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Soldier’s Home State/Country of (military) Record or State/Country of Residence:

California **

Hawaii *  

Oregon ***


Philippines #


AUS- Army of the United States

BNR-Body Not Recovered

BR-Body Recovered

DOW- Died of Wounds

DSC-Distinguished Service Cross (54 recipients)

KIA-Killed in Action

MIA-Missing in Action

POW-Prisoner of War

PA Philippine Army, part of the United States.Armed Forces

PS-Philippine Scout, part of the United States Armed Forces

SWA-Seriously wounded in action by missile

USAFFE United States Armed Forces of the Far East; organized 12/1941 commanded by Gen Douglas MacArthur beginning 7/26/1941

WAS- Women’s Auxiliary Service



Units established in the United States -1st Filipino Inf Bn, 1st Filipino Inf Regt (“Laging Una”), 2nd Filipino Inf Bn, 2nd Filipino Inf Regt, 5217 Recon Bn, 5218th Recon Co and 978th Signal Service Co

Ist Recon Bn (“Come What May”)




Benigno Caabay * CIVILIAN Casualty Pearl Harbor attack; Source:

Ray Cabacar

Remigio Abrajano Cabacar Navy

Genaro L. Cabacongan; born 5/9/1908; died 8/2/1997; buried Mililani Memorial Park; Army Pfc

Guillermo Ramos Cabacongan born 10/13/1911 Philippines; died 10/24 1996; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Merchant Marine; residence: Concord California; 1930 census resident of Honokaa Hawaii

Johnny Cantero Cabacongan born 2/8/1909 Philippines; died 9/25/2006; buried Narvacan (Ilocos Sur) Public Cemetery; Army Pvt; enlistment residence @ San Joaquin Co. California

Alfred Cabacungan * born 12/5/1924; died 4/6/2007; buried Maui Memorial Park; Army Tec5; Filipino Inf Regt

Feliseo Cabaddu died 5/5/2006; "New Scouts" medical support unit; enlisted 1946 honorably discharged 1949. Virginia, his widow resides in Pittburg Ca

Estelito Cabading Navy Officer’s Cook 2c; Casualty 9/30/1942; from Pura, Tarlac

Manual Cabading Cpt # born 1919 Philippines; died 11/23/2004 57th Inf Co M, combat Bataan & Corregidor; POW, Phil Constabulary, moved to U. S. 1947; re-enlisted during Korean War & received 3 Purple Hearts & Silver Star, Army (1963)& Army Civilian (1978) retiree

Alejandro Cabael * Filipino Inf Regt

Eutiquio G. Cabais ** MSgt 1st Reconn Bn

Montano Cabales Army

Leon Z. Cabalhin Col.Laguna & Rizal guerrilla

Dodong Caballero #

Benvenido "Ben" Caballes * born 12/7/1922 Pulehu Maui; died 11/7/1999; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Air Force Cpl; civilian: retired machinist from Pearl Harbor Shop #38

Daniel C. Cabalo, Sr. * born 7/24/1923 Narvacan Ilocos Sur Philippines; died 5/3/2005; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army; civilian: retired fr. Freeman Guards, Inc

Gervacio Cabanatan died 9/24/1944 Ft. McKinley Philippines; Casualty

Ireneo Cabanatan * born 1923 Hawaii; enlistment 10/14/1944; Filipino Infantry Regt; also Korean War veteran

Juan Cabanatan born 6/15/1896; died 5/15/1942 Ft McKinley Philippines; Casualty

Bartolome "Bart" Cabangbang # Cpt guerrilla

Alfredo Cabanilla *

Lorenzo Panem Cabanilla * born 1913 Bantay Abut Narvacan Ilocos Sur Philippines; died 8/4/2004; buried Mililani Cemetery; post-war: Schofiled Barracks retired maintenance man

William Cabanlit * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 9/15/1944

Juan Malate Cabantoy Pfc Army; born 8/15/1908; died 12/26/1992; buried Willamete National Cemetery Portland Oregon; enlisted 7/15/1943; Filipino 1st Inf Regt

Marcelino Claridad Cabasa # born 4/26/1926 Narvacan Ilocos Sur; died 4/29/2004; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery Army post-war: Hilo Coast Processing Sugar Co. retired crane operator

Vincente A. Cabasag ** born 9/8/1897; died 5/17/1973; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery; Army Pvt

William A. Cabasag * born 7/2/1923; died 5/30/1994; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; SSgt Army also, Korea & Vietnam Veteran

Tito Cabauatan Pvt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Mariano L. Cabel Army

Teofilo C. Cabellon Army


Lorie Cabiao born 5/3/1922 Camiling, Tarlac; died 8/29/2009 Lacey, WA. 26th Cavalry (PS), POW, also Korean War veteran; retired after 21 yrs of service; later chef @ Olympia Oyster House

Alberto Cabigas MIA 7/24/1942 Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Fabian M. Cabigas born 1/27/1906; died 2/19/1997; buried Calverton (NY) National Cemetery; Army Tec4

Florencio B. Cabigas MIA 1/29/1942; Army Pvt

Saturnino Ramos Cabigas # born 11/29/1913; died 10/13/1998; buried Narvacan Ilocos Sur Catholic Church Cemetery; Pfc 26th Cavalry Troop E; command of Cpt John Z. Wheeler Award: Bronze Star

Sotero V. Cabigas Casualty Merchant Marine ship- Cynthia Olson 12/7/1941 F/W

Fabian A. Cabilao Army

Bill Cabillon 26th Calvalry (PS)

Pedro Flores Cabiluna born 8/1/1920 Philippines; died 12/10/1987; buriedSan Francisco National Cemetery; Army 2nd Lt.

Telesforo Cachola Cablay * born 1/5/1927 Narvacan Ilocos Sur; died 3/7/2006; buried Hawaii State Veterans; Army Pvt; post-war: food preparer retiree from Tripler Officers Club

Severino Peralta Cablayan born 12/31/1913; died 8/14/1990; buried Riverside (California) National Cemetery; Army SP3

Mariano B. Cabotaje born 7/18/1902; died 11/20/1963; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc

Nelson R. Cabrales born 12/19/1912; died 5/7/1997 Seattle Wash; 1st Filipino Regt: post-war: Army retiree SSgt, also Korean War 1950-1952 MP; Awards: Bronze Star; Combat Infantrymen’s Badge, Good Conduct Medal w/ 3 knots

Ambrosio Gines Cabrara born 12/7/1913 Narvacan Ilocos Sur; died 7/11/2002; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Navy S1c; also Merchant Marine for Fed govt.; formerly of Seattle, Wash

Catalino F. "Lino" Cabreros born 4/28/1913 Philippines; died 8/6/1999; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec5; post-war: Pearl Harbor Naval Supply Center retired truck driver

John Isaac Abella Cabreros Sr born 6/24/1911 Narvacan Ilocos Sur; died 3/10/2007; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec 5; post-war: retired cook & barber

Lodivico C. Cabreros born 5/11/1911; died 11/2/1982; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc

Hugo Caguyong Cabudlay Navy Cook 1c Casualty from Ormoc Leyte

Paul B. Cabudol # born 5/10/1909 Philippines died 4/15/1999 buried San Joaquin Valley Nat. Cemetery Army Pvt also a long-time railroad employee

Quintin Cabulong born 10/31/1889; died 8/17/1962; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; military 3/31/1941; 5/31/194; SSgt Army Band 19th Inf

Roberto Cabulong * born 11/14/1923 Manila Philippines; died 2/10/2003 Aberdeen MD; buried Arlington Cemetery; also Korean War Army Cpt; civilian occupation: Department of Army employee

Johnny Caburnay Navy

Marcello E. Cabus ** born 1909 San Esteban, Phil; died 12/7/1991 car accident Filipino Inf SSgt, medic

Pablo Dupilas Cacal # born 8/12/1912 Philippines; died 9/20/2001; buried Paniqui Tarlac, Philippines; Army

Buddy O. Cacatian Pvt born 8/10/1910; died 2/5/1977; buried Long Island National Cemetery

Teodorico C. Cacatian born 8/8/1906; died 7/7/1999; buried St. Joseph’s Cemetery Keyport NJ

Anastacio Cacayorin Army

Pedro C. Cachola ** born 2/17/1907 Philippines; died 10/20/2002 LA Ca; enlisted 4/4/1945 California

Apolonio Cacitoit 5/24/1943 Merchant Marine Casualty F/W Stanvac Manila

Ernesto Cadabes Navy

Felipe Burguita Cadabes Navy

Oscar Gonabe Cadabes Navy

Manuel Busa Caddawan Army

Liberato B. Cadiz* born 1912 also in Korean War died 9/3/1950 Chindong-ni, S. Korea KIA Army Cpl Company L, 3rd Battalion, 5th Infantry Regimental Combat Team, Awards the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation, the Republic of Korea War Service Medal

Jose "Joe" Cagalawan * born 3/22/1923 Eleele, Kauai; died 3/24/2001 Pearl City; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Pfc Filipino Infantry Regt; post-war: retired from 14th Naval District Navmag Lualualei, a merchant marine & Pacific Machinery employee; Filipino Inf Regt

Perfecto Cahilig * Filipino Inf Regt

Rufino Reyes Cahilig Casualty Merchant Marine 3/10/1943 ship- Andrea F. Luckenbach A.B; resident of Brooklyn NY

Fulhencio Caig Navy Casualty 2/16/1943 MM1 from 908 Rizal Ave Manila

Pablo C. Caigoy Army

Mariano Cauilan born 11/7/1907 Tuguegarao Cagayan; died 12/11/2008 Pleasnt Hill California; PS during WW2 & over 25 years w/ U.S. Army & post-war over 10 yrs as federal employee

Francisco Asistores Caimol Army

Francisco B. Caingoy Army

Arsenio Caiquep Casualty 8/3/1944 OST1c Navy; from San Narciso Zambales

Florencio Cala Pfc Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Arcadio V. Calabas Army Cmdr; Death March survivor

Leo Calabio * born 6/4/1914 Amauulu Hawaii; died 6/16/1999; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery Army Pfc

Aldred A. Calambro # born 4/25/1912 Iloilo, Philippines; died 9/18/1925; buried Arlington Section 64 Site 6546; enlisted 1932; WW11 POW & Bataan Death March survivor; Korean War (1951-53) retired a Cpt on 4/1/1959

Cirilo S. Calambro Army

Orencio Calapini Sr # from Banguia, Ilocos Norte,a Philippine Scout; his grdson Thomas died in Iraq War

Teddy A. Calaramo Philippines* born 1905; enlistment 9/10/1942

Dan Calcidan

David Calderon born Philippines; died 9/21/1942; Navy 2c POW from Caridad Cavite

Jose Calderon ** born 3/10/1905 Philippines died 7/15/1942 POW; Casualty; Navy Coxswain; form Santa Rita Olongapo; SS# issued California

Art Caleda born 1926 Philippines; Intelligence Service Company, 11th InfRegt, USAFFE

Lorenzo G. Calica ** born 11/8/1903; died 10/13/1998 SF Ca Filipino Inf Band; musician played w/ the Manila Serenaders

Frank Calija * born 1906 Philippines; enlistment 6/6/1942

Cypriano Calio * Filipino Inf Regt

Pascual M. Calix # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn from Natividad Pangasinan Philippines

Pablo Callado Casualty 12/10/1941 Navy Fireman 2c; from Damilisan Miagao Iloilo

Jaime S. Callanta # 6/20/1942 MIA; died Ft Mckinley; Army Cpl 57th Infantry Rgt Observation Award: Bronze Star Medal

Artemio "Art" Calleda * born 1923 Philippines; post war Vice Pres WW11 FilAm Veterans Hawaii chapter

Fortunato Callejo Casualty 6/23/1942 OC2c Navy; from 50 Loreto St Sampaloc Manila

Joseph J. Calligaro Army

Filemon C. Calopez Army

Pablo Calpito * Filipino Inf Regt

Jose Calugas, Sr # Mess Sgt Army; 88th Field Artillery Battery B PS; Medal of Honor for heroism on 9/16/1942 @ Culis Bataan from Barrio Tagsing; buried Mountain View Memorial Park Cemetery Tacoma Washington

Fernando T. Calumpit * born 5/6/1908 Philippines; died 2/4/1986 buried Riverside National Cemetery; Navy STM1

Frederico Caluya * Filipino Inf Regt

Juan Calvo Cpt resistance movement; famous Spanish aviator who made the 1st solo flight from Manial to Madrid

Lorenzo Santillan Camacho Army

Enrique Camaddo Pfc Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Gene Cabamongan Cambe born 4/8/1911 Philippines; died 9/8/1998 Honolulu; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc; civilian: retired barber

Nicolas Camello

Benigno Camino Army

Henry Caminos * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 8/15/1944; Filipino Inf Regt

Raymundo M. Camonayan Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS; also Korean War; later SFC; born 3/13/1918; died 10/28/1956; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery San Bruno Ca

Henry Celestial Campit Coast Guard

Abraham C. "Abe" Campo Army Lt

Isagani V. Campo Maj G-2 USAFFE 41st Inf Div; died 5/29/1980 46 T. Benitez QC

Dixon Campos 1st Filipino Regt

Francisco Camus Navy

Manrique G. Camus died 1977 Cpt Clrg Co USAFFE 41st Inf Div 41st Medical Bn; Malabon Metro Manila

Felipe B. Canaberal Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Andres Canales born 2/10/1893 San Fernando Philippines; died 9/9/1963; buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery (San Diego Ca); Cs1 Navy ; resident of San Diego Ca; also WW1 veteran: Cpl Co H 1st Hawaiian Inf 9/9/1917-7/17/1919; resident of Waipahu, Hawaii

Buenaventura B. Canares Army

Leonardo Magaspac Cancio # born 7/31/1907 Philippines died 10/6/1989 Monterey Ca POW

Francisco Canedo from Bolinas (Bolinao, Pangasinan?? Notes by M.E. Embry) date of military service 11/1/1942; Army Air Forces; Bataan Death March POW Source:

Estelito Canete Filipino Inf Regt

Lucio Eduaba Canete Navy OC1c; Casualty from Clarin Bohol

Matio Canilanza Navy Fireman 1c Casualty from San Fernando Cebu

Ramon B. Cano Navy Casualty 5/6/1942; S2c; from 156 Pampanga Tondo

Andrew Canon * Filipino Infantry Regt

Felix Emon Canonigo * born Philippines; enlistment

Daniel V. Canonizado * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 9/15/1944

Clarence Cantil * Filipino Inf Regt

Canuto Lt "King Canuto"

Pedro R. Casaba Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Nick Casabuena

Joe Castillo Capacillo ** born 11 22/1911 Philippines died 10/2/1972 buried Tulare Ca; enlistment Los Angeles Ca

Donato Alcansaren Caparino Navy Seaman 2c; died 8/6/1942; POW; Casualty; from Dao Antique, Panay

Auero Capili Army (PS) 3rd Lt Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 2/7/1942-2/17/1942)

Esperidion H. Capili Army

Graciano H. Capili Navy

Maximino Rodriguez Capili born 5/9/1921; died 12/26/2007; buried Catholic Cemetery Pampanga; Army Pvt

Pedro Pauig Capili born 6/7/1917; died 3/2/2002; buried Mission Memorial Park Seaside California; Army Sfc, also Korean War veteran

Mateo M. Capinpin # Brig General 21st Division Commander; born 4/22/1887 Morong Rizal Philippines; died 12/28/1958 Binan Laguna Philippines; Death March POW survivor; prewar: Phil Scouts1906-1918, returned 1919; 1st Lt. Phil National Guard 1918-1919; commander of Phil Army 21st Div1934; postwar: retired Adj Gen AFP Awards: Distinguished Service Cross

Jose Capio * Filipino Infantry Regt

Mario Capiral Army

Capistrano 1st Filipino Regt Co H & 1st Recon Bn (Special)

David Capobres Army

Rudolfo Capobres Army

Tranquilino Capobres Army

Agapito Capol born 8/10/1903; died 7/18/1983 Waipahu; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Army Pfc

Wenceslao "Ben" Capol born 9/28/1928 Ewa; died 8/5/2001 Hauula; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Cpl Army, also Korean War veteran; post-war: retired custodian Helemano Elementary School

Manuel Carabal * Filipino Inf Regt

Clemente Carandang 1942 Navy; Officer’s Cook 1c POW; Casualty; from San Jose San Luis Batangas

Eriberto Caranto born 1917; died 12/7/2003 Huntsville Alabama; Death March; post war: retired 32 yrs Army; civil service until 1989

Manuel Carabal * Filipino Inf Regt

Angeles Carbon Army

Feliciano L. Carbon Army

Francisco C. Carbon Army

Jesus Carbon Army

Jesusimo Carbon Army

Ludovico C. Carbon Army

Carl Constancio Cargado *** born 12/20/1923; died 12/15/2003; buried Willamette Portland Oregon; Navy SN

Pedro F. Cariaga # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn

Andres N. Cariaso Army

Patrocinio Carillo # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Solano Nueva Vizcaya Philippines

Ambrocio Carino Cpl Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Demetrio M. Carino Army

Jacob Carino Pfc Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Eddie M. Carpio Army

Federico Carpio * born 1/2/1896; died 12/15/1945 Casualty; Navy Cook 1c resident of 761 Velasques St Manila Philippines SS issued Hawaii

Jose P. Carpio # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn; from Paoay Ilocos Norte

William Carpio * born 1919 Hawaii; enlistment 4/27/1944

Benjamin Carreon 3/12/1942 Casualty John D. Gill-ship; Merchant Marine messman from Octon Philippines

Godofredo Carreon Col

Anastacio G. Carrera Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Marino Casiano Navy Officer’s Cook1c Casualty 8/9/1942; from San Antonio Zambales

Ned Caspe #

Conrado Caspillo born 8/12/1913; died 1/1975; enlistment; Army Pvt; 1920 Kauai Census

Augustin Bunacruz Castaneda, Sr. Navy

Delfin Castaneda Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Domingo Castaneda born 1916 Philippines; Casualty 11/14/1942 ship-Scapa Flow; Merchant Marine Radio Officer


Floriano R. Castaneda, Sr. died 9/6/2009 Kanoehe, Hawaii 3rd Bn 45th Inf (PS) Intelligence Section; Death March; POW; military award: two bronze stars

Felix Castellano * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 7/15/1944

Alehandro Samonte Castillo * born 12/16/1921 Kukuihaele Hawaii; died 8/20/2003; enlistment 4/27/1944

Ambrocio Castillo born Philippines POW

Andres Castillo born 1910 Philippines; enlistment 1/4/1946 Army Pfc

Atanacio Castillo Cpl Hunters guerilla Casualty 2/23/1945 during the rescue of the 2,146 American POWs in Los Banos, Laguna Philippines; buried near the college chapel w/ Anselmo Soler, the other war casualty

Bernardo Castillo 2/6/1942 Casualty; Merchant Marine Bosun; ship-Major Wheeler; from Manila Philippines

Bernardo Castillo * Filipino Inf Regt

Cornelio Castillo * born 2/2/1907 Philippines; died 9/15/1942 POW Casualty; Navy Coxswain; resident of 13 Pescadores, Guimbal, Iloilo Philippines SS# issued Hawaii

Crescencio T. Castillo born Philippines POW

Danny S. Castillo Army

Diego Castillo born Philippines POW

Eddy S. Castillo * born 6/17/1925 Samar Philippines; died 12/12/1996 Castle Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Platoon Sgt Army also, Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran; civilian: deputy marshall U.S. Depatment of Justice

Eustaquio Castillo born Philippines POW

Florentino M. Castillo Army

Godofredo Corpuz Castillo born 8/3/1924 Alcala Pangasinan, member of East Central Luzon Guerilla Area (ECLGA); Pvt Hq 3rd Bn 1st Pangasinan Regt Alcala Pangasinan under 1st Lt. Tomas Daladar on 6/1/1943; Guerilla B 3rd Bn 1st Pangasinan Regt as Rifleman (6/2/1943); unit was attached to 161st Inf 25th Div US Army (4/10/1945-6/1945); unit was attached to 126th Inf 32nd Division, U.S. Army (6/26/1945 to 9/24/1945) all under Cpt B. Asuncion; then unit was attached to USAFIP-NL (9/25/1945 to 1/7/1946); received honorable discharge 2/6/1946

Info provided by Dr. Gigi Castillo, his widow who is interested in getting in contact w/ her late husband’s comrades since she is planning to write a book about his military wartime experience. Any contact with Dr. Castillo will be forwarded to her by our website-notes by Maria Elizabeth Embry


Gregorio Castillo born Philippines POW

Irineo S. Castillo born Philippines POW

Marcelo "Middy" S. Castillo USNA grad

Maximo Castillo, Jr. * born 1917; enlistment 4/27/1944

Ricardo H. "Ricky" Castillo, Sr born 2/28/1928; died 2/23/2006 Honolulu; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc; post-war: retired rigger for the Federal government @ Pearl Harbor

Sonito Castillo born Philippines POW

Tana Castillo Casualty

Teodoro Castillo 7/5/1942 POW; released; ship Carlton in Murmansk Run; Merchant Marine; Steward; resident Capiz Philippines

Valintin Castillo * born 7/4/1912 Bacnotan La Union; died 10/21/2002 Wahiawa; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; also Korean War veteran; post-war: retired heavy equipment operator @ Schofield Barracks

Venancio Castillo born Philippines POW

Vicente Castillo born Philippines POW

Wallace "Wally" Castillo born 8/4/1920 Hawaii; died 10/1981 Kapaa Kauai Hawaii. Capt. 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment & did counter-intelligence work personally for Gen Douglas MacArthur; father of Stephanie J. Castillo, journalist @ Honolulu Star Bulletin, also writer, director, producer & owner of Olena Media. Emmy awardee had produced or co-produced documentaries about: 1st & 2nd Filipino Inf WW11("An Untold Triumph"), Domingo Los Banos, VFW Chaplain ("Remember the Boys"), history of leprosy in Hawaii ("Simple Courage"), coming of her mother Norma to America as a war bride ("Strange Land") history of Hawaiian royalties & annexation of Hawaii to U.S.("Kuu Aina Aloha"),etc.

Tom Castro # 26th Cavalry Ps Supply Sgt

Bienvenido R. Castro WW11 guerrilla, also Korean War 2nd Lt. 20th BCT Peftok born 1924 died of leukemia 8/17/2007 Philippines Vice President of International Federation of Korean War Veterans Associations (IFKWVA); also Vietnam War (Philcag) veteran; Brig Gen

Lawrence Castro 14th Engrs Bn (PS)

Miguel A Castro, Sr Army

Conrado V. Castroverde Army

Felipe Casuga KIA Distinguished Service Cross (posthumous for 1943-1944) Cpt Co A 121st Inf Regt

Galicano C. Casuga born 6/12/1913; died 9/17/2002; buried Lingsat Cemetery San Fernando La Union; Army

Gavino A. Casuga born 2/14/1907; died 7/12/1994; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Honolulu Hawaii; Army Tec 5

George Flores Casuga born 7/27/1906 Philippines; died 2/16/1979 San Francisco California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery California; Army Pvt

Lucino M. Casuga Pfc 1st Filipino Inf Regt (5/1942-5/1946)

Luis Casumpong

Patricio Casuncad

Sylvio Casuncad

Tiberio Catabay

Pedro Y. Catahan Army

Eugenio E. Catalina Pvt 1st Reconn Bn

Leonard Catanes, Sr Army

Edgardo F. Cataullin Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Bautista Catchela

Donald Catli * Filipino Inf Regt

Ernesto Arcadio Rayray Catura Army

Mariano Cauilan 57th Inf (PS) Service Co.

Vicente C. Cauntay born Philippines POW

Benjamin Causapin Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Florencio Calvo Causin # born 11/7/1916 Philippines; died 8/28/2008 Philippines; Death March; PMA 1940 grad

Leonardo L. Causing

Victor Cauton * Filipino Inf Regt

Lazaro Cawagas head of guerilla movement in San Narciso Zambales

Pantaleon Cawagas born 12/8/1917 Candelaria Zambales; died 3/5/2005 San Diego California; buried San Diego California; Death March, POW @ Capas Tarlac until 7/4/1942; reported back to USAFFE 11/1945; Battery F Coast Artillery 1st Regt.joined USAFFE 12/23/1941; honorable dischargedas Tech Sgt; post-war: teacher 1946-1970 in San Narciso; immigrated to San Diego 11/1984; son of Lazaro. Source: obituary by Rodel J. Ramos Balita USA message 471

Wenceslao Lanigan Cayabas Army

Edilberto Mejia Cayabyab born 2/25/1922; died 1/16/2003; buried Eternal Gardens Dagupan Pangasinan Philippines also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran; Navy

Eustaquio M. Cayabyab ** born 9/20/1910; died 4/8/1998; buried All Souls Cemetery Vallejo Ca; Filipino Regt

George Cayabyab

Felipe Dela Vega Cayabyab Army

Gaudencio G. Cayabyab ** born 12/8/1911 died 12/14/1999; buried San Joaquin Catholic Cemetery; Navy STM1

Ludovico Aquino Cayabyab Navy

Raymundo Austria Cayabyab, Jr. Navy

Bennie Sandal Cayanan 7/5/1942 POW; released; ship-Carlton I Murmask Run Merchant Marine Messman; resident of Philadelphia Pa

Ceferino F. Cayco died 8/19/1982 1st Lt. Clrg Co USAFFE 41st Inf Div 41st Medical Bn; 451 Gen Luna Malabon Metro Mla

Bernardo E. Cayub

William Penalosa Cazar 57th Inf (PS) F Co; from Ormoc


Amadio P. Cegana

Doroteo Celedon Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS, was also in Troop B (his son Andres died10/13/1935 was buried in Ft. Stotsenburg Philippines

Maximo Celes * Filipino Inf Regt

Domingo R. Celis Army

Victor R. Celis Army

Mathias Celmar 57th Inf (PS); from San Joaquin Leyte

Jacinto Cenica Navy MM3c; from San Isidro General Trias Cavite

Geronimo Cenizal born 9/30/1905 Philippines; died 1/20/1981 SF Ca; 7th MP Bn (PS) Inf SSgt; also played in the band

E. Cepeda Maj USMA grad 1932; POW escaped

Andres Ceriaco

Ponciano J. Cerrano

Bernardino L. Cervantes born 1/8/1961 California; 2nd Filipino Inf Bn

Leopoldo Cespedes * born 1924; enlistment 6/29/1943

Tiu Chieng Chao # Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Edward E. Chavez # SSgt Army 515th CA Med; Hokkaido POW; captured in the Philippines

YuOng Chaw # Lt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Ricardo Cheng # Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Cecilio A. Chenilla

Marcelo C. Cheung Army

Huang Chieh # Manila guerrilla

Juan O. Chioco Lt Col G-4 USAFFE 41st Inf Div 296 Haig St. Mandaluyong M.Mla

Go Sy Chiong # Lt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Coronacion Chiva Hukbalahap "Kumander Walingwaling,"

Gregorio P. Chua * born 1/4/1918; died SF California 11/1/1992 buried Golden Gate Nat. Cemetery; Major; a Medical Doctor 1st Filipino Regt USS Mactan, serve in the Pacific (summer 1943); also a Korean War veteran

Ong Chua # Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Tuan Chua # Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Julian Q. Chua # Army (PS) 3rd Lt. (for 1/6/1942) Award: Distinguished Service Cross

Sy Chuy # Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Mario D. Cid died 2/13/2009; Sgt 14th Engrs Bn (PS); escaped from Death March; also Korean War vet; was a mechanical engineer at Southern Pacific Railroad

Celestino Cimatu

Atilano Cinco # Captain; Leyte guerrillas; postwar: Congressman

Ernesto Cinco

Pablo E. Cinense

Estiban Baturan Clabite Navy Casualty ST1c; from Bilbor Bohol

Epifanio Clamor Casualty 12/10/1941 Navy ST1; from Gen Trias Cavite

Manuel Clarabal * Filipino Infantry Regt

Jeffrey Clarabal * Filipino Infantry Regt

Juan J. Clarito Army

Eufrocino Claseto Pfc Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Norberto C. Claseto Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Aquino G. Claudio

Richard Clavecillas * Filipino Inf Regt

Emilio B. Cletario

Manuel Colayco Captain

Frank Colcol served 1940-1946

Jose Bethoil M. Colcol Army

Modesto D. Colcol born 6/15/1907; died 11/3/1986; buried Calverton NY National Cemetery; Army Pfc

Conrado C. Colico Army

Francisco Alejar Colina born 7/4/1917 Philippines; died 5/6/1942 (12/1945) Casualty Navy S1c; from 8 Gen. P. Alvarez Noveleta Cavite

Escolastico Collado Sgt Army Co K 57th Inf Regt (PS) Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/1/1942)

Lorenzo V. Collado, Sr.

Joseph Cololario * enlistment

Elias Coloma born Philippines POW MIA Army; from Nueva Ecija

Fructuoso M. Coloma born Philippines POW

Saturnino P. Coloma

Joseph P. Colotario born 1916; enlistment 11/15/1941

Protacio Combes

Narzal V. Concepcion

Inocencio Conception WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine

Fordelino Conde Army

Francisco Conde * born 1/16/1899 Philippines; died 8/29/1942 Casualty; Navy (STM1) Mess Attendant 1c; resident of Cabusao Camarines Sur; SS# issued Hawaii

Manuel Conde # pilot 3Lt PAAC 6th Pursuit Squadron

Tomas Confesor guerrilla also pre-war governor of Iloilo Province

George Consas * born 1923; enlistment 8/3/1944; Filipino Inf Regt

Antero M. Consolacion

John R. Constantino # Bacarra Ilocos Norte TSgt 1st Reconn Bn

Saturnino Ballesteros Coquia # born 6/3/1916 Philippines; died 3/9/2006; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army SSgt; post war retired Philippine govt employment; later resided in Ewa Beach Hawaii

Egmedio L. Corado, Sr. Navy

R. Corbilla # artillery officer

Mateo A. Cordero # born 12/25/1910 Philippines; died 2/11/1995 Hawaii; buried Valley of the Temples Memorial Park; post-war retired (40 yrs) operator of Kaneohe Hawaii Faytone Barber Shop

Mike E. Cordero

Ernie Cordova # recruited for the Navy in 1944 w/ 4 other guerrillas;

Faustino Cordova

Eutropio Z. Coretana Army

Teodorico C. Coria

Hostillo Cornelio Army

Alfonzo D. Corpuz Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Max Corpuz

Marcelo Corpuz

Placido Corpuz # guerrilla

Ray Corpuz Alamo Scouts

Robert F. Corpuz Army

Sebastian Corpuz * Filipino Inf Regt

Sosimo Corpuz * Filipino Inf Regt

Valentin L. Corpuz

Juan A. Corrales

Florencio M. Cortado

Eleuterio Magaso Cortes Navy Casualty 12/10/1941 S1c; from 521 Union Paso Manila

Alejandro V. Cortez Cpt Bn S-4 USAFFE 41st Inf Div 41st Medical Bn; n/k Rosario N. Cortez 187 F. Blum San Juan

Frederick Cortez WW11 POW, Merchant Marine

Jose Reyes Cortez 2/7/1943 Casualty Merchant Marine O.S. ship- Robert E. Hopkins; from San Carlos Negros Occidental

Leonardo G. Cortez

Louis Cortez TSgt 1st Reconn Bn of 5535 Blackstone Ave Chicago Illinois

Primo P. Cortez

Oscar Coscolluela

Cenon Cosme * born 12/8/1920 Philippines; died 5/6/1942 Casualty; Navy Seaman 1c; SS# issued Hawaii; from Rizal Philippines

Manuel Marzan Costales * born 6/14/1905 Naguillian La Union; died 12/5/2003 LA California 2st Filipino Inf; immigrated in 1924; father of Luella Costales of the Hawaiian Intl Film Festival & executive Director of the Waipahu Hawaii Filipino Community Center

Jose P. Costes Cpl Troop C 26th Cavalry PS, also Korean War SFC later 1st Lt born 4/25/1911; died 8/8/1991; buried Ft Smith National Cemetery Arkansas

Pablo Covarubias Navy Casualty 5/6/1942 MuS2; from 21 Santa Maria Castillejos Zambales


Toribio Crespo # 2nd Lt 1st Reconn Bn

Bienvenido S. Crisologo Army

Carlos Crisostomo Maj. Guerrilla

Erineo Crisostomo born 2/8/1899 Philippines; died 11/17/1973; buried Ft Rosecrans (San Diego Ca) National Cemetery; Navy MMc, also WW1 veteran

Felipe Santa Teresa Crisostomo born 5/1/1894 Philippines; died 6/1/1953; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery

Gerardo Crisostomo born Philippines; enlisted Army

Jaime Crisostomo Navy Casualty 6/26/1942 S1c; from Capiz

Manuel Malate Crisostomo born 12/25/1910; died 12/17/1957; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Pvt

Santiago Crisostomo born Philippines; enlisted Army

Serafin Salazar "Serry" Crisostomo born 1/21/1924 Corregidor Philippines; died 4/8/1998; buried Tacoma (Wash) Cemetery; Battery E 91st Coast Artillery (PS) Death March POW Capas; also in Korean & Vietnam Wars & Okinawa Army CW3

Pedro O. Crisostomo Army

Rosalio Llanillo Crisostomo born 8/6/1910; died 8/10/1960; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery Army Pfc

Vidal L. Crisostomo

Alberto Cristobal * 1st Filipino Regt

Bill B. Cristobal born 11/27/1912 Philippines; died 2/8/1999 Honolulu; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Navy

Quirino B. Cristobal Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Adolfo C. Cruz

Bartolome Cruz

Benito Cruz

Cesar E. Cruz Army

Emigdio C. Cruz # born Arayat Pampanga; Major, PA later guerrilla; aboard submarine Thresher that secretly landed in 7/9//1943 Negros Phil; awards: Distinguished Service Cross (for 6/18/1943-2/18/1944); Congressional Medal of Valor (Philippines); physician of Pres. Manuel Quezon

Feliciano L. Cruz Army Air Forces

Fidel Cruz

George V. Cruz Army

Jack A. Cruz

Jose Benito "Ben" Cruz born 1925; died 1978; Award: Purple Heart

Iluminado B. Cruz KIA 1st Lt. "B" Coll USAFFE 41st Inf Div 41st Medical Bn n/k Flora A. Cruz Navotas Metro Mla

Martin B. Cruz Navy

Nicano M. Cruz Pvt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Paulino Cruz

Pelagio Cruz Cpt Silver Star

Phil Cruz

Antonio Cruzano

Richard Cua * Filipino Inf Regt

Francisco Cuanang Cpl 1st Reconn Bn

Eulogio Cuaresma

Esperato R. Cuartero

Timoteo "Timothy" Lagura Cubero born 1/16/1907; died 3/5/1988 Waipahu; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy PHM2; H

Emiliano Cubillo * Filipino Inf Regt

Uribe Cuchapin

Ceferino G. Cudal

Cristina Magsaysay Cuenca Civilian; lead the Malolos Women’s club that aided POWs

Primitivo Alcala Cuenca 57th Inf (PS) Hq Co

Manuel G. Cuepo Army

Mariano Cueva

Dominador R. Cuevas 41st Inf 41st Div (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Raymundo Cuizon

Felipe Culala (also known as Dayang-Dayang) a female Hukbalahap guerrilla in Pampanga

Tomas Culanag

Eusebio Cumagun born 8/16/1887 Tuguegarao Cagayan; MIA Casualty; Army Sgt

Lorenzo Cumagun MIA Casualty

Sol A. Aragon Cunha Army

Francisco E. Cuntapay

Ramon M. Curaming

Jorge C. Curammeng ** born 4/23/1911; died 1/1/2001; buried North Kern (California) Cemetery; Army SSgt

Florencio P. Curimao

Emil U. Curtado # Cpl 1st Reconn Bn of Sinait Ilocos Sur Philippines

Emilio Melendes Custodio Cpl Army; born 5/25/1908 Philippines; died 12/13/1992 Ventura County California; buried Riverside National Cemetery

Jacinto Cutaran # Sgt Army

Reynaldo S. Cuyugan Army

(A Soldier Died Today)
by A. Lawrence Vaincourt, 1985

He was getting old and paunchy and his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion, telling stories of the past
Of a war that he had fought in and the deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his buddies; they were heroes, every one.

And tho' sometimes, to his neighbors, his tales became a joke,
All his Legion buddies listened, for they knew whereof he spoke.
But we'll hear his tales no longer for old Bill has passed away,
And the world's a little poorer, for a soldier died today.

He will not be mourned by many, just his children and his wife,
For he lived an ordinary and quite uneventful life.
Held a job and raised a family, quietly going his own way,
And the world won't note his passing, though a soldier died today.

When politicians leave this earth, their bodies lie in state,
While thousands note their passing and proclaim that they were great.
Papers tell their whole life stories, from the time that they were young,
But the passing of a soldier goes unnoticed and unsung.

Is the greatest contribution to the welfare of our land
A guy who breaks his promises and cons his fellow man?
Or the ordinary fellow who, in times of war and strife,
Goes off to serve his Country and offers up his life?

A politician's stipend and the style in which he lives
Are sometimes disproportionate to the service that he gives.
While the ordinary soldier, who offered up his all,
Is paid off with a medal and perhaps, a pension small.

It's so easy to forget them for it was so long ago,
That the old Bills of our Country went to battle, but we know
It was not the politicians, with their compromise and ploys,
Who won for us the freedom that our Country now enjoys.

Should you find yourself in danger, with your enemies at hand,
Would you want a politician with his ever-shifting stand?
Or would you prefer a soldier, who has sworn to defend
His home, his kin and Country and would fight until the end?

He was just a common soldier and his ranks are growing thin,
But his presence should remind us we may need his like again.
For when countries are in conflict, then we find the soldier's part
Is to clean up all the troubles that the politicians start.

If we cannot do him honor while he's here to hear the praise,
Then at least let's give him homage at the ending of his days.
Perhaps just a simple headline in a paper that would say,
Our Country is in mourning, for a soldier died today



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