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Soldier’s Home State/Country of (military) Record or State/Country of Residence:

California **

Hawaii *  

Oregon ***


Philippines #


AUS- Army of the United States

BNR-Body Not Recovered

BR-Body Recovered

DOW- Died of Wounds

DSC-Distinguished Service Cross (54 recipients)

KIA-Killed in Action

MIA-Missing in Action

POW-Prisoner of War

PA Philippine Army, part of the United States.Armed Forces

PS-Philippine Scout, part of the United States Armed Forces

SWA-Seriously wounded in action by missile

USAFFE United States Armed Forces of the Far East; organized 12/1941 commanded by Gen Douglas MacArthur beginning 7/26/1941

WAS- Women’s Auxiliary Service



Units established in the United States -1st Filipino Inf Bn, 1st Filipino Inf Regt (“Laging Una”), 2nd Filipino Inf Bn, 2nd Filipino Inf Regt, 5217 Recon Bn, 5218th Recon Co and 978th Signal Service Co

Ist Recon Bn (“Come What May”)




Telesforo Mabag Cpl Army MIA Casualty 4/6/1942


Fernando Mabaga Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942


Ernesto Tirona“Ernie” Mabalon born 8/7/1924; died 4/6/2005; buried San Joaquin Catholic Cemetery, guerrilla  USAFFE; 6th Military District, 2nd Battalion, 66th Infantry, E Company.


Benito Mabanag Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/27/1942


Quinciano Mabanglo Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946


Carlos Mabanta Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/24/1942


Moro Mabay Pfc Army MIA Casualty 9/2/1945


Inigo B. Mabilangan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 1/12/1942


Gerbacio Mabine Army MIA Casualty 6/16/1942


Octavius Mabine Navy Casualty MIA 12/7/1941 Matt1; U.S.S. Oklahoma Pearl Harbor


Victoriano M. Mabunga Sgt Army MIA Casualty 4/9/1942


Santiago Pablo Mabuti died 9/9/1943 (9/23/1943) Casualty; loss @ sea; U.S.S. Grayling SS-209 submarine sunk near Tablas Strait Philippines Navy Cook 2


Nemesio M. Macabangun Sgt Army MIA Casualty 11/29/1942


Jose Macabebe Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/22/1942


Remigio Macadangdang Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/14/1942


Andres M. Macagba Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946


Epifanio Macaldo Pvt Army MIA Casualty 1/28/1942


Francisco Macalinao Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/20/1942


S. A. Macalinao Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/14/1942


Joseph Macaluso * Alamo Scouts (Rafael Ileto Team)


Sam Macaluso Tec4 Army MIA Casualty 11/27/1943


Nicasio Macan SSgt born 1895 Philippines; enlisted 9/6/1940


Angel Macapagal Death March survivior post war: Congressman of Pampanga; brother of Pres Diosdado Macapagal


Diosdado Macapagal guerilla Finance officer post war: President of the Philippines; also father of Pres Gloria M. Arroyo


Ildefonso Macapallag Pvt Army MIA Casualty 7/28/1945


Angel Macapas Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/11/1942


Alfredo T. Macaraeg Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/9/1942


Florencio Macaraeg Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/18/1942


Pedro R. Macaraeg Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/23/1942


Antonio Macareig died 1/28/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine; Messman ship- USAT Royal T. Frank


Juan Macariola Pfc Army MIA Casualty 2/10/1942


Herminio A. Macarubbo Pfc Army MIA Casualty 4/13/1942


Macario Macasinag Navy Casualty Officer’s Cook 1c from Caridad Cavite


Esteban Macasu born 1896 Philippines; POW 12/8/1941; ship- SS Pres. Harrison released; Merchant Marine Pantryman; from San Miguel Philippines


Marcelo D. Macatangay Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/10/1942


Tomas D. Macatol Pfc Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946


Hendriclaro Macavinta (New Scout) from Macato Aklan


Luis Macavinta Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942


Zosimo Macavinta (New Scout) from Macato Aklan


Juan Macawile Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/28/1942


Nicolas S. Macayana Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946


Alejandro G. Macogay, Sr.** born 8/15/1896 Philippines; died 2/1984 Nelson Virginia; buried Bryant Cemetery Buckingham County Virginia; U.S. Navy; (also WW1 US Navy; Mess attendant 1st Class; served U.S.S. Aler t 4/6/1917-7/5/1918; U.S.S. Buffalo 7/5/1918-11/11/1918); listed 1920 Military & Naval Forces census; 1930 Wash D.C. census


Denicio Macogay died 5/31/1942; MIA Casualty Army Pfc


Ponciano Mactao Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/10/1942


Alejandro Madamba Pfc Army MIA Casualty 2/28/1945


William E. Madara Cpl Army MIA Casualty 4/30/1945


Dominador Madarang Pfc Army MIA Casualty 8/31/1942


Francisco Madarang Sgt Army MIA Casualty 5/28/1942


Gaspar Madarang Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/17/1942


Juan Ramos Madarang born 10/20/1917; died 7/30/2004; buried Olongapo Memorial Park Zambales; Army Pfc


Mariano Evangelista Madarang born 12/8/1911; died 2/1/1987 San Mateo California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery California


Paulino Evangelista Madarang born 6/22/1901; died 12/3/1903 San Mateo California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Tec 5


Joe Q. Madrazo died 1963 1st Filipino Regt Co D radio operator


Eugenio Maestro died 1942; POW; Casualty; Navy Machinist’s Mate 1c from #5 Rizal St. Romblon

Juanito Magalion * Filipino Inf Regt


Victor Magallanes 12th Signal Co (PS)


Jose Magallanis Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/18/1942


Roman C. Magallano Sgt Army MIA Casualty 7/12/1942


Felix Magalong # born 1919 Philippines; Death March, POW released 12/31/1942 Cpt 45th Inf (PS) H Co


Juan Magat Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/1/1942


Maximo O. Magat Pfc Army MIA Casualty 12/29/1941


Yrineo Magat Pfc Army MIA Casualty 10/5/1944


Esteban Magbanua Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942


Lorenzo Magbanua born Philippines; died 10/31/1942 POW; Casualty; Navy; Quartermaster 2c; from Mlagao Iloilo


Selvino Magbanua Cpl Army MIA Casualty 5/25/1942


Alfonso S. Magbual 1stSgt, Depot Operations NCO; 76th Ord Ammo Co (PS) “New Scout” (prior PS service before WW11); discharged 1948; died 1953 Batangas also Korean War vet


Fely D. Magbual # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Laoag Ilocos Norte Philippines


Daniel Maghanay Casualty Merchant Marine


Rafael A. Maghari MIA Casualty 5/2/1942 Army Pvt


Camilo Maglalang * born 6/25/1895 Philippines; died 1/1945 Casualty Navy Mess Attendant 1c; resident of Apalit Pampanga; SS# issued Hawaii


Leopoldo Maglanoc MIA Casualty 7/11/942 Army Pvt


Carlos Y. Maglasang MIA Casualty 7/12/1942 Army Pvt


 Ramon O. Maglasang MIA Casualty 9/5/1942 Army Pvt


Andrew Bacungan Maglaya born 10/15/1912; died 1/12/1956; buried Ft. Snelling National Cemetery South Minneapolis MN


Casamero P. Maglaya born 2/23/1911; died 1/8/2004; buried San Joaquin Catholic Cemetery Stockton Ca Army


Emilio Sobrepena Maglaya born 1/1/1898 Philippines; died 10/18/1954 Santa Cruz California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery California; Pvt Army


Jesus Maglaya 1st Lt. Army 21st Inf Regt; Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 3/13/1942)


Teodoro E. Maglaya born 9//7/1907; died 4/28/1990; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Honolulu Hawaii; Army T5


Numeriano T. Maglinte ** born 7/7/1898 Philippines died 11/19/1944 buried LA Nat. Cemetery Pvt Co B 1st Filipino Inf


Johnny Jay Maglinti born 7/19/1927; died 1/3/2007; buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery Hawaii; Army Pvt


William Maglinti * born 9/16/1925; died 11/19/1990; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Filipino Inf Regt; Tec5


Gualberto Maglocot MIA Casualty 3/31/1946 Army Pvt


J.B. Magluyan Cpt


Alejandro Mendoza Magno died 4/9/1942 Casualty; Merchant Marine Messman ship- Eugene V.R. Thayer; from San Jose, Philippines


Hilario Magno Navy Casualty Cook 1c from San Marcelino Zambales


Joaquin Magpantay # born Philippines Army Sgt Co D, 41st Inf Regt PS; Distinguished Service Cross


Macario Magpantay born Philippines POW


Elpedio Longtayao Magpiong born 11/16/1895 Philippines; died 5/12/1955; buried Los Angeles (Ca) National Cemetery; Navy SF3


Bartolome Magsalin MIA Casualty 1/31/1942 Army Cpl


Ramon Magsaysay born 8/31/1907 Ibu Zambales; died 3/17/1957 plane crashed; 31st Infantry Division PA; organize the Western Luzon Guerilla Forces; Cpt; Provisional Governor of Zambales later President of the Philippines (12/30/1953-3/17/1957)


Magsino, Col.   


Pedro O. Magsipoc MIA Casualty 3/31/1946 Army Pfc


Pedro Maguddato born 4/22/1882 Philippines; died 2/21/1956; buried San Francisco National Cemetery; Army Cpl; also, WW1 veteran


Bernardo Majayag MIA Casualty 6/27/1942 Army Pvt


Anatalio Majosay MIA Casualty 6/27/1942 Army Pfc


Benjamin Makiling MIA Casualty 12/11/1944 Army MSgt

Vicente Malabad MIA Casualty 5/18/1942 Army Sgt


Eufemio Malabed MIA Casualty 7/16/1942 Army Pvt


Feliciano Malabed MIA Casualty 5/30/1942 Cpl


Jaime Malabed MIA Casualty 5/17/1942 Cpl


Marceliano Malandog MIA Casualty 5/10/1942 Pvt


Cenon M. Malasig born 12/22/1906 Philippines; died 7/23/1988 Alameda Co. California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Pfc


Tiborcio Agcaoili Malasig; Pfc Army born 8/6/1905 Philippines; died 9/22/1996 Stanislaus County California; buried San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery


Jose Malazo born Philippines POW; Casualty; Navy Cook 3c from Julugan, Cavite


William Malia* Filipino Inf Regt


Pascual Malibago Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/22/1942


C. A. Malibiran Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946


Pedro Maligis Pfc Army MIA Casualty 7/1/1942


Juan F. Maligon Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/30/1942


Eulogio M.C. Malijan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/28/1942


Leon P. Malijan Sgt Army MIA Casualty 8/9/1942


Dominador Malik # Tech 4 w/ Villamor (PRS) Philippine Regional Section; 1st Reconn Bn


Maliksi # 26th Cavalry Troop C


Patricio Malilay WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine


Restituto Malinao # died 5/19/1942 Ft McKinley MIA Casualty; Army Sgt


Roque Malinao Sgt Army MIA Casualty 7/31/1942


Reino H. Malinen Pvt Army MIA Casualty 2/11/1945


Roman Malit Navy Casualty Steward 2c from Guagua Pampanga


Martin F. Mallare Pfc Army MIA Casualty 2/9/1942


Angel Santos Mallari, Sr # born 10/1/1917; died 8/21/2002; buried Gasan Cemetery Tapuyan Gasan Marinduque; PS POW 5/7/1942; 2/12/1945


Benito Mallari, Sr ** born 4/16/1922; died 7/6/2003; buried Garden of Memories Cemetery Salinas Ca; POW 5/7/1942,4/2/1945 Army SP5; also Korean & Vietnam veteran


Domingo Mallari # born 1906 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 2/1945


Eliseo L. Mallari # born 1910 Philippines; died 5/2/1942 Ft. McKinley; Army Sgt; POW; MIA Casualty


Eliseo V. Mallari born 9/8/1910 Philippines; died 8/21/1996; buried Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery Army Cpt, Tarlac guerrilla, also a Korean War veteran


Emiliano Mallari # born 1893 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 2/1945 Philippines


Federico Mallari # born 1919 Philippines; Casualty


Flaviano Mallari # born 1919 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942, 2/1945; enlistment 3/4/1941


Gregorio G. Mallari # Navy Casualty Mess Attendant 1c


Lorenzo Mallari # Casualty


Melquiades G. Mallari # born 1916 Philippines; died 2/6/1942 Casualty MIA Ft McKinley Philippines; enlisted 2/20/1941; Army Pvt


Paul “Pablo” De Guzman Mallari ** born 1/25/1913 Philippines; died 7/28/1990; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; POW 5/7/1942, 2/1945; Army Pfc; enlisted 6/23/1941


Remigio Mallari # Casualty


Remigio Mallari born 1888 Philippines; enlistment 12/18/1941


Venancio Mallari # died 7/2/1942 Casualty MIA Ft McKinley Philippines; Army Sgt


Agustin Mallillin Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/19/42


Antonio Mallillin Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/12/1942


Tomas Malllillin Cpl Army MIA Casualty 6/30/1942

Benjamin Corneja Mallo born 6/28/1906 Janiuay Iloilo; died 9/14/1990 Tamuning Guam; 2nd Filipino Infantry-US Army, Serial No. 38 641 582; Campaigns: New Guinea and Luzon, Southern Philippines; enlisted 5/27/1942, Camp Beale, CA; honorably discharged 12/19/1946, San Francisco, CA Source 3/19/2009 e-mail by Steve Mallo to M.E. Embry about his father (contact info: stevejpii (at)

Nicolas Malolot Cpl Army MIA Casualty 6/12/1942


Constancio Malong Cpl Army MIA Casualty 6/9/1942


Numeriano Sevitillo Malong born 7/5/1905 Philippines; died 7/1/1952 Frsno California; buried Sacramento City Cemetery; Pfc 1st Filipino Inf


James H. Malugin Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/15/1946


Gerardo P. Malvas Sgt Army MIA Casualty 4/7/1942


Lucas Malvas Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/7/1942

Abondio Mambaje Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/18/1942


Macario Mamuyac 2lt Lt POW; Army enlisted


Antonio Manaay Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/26/1942


Arcenio Manabat Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/4/1942


Tomas Manabat Pfc Army MIA Casualty 8/4/1942


Melchor Managad Pfc Army MIA Casualty 10/23/1942


Cenen Manahan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/27/1942


Bonifacio Manalang Pvt Army MIA Casualty 7/28/1942


Pablo G. Manalang born 1/15/1901 Philippines; died 2/3/1970; buried Angeles City Municipal Cemetery Pampanga Philippines


Candido Manalastas Pvt Army MIA Casualty 1/17/1942


Domingo Manalastas Ist Sgt Army MIA Casualty 8/23/1942


Isidro L. Manaligod Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/21/1942


Lorenzo Manaligod Pvt


Jesus Chargualaf Manalisay died 10/11/1943 (11/1/1943) Casualty Steward 3c; Wahoo SS-238 sunk by air attack & depth charging N. Japan; Award: Purple Heart (Guam-Phil descent)


Alejandro Manalo # born 1922 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 4/1945


Amado Manalo # born 1918 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942, 2/25/1945 Philippines


Antonio Manalo # POW 5/7/1942


Aquilino Manalo born 6/6/1905 Philippines; died 6/24/2003; buried Calverton NY National Cemetery; Navy; Merchant Marine CK1


Armando Manalo born 1923; enlistment 2/13/1943; residence: Colorado Denver


Basiliso Manalo Casualty


Domingo Manalo * born 1926; enlistment 12/15/1945


Eleuterio Manalo born 1926; listed Navy Aircraft Carrier Muster Rolls


Estanislao Manalo # born 11/11/1900 Philippines; died 2/28/1945 Philippines; Casualty Navy Officer’s Steward 2c; resident of 64 San Roque St. Bauan Batangas; SS# issued Hawaii


Francisco Manalo Casualty


Francisco Manalo born 1/22/1922; died 3/6/2003; buried Moravian Cemetery Staten Island NY; POW 5/7/1942, 4/18/1945; Army SSgt, also Korean War veteran


Gabriel Manalo Casualty


George R. Manalo born 1926; enlistment 8/12/1944; residence: Denver Colorado; Casualty


Luis Manalo born 1908 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942


Joseph J. Manalo * born 1928; enlistment 1/24/1946; residence: Hawaii


Julian Manalo born 1906; enlistment 9/26


Marcelino Manalo Casualty


Maximo Manalo * born 9/25/1923; died 4/9/1972; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Air Force CPL


Pedro T. Manalo Casualty


Rodolfo C. Manalo # MIA Casualty; died 1/31/1945 Ft. McKinley Philippines; Pvt Army


Thomas B. Manalo * born 1925; Filipino Inf Regt Pfc; enlistment 1/10/1945


Valeriano Manalo # POW 5/7/1942, 2/1/1945 Philippines


Vicente B. Manaloto Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/12/1942


Modesto Manangan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/8/1942


Segundo Manangan Pfc Army MIA Casualty 2/8/1942


Michael Mananquil Cpl Army MIA Casualty 7/16/1942


Amado S. Manansala Pfc Army MIA Casualty 4/13/1942


Bartolome Manansala Steward Mate 1c Navy Casualty 12/10/1941 from 1334 Pridencia St Samplaoc Manila


Canoto Manansala Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/30/1942


Eliodoro Manansala Pvt Army MIA Casualty 1/23/1942


Francisco Manansala Sgt Army MIA Casualty 6/12/1942


Miguel Manansala Sgt Army MIA Casualty 6/9/1942


Satornino Manansala Sgt Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942


Silvestre Manansala Cpl Army MIA Casualty 1/31/1942


Panfilo A. Manantan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/15/1942


Casimiro Manaois Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/8/1942


Elias Manapit Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/14/1942


Marcelo Manayan Pfc Army MIA Casualty 4/4/1942


Alfred Mancao * Filipino Inf Regt


Matias Michael Mandac * Filipino Inf Regt


Theodore Maneseses * Filipino Inf Regt


Alfonso Mangabat Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/8/1943


Bartolome V. Mangabat Tec5 Army MIA Casualty 6/10/1942


Miguel Mangabat Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/6/1942


B. L. Manganaan Sgt Army MIA Casualty 1/21/1942


Bernardo M. Mangawang Pvt Army MIA Casualty 12/29/1941


Daud Mangkon guerrilla


Napoleon Mangonan 1st Lt Infantry; Distinguished Service Cross (for 2/31942-2/10/1942)


S.G. Mangosing Pfc 6/21/1942


Luis C. Mangrobang Cpl Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942


Guillermo Mangubat Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/13/1942


Patricio Gutierez Mangubat born 3/17/1926; died3/19/2002; buried Tahoma Nat. Cemetery Kent Washington, also a Korean War & Vietnam War Veteran; Navy ENC (SS)


Benjamin Manibog * Filipino Inf Regt


Juan C. Manibusan Navy MIA Casualty 8/4/1944 NSK3


Felipe Maningo Lt guerilla group of 150 Philippine Scouts.operating in Clark Field


Cesar C. Manio Cpl Army MIA Casualty 6/28/1942


Adriano Manipis Tec4 Army MIA Casualty 5/30/1942


Maximo V. Manlagit Sgt 1st Reconn Bn


Vicente Manlagnit Sgt Army MIA Casualty 6/16/1942


Jesse Kepa Manlapit *  born 3/29/1930 Waimea; died 2/11/2005; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc; post-war retired Hawaii Gov’t employees Assoc; Local 3 business agent & Operations engineer


Federico L. Manliclic Pvt Army MIA Casualty 10/24/1944


Jose Manlincon Pfc Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946


Frank Manosca #


Miguel Manresa born 12/23/1915 Philippines died 4/1978 Filipino Regt


Romulo Manriquez Capt. guerrilla took over Manuel Enriquiez (Manuel Enriquez preceded by  Gillermo Nakar)


Gabriel M. Mansapit Navy MIA Casualty 11/24/1943 CK3


Francisco Mantaring MIA Casualty 2/9/1942 Army Pvt


Antonio Manuel * Filipino Inf Regt


James Martinez Manuel died 6/28/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine Messman ship-Raphael Semmes; from Manila Philippines


Tomas Manuel # born 1925 San Mateo Rizal; died 9/10/2006 Sf California; Cpl Infantryman PA; later Guerrilla Mountain Corps Regt; Awards: Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, WW11 Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon; post-war: immigrated to U.S. 1992; Balboa H.S. teaher, musician & artist


Romulo Manriquez Maj


Agustin Lucero. Manzano born 1907 Philippines; died 1998; buried Holy Gardens Taytay Rizal POW


Aniceto Coloma Manzano born 4/17/1907 Philippines; died 2/13/1992; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army M/Sgt; also Korean War veteran


Antonio Manzano born Philippines POW


Bonifacio Lorenzana Manzano  discharge 7/1946; member of the (16) Pangilinan naturalization respondents


Carmelo Lopez Manzano Maj. Phil Army & aide de camp to Maj Gen Basilio Valdez; one of the four former PA officers to receive commissions in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in 12/1942; LCDR; became the highest ranking Filipino USCG; formerly Executive officer for the Puerto Rico Chief of Staff USCG; Source: “Filipinos in the Navy”


Mercidio Sumangil Manzano born 9/19/1909; died 11/4/1948; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery; Navy STD 1c


Narciso L. Samson Manzano born 2/20/1897 Philippines; died 9/15/1986; buried San Francisco National Cemetery; Army Col; POW, also WW1 veteran


Simeon Obrero Manzano born 10/9/1903 Philippines; died 12/7/1997; buried Greenwood Memorial Park San Diego Ca Navy SDC


Isidro Santo Domingo Manzo died 8/28/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine ship- Arlyn, 3rd Engineer; from Manila Philippines

Antonio Maquiling MIA Casualty 3/14/1942 Army TSgt


Eleuterio M. Maquinana ** born 2/20/1916; died 9/6/2007 Daly City Ca; Co L 57th Inf (PS)


Andro Salvador Marana born 8/17/1909; died 4/5/1984 San Francisco Ca; buried San Francisco National Cemetery Presidio; Army 1st Lt.


Perfecto Maranon * born 3/5/1915; died 12/1945 Casualty; Yeoman 3c from 32-D Cruzada Quiapo Manila


Salvador Maranon born 2/16/1910 Philippines; died 12/1945 Casualty; Navy Cook 2c from San Felipe Zambales


Ricardo R. Maravillas Sfc 12th Medical Bn (PS) C Co; pre-war 14th Engrs Regt Co C; post war Army retiree; resident of Fairfield California; father of Dr. Anthony Rama Maravillas


Abraham A. Marayag MIA Casualty 5/26/1942 Army Pfc


Ferdinand Edralin Marcos # born 9/11/1917 Sarrat, Ilocos Norte Philippines; died 1989 Honolulu Hawaii; 3rd Lt ; combat intelligence officer; 21st Inf Div; Battle of Bataan; Death March; guerilla; Awards: DSC, Bronze Star; Purple Heart; (Medal for Valor awarded Maj. Ferdinand Marcos, PA; by President Carlos P. Garcia, 1958) (much controversy about his military service awards)  prewar: lawyer (1940); postwar:  President of the Philippines (1966); deposed 1986 *


Gregorio Marcelo * enlistment


Benjamin Mariano, Sr born 6/18/1920 Philippines; died 12/10/2000; buried Crownsville (Md) Veterans Cemetery; Death March, POW; Sfc (Ret) Army, also Vietnam & Korean Wars veteran


Marcelino Mariano born Philippines POW


Pedro Mariano born Philippines POW


Pio Agustin Mariano born 4/24/1904 Philippines; died 6/24/2001; buried La Loma Quezon City Cemetery; Army Pvt


Vicente A. Mariano born Philippines POW


Victor Mariano Death March; Casualty


Jay Marking (also known as Jay Panlilio) # guerrilla

Alfredo Marquez Navy Casualty Steward’s Mate 1c from Bauan Batangas


Guillermo Marquez born 4/21/1904 Philippines; died 11/1943 Casualty Navy Officer’s cook; resident of Imus Cavite; SS# issued Hawaii


Alfonso Marte Navy Casualty Officer’s Cook from 114 Luna St. Malabon Rizal


Pastor Martelino born 8/8/1896 Kalibo Aklan; died 1/8/1945 Philippines; war Casualty; MIA; Col; 1st Filipino Supt of Philippine Military Academy (1936-1940); CampPastor Martelino Kalibo Aklan was named in his honor; U.S. Military Academy 1920 grad; Phil Scouts


Gervacio Martin


Philip Martin # 1st Reconn Bn of Cardona Rizal Philippines


Cirilo Martinez Navy Cook 2c POW from 5 M. Quezon St. Makati Rizal


Jim Martinez Filipino Regt


Manuel Martinez Cpt CO 76th Ord Ammo Co (PS)


Natalio Martinez Navy Casualty Electrician’s Mate fro 33 P. Burgos St. Caridad Cavite


Domingo Marzan born 11/2/1900 died 5/6/1942 WW11 Casualty Navy Steward’s Mate 3c; Ck3 from Infanta Pangasinan


Catalino Masa died 5/24/1943 Casualty Merchant Marine F/W ship-Stanvac Manila


Gregorio Masancay MIA Casualty 4/1/1942 Army Pfc


 Manuel Masangcay MIA Casualty 7/1/1942 Army Sgt


Severo Masangcay MIA Casualty 2/18/1942 Army SSgt


Agapito Masangkay died 2/1942; Casualty Merchant Marine; Steward ship-Don Isidro


Conrado B. Masbate MIA Casualty 7/20/1942 Army Pfc


Cipriano B. Masiclat, Sr. born 10/1/1899 Angeles Pampanga; died 12/4/1977 San Francisco Ca. Regt SgtMaj 26th Cavalry (PS); Awards: Silver & Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, Meritorious Service Medal


Ernesto Mata # Cpt


Jesus Manalisay Mata died 12/7/1941 Pearl Harbor Casualty MATT1c USS West Virginia


Francisco Matalang MIA Casualty 4/7/1942 Army Pvt


Alexandro (Alejandro) Matinog born 4/16/1893 Iloilo Philippines Source: & Morning Post Camden N.J. 2/28/1942 Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. operated ships WW11 Alexandro Matinog, a messman w/ residence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania died in W.D. Anderson, a tanker captained by Albert B. Walters sailing from Texas to Philidelphia that was attacked by a German Submarine U-504, 12 miles NE of Jupiter Inlet Florida; 35 crew, including  the captain, perished w/ one survivor; Other Sources: listed WW1 Draft Kings NY District #24; also


Pablo Matudan MIA Casualty 5/7/1942 Army Pvt


Felipe Matunog MIA Casualty 1/12/1942 Army Pvt


Catalino Maturan MIA Casualty 7/1/1942 Army Pvt


Proceso Maturan MIA Casualty 4/30/1942 Army Pfc


Job Mayo Lt


Agapito Mazon Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from Boac Marinduque

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Simeon Medalla Col


Antonino Medenilla Navy Casualty Steward 1c from Laoag Ilocos Norte


Juan Medina Alamo Scouts


Severo Medina born Philippines; Army 1stSgt 3rd MP Bn; POW; Award: Distinguished Service Cross


Nicolas Mendoza 26th Cavalry (PS) Troop A 1st Sgt


Sergio Mendoza Army Doctor; 1941-1946; naturalization application Source 464 U.S. 154 (1984) 462 U.S. 154


Antonio Malvar Meer member Quezon’s guerrilla force; post-war organizer of Handog sa Sundalo (Gift to the Soldier) Foundation


Andres Megano Lt. Col Bataan guerrilla


Bonifacio Mencias # M.D. Dean UST College of Medicine executed by the Japanese, father of Rosario M. Querol


Don Mendiola * Filipino Inf Regt


Anastacio Mendoza Navy Casualty Machinist’s Mate 2c from San Carlos Pangasinan


Bienvenido Mendoza born 1927 Philippines


Gregorio Mendoza * enlistment


Henry H. Mendoza Army Pfc; 7th Inf Div; Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 10/24/1944)


Joe Mendoza


Rey Mendoza


Samuel S. Mendoza Army Pfc Co K 383d Inf Regt 96th Inf Div; Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 10/25/1944 @ Leyte)


Lorenzo Mallari Meneses born 1/1/1882 Macabebe Pampanga; died 3/22/1966 Alameda California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Navy SDC (also WW1 veteran Army Sgt Co M 1st Hawaiian Inf; 1/8/1916-2/4/1919; resident of Honolulu Hawaii during WW1 military service; was a sakada in Hawaii)


Jesus Menez Merchant Marine Utility; POW captured by Germans ship Carlton 7/5/1942 released; from Benga Capiz Philippines


Benjamin Menor * Filipino Inf Regt; post-war: Hawaii State Supreme Court Justice


Dominador Meral * Filipino Inf Regt


Angelino Mercado *


Godofredo Mercado Navy Casualty Steward’s Mate 1c from Lubao Pampanga


Julian Mercado Pampanga guerrillas


Pedro Merritt Cpt


Pablo Mesina 45th Inf (PS)


Frank Messina Army Band (PS); post war: played w/ orchestras

Floredelino Miguel * Filipino Inf Regt


Santiago V. Miguel ** born 12/25/1910 Philippines; died 2/1/2002 @ Alderson Conv. Hosp Woodland; buried Monument Hill Memorial Park Woodland Ca; military service:1942-1946 Awards: European African Middle Eastern Theatre Campaign Medal, American Campaign Medal, WW11 Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal


Stanley Serquina Miguel born 7/11/1911 Philippines; died 10/15/1999 Philippines; buried San Nicolas Municipal Cemetery Pangasinan; Merchant Mariner; Utility man; also in the Longtime or Retired Railroad worker List


William Milam Filipino Regt


Gaudencio Minon born 8/30/1905 Philippines died 12/21/1983 buried Calverton Nat Cemetery NY 2nd Filipino Regt; Sgt.


Jose Mira * Filipino Inf Regt


Gerardo Mirabuena # Bataan Defense; Death March


Joseph Mirafuentes * Filipino Inf Regt


Blas E. Miranda Brig Gen; Leyte guerrilla leader; prewar: PC


Arcadio Mision Navy Casualty Seaman 1c


Mamarto Molina Mess Attendant 1c from 2431 Tindalo St. Tondo Manila


Pedro Q. Molina Silver Star, nephew of Pres. ML Quezon


Dennis Molintas Maj. Baguio guerrillas


Arturo Mollasgo Army Pvt Co H 45th Inf Regt PS; KIA Award: Distinguished Service Cross (posthumous; for 2/12/1942)


Joseph Moncada died 6/12/1943 Casualty; ship R-12 SS-89 @ Key West; job-MM1


Antonio K. Mondigo pilot 3Lt PAAC 6th Pursuit Squadron


Venancio M. Mones # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Villasis Pangasinan Philippines


Magno Dacillio Montemayor died 5/13/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine Wiper ship- Virginia; from Sara Barila Cebu Philippines


Amador Montero born 1917 Philippines


Wenceslao Montero Navy Casualty Cook 3c from Guinabatan Albay


Mariano Montoya * born 3/1/1901 Philippines; died 6/1942 POW; Casualty Navy Steward’s Mate 1c; resident of 19 B Reyes St Silang Cavite; SS# issued Hawaii


Apolonio Morales from Bulacan


Milton Moralino * Filipino Inf Regt


Apoloniano Moran died 2/6/1942 Casualty; Merchant Marine Oiler, ship-Major Wheeler; from Manila Philippines


Alvin Moratin * Filipino Inf Regt


Filemon Mordeno


Alexander Moreno died 7/11/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine Oiler ship-Stanvac Palembang/Robert E. Lee; from Los Banos Philippines


Basilio Moreto, Jr, was around 12 yrs old when the war began, but he became guerrilla courier under Col. Charles Fulsom US Army


Post war: PMA 1954 grad; Ret Colonel AFP; Master's degree in Industrial Management  UP Graduate School; management position @ Varian Silicon Valley; founder of CPW prayer group


Benigno F. Mosquera # Cpl 1st Reconn Bn of Concepcion Romblon Philippines


Lucilo A. Mosquera ** born 1917 Philippines; enlistment 7/14/1942 California


Baltazar Movilla born 6/15/1904; died 3/1942 Casualty; Navy Cook 3c; resident of San Felipe Zambales; SS# issued Hawaii


Rosendo Musca 57th Inf (PS); from Tanuan Leyte


Pablo Paez Muyco # Col USAFFE Inf P.A.C.O. Palawan Special Bn



             ADAMS AND LIBERTY      

                                    By:  Robert Treat Paine

(sung to the tune of To Anacreon in Heaven. like The Star-Spangled Banner)

    YE sons of Columbia, who bravely have fought,
        For those rights, which unstained from your Sires had descended,
    May you long taste the blessings your valour has brought,
        And your sons reap the soil which their fathers defended.
                        'Mid the regin of mild Peace,
                        May your nation increase,
    With the glory of Rome, and the wisdom of Greece;
        And ne'er shall the sons of Colmbia be slaves,
        While the earth bears a plant, or the sea rolls its waves.

    In a clime, whose rich vales feed the marts of the world,
        Whose shores are unshaken by Europe's commotion,
    The trident of Commerce should never be hurled,
        To incense the legitimate powers of the ocean.
                        But should pirates invade,
                        Though in thunder arrayed,
    Let your cannon declare the free charter of trade.
                        For ne'er shall the sons, &c.

    The fame of our arms, of our laws the mild sway,
        Had justly ennobled our nation in story,
    'Till the dark clouds of faction obscured our young day,
        And enveloped the sun of American glory.
                        But let traitors be told,
                        Who their country have sold,
    And bartered their God for his image in gold,
                        That ne'er will the sons, &c.

    While France her huge limbs bathes recumbent in blood,
        And Society's base threats with wide dissolution;
    May Peace like the dove, who returned from the flood,
        Find an ark of abode in our mild constitution
                        But though Peace is our aim,
                        Yet the boon we disclaim,
    If bought by our Sov'reignty, Justice or Fame.
                        For ne'er shall the sons, &c.

    'Tis the fire of the flint, each American warms;
        Let Rome's haughty victors beware of collision,
    Let them bring all the vassals of Europe in arms,
        We're a world by ourselves, and disdain a division.
                        While with patriot pride,
                        To our laws we're allied,
    No foe can subdue us, no faction divide.
                        For ne'er shall the sons, &c.

    Our mountains are crowned with imperial oak;
        Whose roots, like our liberties, ages have nourished;
    But lone e'er our nation submits to the yoke,
        Not a tree shall be left on the field where it flourished.
                        Should invasion impend,
                        Every grove would descend,
    From the hill-tops, they shaded, our shores to defend.
                        For ne'er shall the sons, &c.

    Let our patriots destroy Anarch's pestilent worm;
        Lest our Liberty's growth should be checked by corrosion;
    Then let clouds thicken round us; we heed not the storm;
        Our realm fears no shock, but the earth's own explosion.
                        Foes assail us in vain,
                        Though their fleets bridge the main,
    For our altars and laws with our lives we'll maintain.
                        For ne'er shall the sons, &c.

    Should the Tempest of War overshadow our land,
        Its bolts could ne'er rend Freedom's temple asunder;
    For, unmoved, at its portal, would Washington stand,
        And repulse, with his Breast, the assaults of the thunder!
                        His sword, from the sleep
                        Of its scabbard would leap,
    And conduct, with its point, ev'ry flash to the deep!
                        For ne'er shall the sons, &c.

    Let Fame to the world sound America's voice;
        No intrigues can her sons from their government sever;
    Her pride is her Adams; Her laws are his choice,
        And shall flourish, till Liberty slumbers for ever.
                        Then unite heart and hand,
                        Like Leonidas' band,
    And swear to the God of the ocean and land;
        That ne'er shall the sons of Columbia be slaves,
        While the earth bears a plant, or the sea rolls its waves.




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