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Soldier’s Home State/Country of (military) Record or State/Country of Residence:

California **

Hawaii *  

Oregon ***


Philippines #


AUS- Army of the United States

BNR-Body Not Recovered

BR-Body Recovered

DOW- Died of Wounds

DSC-Distinguished Service Cross (54 recipients)

KIA-Killed in Action

MIA-Missing in Action

POW-Prisoner of War

PA Philippine Army, part of the United States.Armed Forces

PS-Philippine Scout, part of the United States Armed Forces

SWA-Seriously wounded in action by missile

USAFFE United States Armed Forces of the Far East; organized 12/1941 commanded by Gen Douglas MacArthur beginning 7/26/1941

WAS- Women’s Auxiliary Service



Units established in the United States -1st Filipino Inf Bn, 1st Filipino Inf Regt (“Laging Una”), 2nd Filipino Inf Bn, 2nd Filipino Inf Regt, 5217 Recon Bn, 5218th Recon Co and 978th Signal Service Co

Ist Recon Bn (“Come What May”)




Teodoro Saavedra guerilla from Cebu; captured & killed by Japanese forces; pre-war: martial artist of eskrima or arnis (stick-fighting); Doce Pares


Henry D. Sabado # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Luna La Union Philippines


John Sabate * Filipino Inf Regt


Gregorio Sabater Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from Imus Cavite


Elino Sabihon died 4/11/1942 MIA Casualty; Army Med Corp (PS) Sgt


Stanley Maghanoy Sabihon * born 3/10/1918 Siquijor; died 9/14/1981 San Diego California; immigrated to Hawaii as a child; Cpt commander of B-17, a 9 men crew in the European combat missions; Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross (2); Battle Stars (2); Presidential Unit Citations (2); air medal w/ 4 Oak Leaf Clusters; post-war founded Rainbow Lines/Sabihon Aviation Ltd (in operation for 3 yrs); Army Air Force Reserve Officer; biography: “Hope of Survival” by G. Pz Petilos; also a Korean War veteran


Sacadraca* Filipino Inf Regt


Francisco Sacapanio * Filipino Inf Regt


Flaviano Sacundo died 2/12/1944 MIA Navy Casualty Cook 2c resident of Block 7 Grace Park Caloocan Rizal Philippines


Washington Sagun born 1915 Philippines; died 5/16/1942 Capas Tarlac; Defense of Bataan; Casualty, POW; 31st Engr Unit Co; on 1/1/1942 he dynamited Calimpit bridge after the last USAFFE unit from the south had crossed it Source: Diary of Commodore Ramon Alcaraz


Fernando Saldevan Sr.


Apolonio Salinas * Filipino Inf Regt


Gervasio Sallador born Philippines; died 5/24/1943 Merchant Marine Casualty Chief Cook ship-Stanvac Manila


Vincent Saloricman * Filipino Inf Regt


Simon Salud Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward from Rosales Pangasinan


Apolinar G. Salvador SSgt 1st Reconn Bn


Herminio Salvador born 1925 Philippines


Bernardo Samante * Filipino Inf Regt


Abert Sambueno * born 9/23/1924 Ewa Hawaii; died 5/4/2006 Ewa; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetry; Army Pfc; postwar: retired form Hawaii Housing Authority Maintenance Dept.


Nicolas Samillano WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine


Dominador Samson Navy Casualty Cook 3c from Angat Bulacan

Li San # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Ramon Dela Cruz San Agustin born Manila Philippines; died 3/13/1944 Merchant Marine Casualty; messman ship-H.D. Collier


Catalino Sanares Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward’s 1c from Tinabunan Imus Cavite


Ruperto Sanares Navy Casualty Cook 2c from Tinabunan Imus Cavite


Max J. Sanchez ** moved to Reedley Ca in 1920


Alberto Sandoval, M.D # 1st Lt Palawan Special Bn USAFFE


Clemente Joseph “Joe” San Felipe ** born SF Ca 1st Filipino Regiment 1944; was a merchant marine for 2 yrs prior to Fil Regt; post war: Retired Colonel, USAR. Attorney (Ret); formerly Supervising Counsel, Enforcement Division of the Calif. Dept. of Corporations; 1st American-born Filipino lawyer in California (1/1/1963)


Charles Sanico * Filipino Inf Regt


Ireneo Sanico * Filipino Inf Regt


Lucio Sanico * Filipino Inf Regt


Frisco San Juan Col.


Numeriano San Luis Navy Casualty Steward 1c from Los Banos Laguna


Sotero San Pedro born Philippines; died 1942; POW Navy Officer’s Cook 3c; address Station Rd Naic Cavite


Isayas Santa Ana * Filipino Inf Regt


Juan Santiago # Maj.guerrilla


Ulpiano J. Santo born 4/3/1909 Leyte,Philippines; died 10/27/2006; buried Albert G. Horton, Jr Mem Vet. Cemetery (Suffolk Va), also a Korean War veteran; table tennis champion; won 11 U.S. National titles; also won in the U.S. Senior Olympics and in the World Senior Championships.


Ceferino D. Santorio # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Dingle Iloilo Philippines


Elias Santorio born Iloilo Philippines; died 10/19/1942 Merchant Marine Casualty Messman ship- Steel Navigator


Alejo Santos # born 7/11/1911 Bustos Bulacan; died 2/18/1984; buried Libingan Ng Mga Bayani; Cpt USAFEE; escaped from Bataan; one of the founders of the Bulacan guerrilla group; promoted to Brig Gen; post-war: Bulacan Military Gov; elected House of Rep 1946, unseated; elected again 1949; elected Bulacan Gov 1951-57; Secretary of National Defense; Bulacan PC Camp named after him


Alfredo Manapat Santos # born 7/13/1905 Santa Cruz Manila; buried Libingan ng mga Bayani Taguig, MM Philippines; Bataan; Death March, POW; post war: Gen Chief of Staff AFP 1962-1965; 1st 4-Star General; Awards: (U.S.) Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Honor (Degree of Officer); (Philippine Government) Distinguished Conduct Star, Gold Cross, Philippine Legion of Honor (Degree of Commander)


Fortunato Santos MSgt. 1st Reconn Bn


George Santos ** 2nd Filipino Regt Infantry born Banna Ilocos Norte


Jose Abad Santos # born 2/19/1886 San Fernando Pampanga executed by the Japanese Forces 5/2/1942 in Lanao Del Sur after refusing to swear allegiance to the Japanese flag prewar: 5th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines; government pensionado to U.S.1904


Joseph Santos * Filipino Inf Regt


Paulino T. Santos # Maj Gen prewar: retired Commander in Chief Philippine Army (Commonwealth); taken hostage by Japanese Forces; died in captivity 1945 Ifugao Philippines


Sammy Santos # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Laoag Ilocos Norte


Vincente Santos * Filipino Inf Regt


Pedro Sapno Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 2c from 53 Sacramento St. Binakayan Kawit Cavite


Macario Saprid * born 4/8/1899 Philippines; died 3/1942; Navy Casualty; Steward 3c of Imus, Cavite


Jacinto Saquing Sgt Hq Co 45th Inf PS


Cresencio F. “Chris” Sarmiento born 6/14/1927; died 8/12/2007


Roberto Sarmiento born Philippines; SSgt


Jose Saromines * Filipino Inf Regt


Timoteo Satot * Filipino Inf Regt

Ag Se # Sgt “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Faustino Sebastian Lt Silver Star

Epifanio Segovia Lt.

Fidel Ventura Segundo # Brig Gen PA & USA born 4/24/1894 Laoag Ilocos Norte Phil; POW Capas; executed 1/6/1945 Manila Philippines; West Point 1917


Joseph Sequito * Filipino Inf Regt


Saturnino Serafino Navy Casualty Ship’s Cook 1c from Barrio San Francisco Caridad Cavite


Sotero Serenio born Cebu Philippines; died 3/13/1944 Merchant Marine Casualty; messman ship- H.D. Collier


Pete Serrano Filipino Regt


Gregorio Sese  Cpt 2nd Inf Regt Company commander; Wash D.C. lawyer before war & was assigned to review death sentences of Japanese accused of war crimes @ the end of the war.


Raymundo Seva # born 1921 Philippines Death March U.S. Army 1st Inf Div. Civilian life: became judge in the Philippines; moved to U.S. 1993; a Sacramento California resident


Cresencio Sevilla * Filipino Inf Regt


Sheng # Col. Manila guerrilla


Gualberto Sia # Zambales guerrilla


Leoncio Siapno * Filipino Inf Regt


Thomas Siason Alamo Scouts


Joshua Sibonga * Filipino Inf Regt

Nga Sieng # Maj. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Bonifacio S. Sillesa * casualty died 2/1945; also WW1 veteran Hawaiian Inf Sgt (S.C. Disability)


Vivencio “Benny” Silverio ** 1st Filipino Inf Regt Co F, 1st Signal Corps; dropped behind enemy lines; Civilian life: employed @ Beverly Hills Hotel LA Ca; post-war: worked & retired from Cole Garment Co. of California


Rufino Simbre * Filipino Inf Regt


Marcos Simpao Lt

Tan Kim Sing # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Li Siong # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Felix Skievaski Navy Casualty Chief Radioman from Caridad Cavite


Florence Smith (bio under Florence Ebersole)


Momong Soler Casualty


Ed Soliman Lt.


Marcos G. Soliman # Maj guerrilla leader


Santiago Solis Officer’s Steward 2c from Rosario Cavite


Benito Soliven born 1898; Bataan Death March; POW Capas Tarlac; died 1/10/1943; from after effects; Maj. pre-war: elected to the Philippine National Assembly; Benito Soliven town in Isabela was named in his honor; father of Maximo Soliven, the journalist


Maximo “Max” Villaflor Soliven born 9/4/1929 PGH Manila Philippines; died 11/24/2006 Narita Red Cross Hospital Tokyo Japan cardiac arrest; cremated; buried Libingan ng Mga Bayani Ft Bonifacio Philippines; guerilla Awards: posthumous Order of the Lakandula (Phil);1991 National Order of Merit Chevalier; 2006 Officer of the French Legion of Honor (Legion d’Honneur); 3/2000 Incomienda de la Orden Isabel a Catolica from Spain; the OZANAM Award from Ateneo; Journalist of the year from National Press Club; post war: journalist during Vietnam War; jailed by Phil Pres Marcos during martial law for 3 months; co-founder of Philippine Star (1986); co-founder Phil Inquirer; Harvard educated; husband of Unesco Ambassador Preciosa Soliven


Ilfedio Solmirin * born 4/25/1925; died 4/22/1991; buried National Memorial Cemetery; Army Sfc

Lim Song # Cpt, “Ampaw” guerrilla unit of Col Chua Sy Tiao Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

R.F. Songco # 1st Lt; arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943; evaded enemy, later killed in 12/1944 Panay Philippines


Dionicio Soniega * Filipino Inf Regt


Alex V. Soriano born 7/5/1906; died 10/6/1999; buried Calverton Nat Cemetery; Navy CK3


Andres Soriano Lt Col


Fred David Soriano # born 5/15/1921 Ilocos Sur, Philippines; died 8/15/1989; buried: SF Ca; Death March, POW Cpl, 57th Inf Regt PS, also serve in Korean War; retired a Major; his brother died in Death March; father of Lt. Gen. Edward Soriano, a three-star general & the highest-ranking Filipino-American in the U.S. Armed Forces


Mermogenes M. Soriano # born 5/28/1902 Philippines; died 11/19/1996 Philippines; buried Villasis Roman Cath Cemetery Alominos, Pangasinan; Pvt Army


Onofre Sayson Soriano # born 7/8/1927; died 11/22/2000; buried San Carlos Cemetery

Pangasinan Philippines, Navy; also Korean War Veteran (Army)


Ray Sorona Soriano born Philippines; WW11 casualty; Navy; next of kin- Frederico Soriano


Celestino Tandoc Soriano born 4/6/1895; died 11/9/1960; buried Bay Fines National Cemetery Florida; Navy CK1


Federico Lopez Soriano Sr born 7/14/1917 died 2/24/1997; buried Lingayen Municipal Cemetery Philippines, Navy SM3


Florencio Soriano * born 11/7/1905 Philippines; died 4/1942 WW11 Casualty SS# issued Hawaii


 Antonio Suarez # PA, also guerrilla activities in the Tawi Tawi Is.


Tranquilino Sudaria Distinguished Service Cross


Eustaquio Abella Suguitan ** born 09/03/1902; died 08/20/1966; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery Army; Pvt


Gavino Manibog Suguitan ** born 2/19/1915; died 2/6/1979; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Tec 5


Isaac E. Suguitan * born 5/31/1911; died 4/21/2007; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Pfc Army


John F. Suguitan born 6/26/1907; died 7/23/1996; buried Florida National Cemetery; Army Tec 5


Theodore H. Suguitan born 11/9/1910; died 1/25/1975; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Pfc


Victor L. Sunga # born 8/13/1901; died 5/11/2002; buried Saint Michael Memorial Park Masantol Pampanga, Philippines; Army Pvt


Stanley S. Sunico born 1/28/1914 Philippuines; died 6/22/1999 Kaiser Hospital; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc; retired Hickam Air Force Base


Felipe C. Supnet born 5/24/1920; died 4/12/2000; buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Hayward Ca; Pfc Army


Felipe Collo Supnet born 11/11/1914; died 6/6/2003; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Sgt


Guillermo Supnet born 7/1/1896; died 8/18/1991; buried Calverton (NY) National Cemetery; Navy SDC, survivor of USS West Virginia (Pearl Harbor 12/7/1941) w/ rank of O.C.3c;  also WW1 veteran


Mariano C. Supnet born 5/10/1909; died 7/22/1985; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc


Resty Supnet born 5/17/1927; died 11/1/2004; buried El Camino Memorial Park & Mortuary San Diego California


Alejandro M. Suyat born 2/11/1911; died 3/29/1984; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec4


Alfonso M. Suyat born 8/1/1906; died 11/10/1999; buried San Nicolas (Pangasinan) Municipal Cemetery; Navy F1


Chua Sy # Ltc   “Ampaw” guerrilla unit of Col Chua Sy Tiao


Lt. Henry G. Lee
Philippine Division, US Armed Forces

Prayer Before Battle (To Mars)

Before thine ancient altar, God of War,
Forlorn, afraid, alone, I kneel to pray.
The gentle shepherd whom I would adore,
Faced by thy blazing plaything, slips away.
And I am drained of faith — alone — alone.
Who now needs faith to face thy outthrust sword,
Bereft of hope, turned to pagan to the bone.
I kneel to thee and hail thee as my Lord.
From such a God as thee, I ask not life,
My life is forfeited, the hour is late.
Thou need not swerve the bullet, dull the knife.
I ask but strength to ride the wave of fate.
And one thing more — to validate this strife,
And my own sacrifice — teach me to hate.

                     Lt. Henry G. Lee, 12/8/1941

     (Philippine Division, US Armed Forces)

                                         King Henry V

                                               William Shakespeare

This day is called the Feast of Crispian:
He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
Will stand a-tiptoe when the day is named,
And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
He that shall see this day and live t'old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say "To-morrow is Saint Crispian":
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars
And say "These wounds I had on Crispin's day."
Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember with advantages
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words
Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter,
Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester,
Be in their flowing cups freshly remembered.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now abed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day. (IV, iii)



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