lucero)

Jose V. Aventino 2nd Bn 57th Inf Regt (PS); died 9/9/1990

Rufino C. Avelino born 1912 Philippines; Filipino Regt

David Aventurado Sr Army

Pedro Aviles guerilla

Luciano C. Awid Army

Benjamin Ayesa born 1904 Barcelona Spain; became a Philippine naturalized citizen in 1937; PA Cpt; one of the four former PA officers to receive commissions in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in 12/1942; LT; commanded USS LST-202 in 4/9/1943

Alfredo Ayson # PS

Faustino Imperial Ayson ** born 7/24/1906 Philippines; died 7/19/1976 buried Tulare Ca

Jose Ayson born 11/22/1903; died 5/29/1942 Army Pfc; POW/MIA

Pablo Ayson ** born 8/8/1902 Philippines; died 12/14/1968 buried Tulare Ca

Melquides Aytona Navy Casualty 12/19/1941 SC1


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Dedicated to Commodore Ramon Alcaraz PMA 1940 (R.I.P. 6/25/2009) Bataan POW and to all Peemayers

PMA, OH! Hail To Thee


Oh, proud and bold you stand!
Bright beacon of the land
Let loyal sons proclaim
Thy glorious name

Wherever we may be
O'er land or deep blue sea,
We'll raise a song to Thee,
Academy, Oh, Hail to Thee!

At every end of day
We hope and fervent pray
The honor you instill
Doth guide our will!

May Thy sons ever be
PMA, Oh, Hail to Thee!

When bells for us are rung
And our last "taps" is sung
Let generations see
Our country free

Oh, lead to righteous way
Those solid ranks of gray
Thy virtues to display
Academy, Oh, Hail to Thee


Music by: Quirico P. Evangelista (PMA '40)
Lyrics by: Reynaldo A. Mendoza (PMA '40)


Housed in small quarters
shut off from the outside world.
Deep, deep below the sea,
thoughts of survival keeping watch.
The cook roast a chicken or turkey,
to celebrate this special season.
Fifteen minutes time out to eat
back to the work station

keeping watch deep below
or above the unpredictable seas.
No time to remember Christmas.
A moment of weak emotions
makes a difference of life or death.
Christmas as other holidays
are hidden deep inside each man
who choose to serve aboard
a World War II submarine.

By Mary Nida Smith

The Boys In Blue Are Turning Gray


                                 W.C. Parker, 1895

The years have come, the years have gone.....
And in the track of ruthless Time.....
Are strewn the graves of heroes brave,.....
Who fell ere life had reached its prime....
The lapse of years has hushed the din.....
Of can-non's roar and trumpet's blast;.....
The arm-ied hosts of boys in blue.....
Are but a spec-tre of the past.....

Peace to the fearless boys in blue,.....
Who saved their country's sacred name.....
Whose daunt-less deeds are grav-en deep.....
On Hon-or's mon-uments of fame!
Their ranks are dai-ly grow-ing less;.....
The bat-tle's din has died a-way;.....
Their foes have vanished with the years;.....
The boys in blue are turn-ing gray!.....

No more the tread of marching feet....
Keep step to stirring martial strains,.....
And but the mem-o-ry of war.....
Among the boys in blue re-mains.....
The brawn-y forms of those brave lads.....
Are bowed and bent with years to-day;.....
Their once bright eyes are growing dim;.....
The boys in blue are turning gray!.....

The foes of yore are foes no more;....
The "gray coats" mingle with the blue;.....
One flag floats proudly o-ver all;.....
The em-blem of a na-tion true!.....
The dove of Peace spreads out her wings.....
And war and car-nage steals a-way;.....
The "men of gray" are now true blue.....
And "Boys in Blue" are turning gray!.....





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Pursuant to Title 17 U.S.C. 107, other copyrighted work is provided for educational purposes, research, critical comment, or debate without profit or payment. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for your own purposes beyond the 'fair use' exception, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner