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Soldier’s Home State/Country of (military) Record or State/Country of Residence:

California **

Hawaii *  

Oregon ***


Philippines #


AUS- Army of the United States

BNR-Body Not Recovered

BR-Body Recovered

DOW- Died of Wounds

DSC-Distinguished Service Cross (54 recipients)

KIA-Killed in Action

MIA-Missing in Action

POW-Prisoner of War

PA Philippine Army, part of the United States.Armed Forces

PS-Philippine Scout, part of the United States Armed Forces

SWA-Seriously wounded in action by missile

USAFFE United States Armed Forces of the Far East; organized 12/1941 commanded by Gen Douglas MacArthur beginning 7/26/1941

WAS- Women’s Auxiliary Service



Units established in the United States -1st Filipino Inf Bn, 1st Filipino Inf Regt (“Laging Una”), 2nd Filipino Inf Bn, 2nd Filipino Inf Regt, 5217 Recon Bn, 5218th Recon Co and 978th Signal Service Co

Ist Recon Bn (“Come What May”)




Alfred F. Baang * born 1921 Hawaii; enlistment 7/15/1944

Baban from the Ibaloi tribe

Leon Babaniag * born 1924 Philippines

Simplicio Babao Jr. 92nd Coast Artillery Reg. (PS) Battery D

Theo F. Babar Army

Servillano V. Bacal born 4/20/1917; died 1/19/1999; buried Roman Catholic Cemetery Calaca Batangas Philippines Army (PS)

Alberto S. "Bert" Bacani born 1/24/1911 Isabela Army; POW

Cornello Bacani KIA Navy Steward’s Mate 1c; from Bacoor Cavite

Estanislao Bacat * Alamo Scouts (Rafael Ileto Team)

Baccani Sgt Troop B 26th Cavalry PS

Germiniano Baccay Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Eutiquio V. "Vic" Bacho, served in Europe

Uldarico Baclagon Lt

Graciano Baclig born 12/18/1907 Philippines; died 10/7/1971 buried Culpeper Va. Nat. Cemetery Army T/5

Faustino "Peping" Baclig born 1922 Philippines; Death March; guerrilla; postwar: resident of Whittier California

Benny G. Bacnat born 1912; died 2/21/2005 2nd Filipino Inf Regt @ Camp Cook California

Ted Bacon * born 1924 Philippines; enlistment 4/12/1945; Filipino Inf Regt

William L. Bacoro * born 1926 Hawaii; enlistment 6/15/1945; 1st Filipino Inf Regt

Andres Bacos * born 11/30/1922 Hawaii; died 12/29/1982 Kihei Maui Hawaii; buried Maui Vterans Cem; enlistment 4/13/1945; Filipino Inf Regt Tec5

Jose Bacos died 1942 Casualty Ft McKinley Philippines

Benjamin R. Bacosa Army

Jesus B. Bactad Army

Ernest Badayos born 2/20/1920; died 3/3/1995; buried National Mem cemetery of the Pacific; ST3 Coast Guard

Manuel A. Badayos * born 1927 Hawaii; enlistment 6/15/1945; Filipino Inf Regt

Gerardo B. Badiola Army Air Forces

Lorenzo Badiola WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine

Felotio Badua * born 1912 Philippines; enlistment 12/15/1945 Filipino Inf Regt

Pedro A. Badua born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 3/12/1945; Filipino Inf Regt

Daniel Baduria, Sr MIA; died 6/23/1943 Fort McKinley Philippines; SSgt Band 25th Div; Award: Purple Heart

Victor Baffo ** POW Navy chief watertender from 265 Kasarinlan St Santa Ana Manila

Felix Bagacina Army

Alfredo T. Bagaindoc Army

Amado Bagalay Cpl PC, later guerrilla

Ramon D. Bagatsing # Battle of Bataan, Cpl later Mayor

Dominador Ancheta Baggao Army

Aniceto I. Bagley CWO4 76th Ordnance Ammunition Co (PS) "New Scout"

Moises "Ben" Bagnas Navy

Flabio S. Bagor born 1925 Hawaii; enlistment 6/15/1945 Filipino Inf Regt

Leonard E. Bague born 1/2/1925; died 1/6/2000; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery; Navy MOMM2

Demetrio B. Baguio * 1/11/1945 Casualty; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Army SSgt 411th Inf 103rd Div Award: Purple Heart; Bronze StarSoldier’s Medal

Domingo Baguio * born 11/21/1926; died 11/17/1997; buried Hawaii Veteran’s Cemetry; Army Cpl

Pete Bagulu * Filipino Inf Regt

Sotero Bailado * born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 11/9/1944 Filipino Inf Regt

Santiago Bailado born 7/25/1926; died 3/29/1991; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; SSgt Army

Nadjula Bairulla # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn

Sabtal Bairulla # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn

Gregorio Bakiano * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 11/9/1944

Sotero Bailado * Filipino Inf Regt

Herman Baladay * Filipino Inf Regt

Manuel B. Balagtas Army

Bacillio A. Balalong born 6/14/1924 Makaweli; died 6/8/2005; buried Hawaii State Veterans CemeteryArmy Sp2, also Korean War veteran; post-war: retired truck driver for Hicks Homes

Frederico Balambao * Alamo Scouts (Rafael Ileto Team)

Leoncio "Leo Balan born 2/15/1899 Mabini Pangasinan; died 4/10/2003 @ 104 yrs old in Kapiolani Med Center Pali Moli Hawaii; buried Schofield Post Cemetery; predeceased by wife & children; also served WW1 discharged from the Army; joined & later retired USN; member Wahiawa Post American Legion; resident of Wahiawa Hawaii;

Lauriano A Balanag born 7/4/1904; died 1/9/1984; buried Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery; Navy CK1

Marcelo A. Balanag ** born 1909; died 4/29/1951 S. Korea DOW/SWA( Sfc Army Armored 5th Cav Regt 1st Cav Div Inf Regt Korean war casualty); also WW11 veteran

Clemente S. Balanay born 11/23/1906 Philippines; died 9/27/1987 Santa Barbara California; buried Riverside California National Cemetery

Herman L.Balanay born 10/23/1913 Philippines; died 7/2/1998; buried Olivet (Daly City California) Memorial Park; Army Pfc; enlistment 3/12/1945; SS issued Hawaii

Jose V. Balanay born 1909 Philippines; enlistment 3/12/1945; Filipino Inf Regt

Vicente D. Balanay born 1918 Philippines; enlistment 7/14/1942

Fred F. Balancio * born 1911 Philippines; enlisted @ Los Angeles Ca 12/23/1943

Paul Angeles Balanga Cpt Army 45th Inf (PS)

Eusebio Balanon born California; Casualty

O. Balanon born Philippines POW 5/7/1942

Rosendo Balanon born 1901; enlisted 10/31/1942; resident of San Luis Obispo California

Tiburcio Balanon Casualty

Flaxiano Balantong Ssgt 57th Inf PS Hq Co accidentally shot by F.A. sentry; taken to San Fernando Pampanga & later was missing Source:

Edward P. Balasbas * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 8/17/1944

Joseph Balbirona * Filipino Inf Regt

Isidro P. Baldado Army

Alejandro Balderan # Kangleon’s guerrilla in Leyte

Juanito Balderas * Filipino Inf Regt

Eliseo C. Baldia 2nd Lt. Fin Sect; USAFFE 41st Inf Div

Andres Baldimas Cpl Army 42d Field Artillery (PS); KIA Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/9/1942)

Felix Baldisarro * Filipino Inf Regt

Mauricio Baldivicio Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS; was also in Troop B MIA 06/17/1944

(his son Arturo died 7/17/1939 was buried @ Ft Stotsenburg Philippines)

Regalado Baldonado; post-war: member Board of the Veterans Equity Center

Saturnino Foronda Baldonado born 11/29/1909 Philippines; died 10/20/1983 San Mateo California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery California; Navy Ck2

Valentin Baldonado Army Pvt Co K 57th Inf Regt (PS) Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/11/1942-1/12/1942)

Bias Baldonro Filipino Inf Regt

Abraham Agmata Bali * also known as Buddy born 7/23/1927 Kauai; died 11/21/1996 St. Francis Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Tec5; post-war: retired maintenance worker for Waikiki condominiums; also U.S. Army postal clerk

Alfredo J. "Frenchy" Baligad * born 1924 Hawaii; died 5/26/1996 Hilo Hospital; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; post-war Hilo Coast Processing retired utility truck driver; enlistment 11/11/1944; Filipino Inf Regt

Thomas Balios * Filipino Inf Regt

Floretino D. "Primo" Balisbisana born 10/23/1925 Eleele Kauai; died 11/21/2002; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Merchant Marine; post-war: Tripler Army Medical Center retired electrician

Gregorio Bordon Balite Navy Casualty 3/1/1942 ST3; from Mabini Pangasinan

Ali Benti Balladier 8/15/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine A.B. from Sulu Is Philippines

Gregorio B. Balleser Army

Adriano C. Ballesteros 1st Lt Ord Sect USAFFE 41st Inf Div; from Mangaldan Pangasinan

Francisco F. Ballesteros Navy

Norberto Ballesteros Sgt 3rd Bn 45th Inf PS

Mauricio Ballesteros Pfc Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Vicente Binay-Ug Ballitoc born 1/8/1909; died 4/20/2009

Jose Balmores * Filipino Inf Regt

Lorenzo R. Balmores Pfc Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Domingo Balod Army

Alipio Solomon Balolong born 8/15/1922; died 10/1/2003; buried Eternal Garden Cemetery Dagupan Pangasinan; Navy

Oseas Lipata Baloyot * born 12/1/1921 Makaweli Kauai; died 2/21/2007; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Sfc (Ret) Army; also Vietnam War veteran Pfc Army; post-war: retired heavy equipment operator

Cecilio A. Balugo Sgt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS, was also in Troop A (his son Cecilio died 8/7/1935 was buried @ Ft. Stotsenburg Philippines)

E. Baltazar Lt

Fernando Baltazar Army

Hermogenes Baltazar * born 1920 Philippines; enlistment 7/25/1942

Jesse Mallares Baltazar Air Force Major, Ret, Defense of Bataan, Death March (from Mariveles to Bagac); POW post-retirement: State Dept employee; from Manila Philippines

Paulino G. Baltazar Army

Alfonso Baluyot # born Philippines POW

Alfonso Dionoso Baluyot ** born 1/23/1921 Philippines; died 5/14/1923; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Sgt

Aquilino Baluyot # born Philippines POW

Bienvenido Ramirez Baluyot, Sr. born 1921; died 2003; buried Mountain View (Lakewood Wash) Memorial Park; Army; also Korean War Veteran

Eustaquio Baluyot # born Philippines POW

Eustaquio Baluyot ** born 9/24/1914; died 1/20/1999; buried Holy Cross (Colma Daly City Ca) Cemetery; Army

Enrique Baluyut Cpl Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Floyd E. Baluyot born 11/7/1922; died 10/18/2002; buried Orion Bataan Catholic Cemetery; Navy SD1, also Korean & Vietnam Wars Veteran

Luis Tria Baluyot ** born 6/21/1908 Philippines; died 4/13/1995 LA Ca; buried Riverside National Cemetery; Army Tec5

Ramon A. Baluyot Army

Rustico Baluyot # born Philippines POW

Wilson Docuyanan Baluyot born 1/9/1926; died 8/20/2001; buried Ft. Richardson (Alaska) National Cemetery; Navy MM3; also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran

Bienvenido Baluyut # born Philippines POW

Enrique Baluyut # born Philippines POW

Primitivo Bamba born San Fernando Pampanga; 1st Lt.

Anacleto Bambico * Filipino Inf Regt

Go Ban Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Se Ban Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Sy Ban Capt "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Manuel D. Banaga Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Jose Banal (also known as Jose Poblete) Maj.Pampanga Hukbalahap

Lino Banares Sgt. Co D 57th Inf Regt (PS) Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/14/1942-1/18/1942) arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943

Urbano Banez Pvt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Hua Bang Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Estanislao D. Bangi Navy

Emilio Bangiban born 2/28/1897 Philippines; died 5/6/1942 (12/1945) Casualty Navy Machinist’s Mate 3c; resident of Carles Iloilo; SS# issued Hawaii

Simplicio A. Banglos * born 1923 Hawaii; enlistment 10/13/1944 Filipino Inf Regt

Mariano Bangui * born 11/13/1895 "Amalong"; died 5/14/1974 San Francisco Ca; buried Willamette National Cemetery; SDC Navy; also WW1 veteran (Pvt Co F 1st Hawaiian Inf 7/15/1918-7/12/1919; resident of Waiakea Quarry Hilo Hawaii)

Arcangel Baniares # T/Sgt Army arr. Mindoro via the 1st submarine to surface in the Philippines-the USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943 (w/ Capt Ricardo Galang, 1st Lt. R.F. Songco; Sgts Vicente Pinuela, Alfredo Alberto; Ramon Vitorio & Benjamin Harder

Mariano Banis born 1922 Philippines; enlistment 7/15/1944

Antonio Banta 1st Lt. 41st Sig Co USAFFE 41st Inf Div; 531 5th St San Beda Subd Mla.

Vitoliono Bantiles (PS) "New Scout"

Dominador Baralea Col guerrilla & spy mission

Fernando Barberan

C. Barbero

Maximo Barbon Army

Aurelio Barcelis Sgt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Orlino Bareng * Filipino Inf Regt

Robert Bareng * born 4/9/1911 Laoag Ilocos Norte died 1/22/2007; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc; post-war retired security guard

Emiliano Pacana Baring Army

Raymond Baroman * Filipino Inf Regt

Emilio Barot * born 1913 Philippines; enlistment 6/21/1944

Jose Y. Barredo Army

Maximo Barrera died 12/3/1943; Casualty (survived sinking of Sculpin SS-191 sunk north of Groluk Is near Truk11/19/1943, but died when being transported from Truk to Japan via INJ Chuyo that was sunk by USS Sailfish 12/3/1943); Navy; Cook 1c; from Tinajero Bacolor Pampanga

Rouel Barrientos * born 1907 Hawaii; enlistment 8/26/1942

Russell Barrios Maj. Bicol guerrilla

Feliciano Barroga, Jr born 1925 Philippines

Haime Barroga * Filipino Inf Regt

Pablo Barros

Timoteo G. Barruga born 1/24/1900; died 8/23/2002; buried Glorious Ressurrection Memorial Park Tagum City Davao del Norte Philippines; (also a WW1 veteran Pvt Army)

Leon Bartolome * Filipino Inf Regt

Raymond Bartolome * Filipino Inf Regt

Henry H. Bartram * born 1920 Georgia; enlistment 9/29/1942 from Hawaii "Race: Filipino, citizen"

Rufino G. Bartulata, also guerilla 108th Inf 10th MP; Post war: retired 2nd Lt Philippine Army 1/31/1947 (enlisted 1/15/1924 PC) Source: G.R. No. L-23155 (9/9/1974)Cesar Fernando Basa # pilot born 1915 Philippines; died 12/12/1941 KIA Batangas 1st Filipino Casualty 3Lt. Philippine Army Air Corps Award: Silver Star (posthumous) Basa Airbase in Floridablanca, Pampanga named in his honor

Elias Guzman Basa born 1/1/1918 Philippines; also Korean War Casualty; died while MIA 12/2/1950 North Korea; buried San Francisco National Cemetery; 1LT-02 H Co 38 Inf Rgt 2 Inf Div

Isidro Basa Pfc Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Juan P. Basa 2nd Lt. Inf 41st Engr Bn 41st Div (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Fermin Basan born 1922 Philippines; enlistment 7/19/1943

Ramon Basan # born 1912 Philippines; enlistment 7/19/1943

Damaso K. Basco # born 1912 Philippines; Death March moved to Pittsburg California in 1950s; Sgt Troop E 26th Calvalry (PS) later Cpt

Felix C. Bascon died 6/22/1977 1st Lt. Hq Ser Co USAFFE 41st Inf Div 41st Medical Bn from Sta. Rosa Laguna

Gene Basibasi * born 1921 Hawaii; enlistment 9/9/1944

Jose B. Basilio Army

Jose P. Batas Army

Philip Torres Batis born 3/21/1927; died 11/14/1957; buried Golden Gate California National Cemetery; Navy Utilities Man 2

Erasto R. Batongmalaque born 7/26/1905 Philippines; died 3/9/1995 Riverside Ca; Cpt 21st Inf Div; from Bataan; wrote "My Road Back", an autobiography, father of Dr. Jenny Batongmalaque, pres of Filipino Veterans Foundation (FVF)

Marcelo Salva Batoon SSgt Army; born 1/16/1916 Philippines; died 1/14/1985 Los Angeles California; buried Riverside National Cemetery

Paulino G. "Paul" Batoon born 6/19/1912 Philippines; died 5/26/2000; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pvt; post-war electrician employed by the federal gov’t

Amado Bautista Col Corps of Engr. Commanding Officer 11th Eng Bn. (PS); Award: Distinguished Services Cross (for 12/21/1941 @ San Juan La Union; 12/23/1941 @ Klondykes & Camp One Pangasinan; 12/28/1941 @ Concepcion Tarlac; 1/3/1942-1/4/1942 @ Guagua & Lubao Pampanga & @ other times & places, then Cpt)

Antonio Bautista guerrilla; Casualty; executed

Arturo S. Bautista Army

Edward Bautista A Co 45th Inf (PS)

Funciano Bautista Pvt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Francisco A. Bautista born 1928; Col; Army; from Mabini Batangas

Mario Pociano Bautista, MD born 7/28/1917 Manila Philippines; died 1/28/1994 Army 37th Div 2/1945-11/1945; prewar: medical degree U.S.T. 1943; postwar: med license Hawaii 1958; president United Filipino council of Hawaii 1971

Juan S. Bautista Cpt 41st Sig Co 41st Div (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Justo Alcantara Bautista Coast Guard Troop Transport USS Wakefield Awards: American Area Campaign Medal, European- Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, WW11 Victory Medal, American Defense Medal; from Aringay Philippines

Tirso Bautista Pfc Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Victoriano Bautista Pfc Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Benjamin F. Bauzon Army

Aurelio Bayangos died 1942 Casualty Philippines

Pablo Bayangos born Philippines; KIA 1942; Awards: Distinguished Service Cross (posthumous), Purple Heart (2) Army Cpl Co L, 57th Inf Regt PS

Melchor V. Bayani Army

Alfred S. Baylon # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Camiling Tarlac Philippines

Modesto Bayna Navy

Peter Pedro G. Bayogo Army

Vicente Berenguer Bayona Army

Eleuterio T. Baysa * Casualty; Army Air Forces; Maui Hawaii resident & from Ilocos Norte

Pedro Fontanilla Baysa submarine crew Casualty USS Scamp (SS-277) 11/9/1944; Navy ST2; resident of Waialua Hawaii

Prudente Ferrer Baysic Navy


Ubaldo A. Beato Army

Vincent Bedoya * Filipino Inf Regt

Gregorio D. Bejasa 2nd Lt. 41st Engr Bn 41st Div (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Ruperto V. Belarmino Army

Angel D. Belcar Army

Juan Beleno SSgt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Antonio C. Bello 41st Inf 41st Div (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Cleto S. Bello # TSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Claveria Cagayan Philippines

Marcelino R. Bello born 7/10/1898 Philippines; died 1/9/1983 Honolulu Hawaii; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; US Navy Cook; Steward; listed 1920 Honolulu Hawaii Census; also WW1 veteran; Source:

Telesforo Teves Belloso Sr Army Esteban Beloncio guerrilla; Cpt from Calapan Mindoro prewar: public school principal

Esteban Beloncio guerrilla; Cpt from Calapan Mindoro prewar: public school principal

Stan B. Beloy Army

Leonides Beltran Sr army

Manuel J. Beltran Army

Santiago Beltrano Navy

Felipe T. Benabaye Army

Eutiquio Benabese Pfc Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Julian Benac Army

Braulio Y. Bendebel Army Air Forces

Gerardo P. Benedicto Army

George C. Benefiel Army

James Benjamin * Filipino Inf Regt

Johnny Benjamin * Filipino Inf Regt

Justiniano B. Benton 57th Inf (PS) A Co

Alfonso Beralas * Filipino Inf Regt

Marcelino Taclob Bergado "Berg" born 5/3/1904 Plaridel Philippines; died 1/10/1943; submarine Casualty USS Argonaut SS-166 sunk near Rabaul; MA1; Award: Purple Heart; resident of Pasadena, California

Juan Berganio Alamo Scouts

Jesus Bergante Navy Casualty 2/21/1945 ST2 from Janiuay Iloilo

G. Berino Army

Michael Bermudes * born 1910 Hawaii; enlistment 6/8/1942

Florentino E. Bermudo born 2/24/1906 Philippines; died 10/1944 MIA Pvt MG Troop 26th Cavalry

Batelino C. Bernades * born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 9/15/1944

Bernardo Bernal Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

Jose Bautista Bernardino Army

Harry Bernardino 3rd Lt 41st Inf 41st Div (Source: Special Order #176 dated 8/3/1941 from Commonwealth of the Philippines by command of Maj Gen Valdes calling reserve officers to active duty effective 8/28/1941, a copy given by Mariles, daughter of retired Guam SC Judge Ramon V. Diaz to M.E. Embry 3/2010)

Mabini Bernardo Navy Casualty 7/28/1942 S2c; from Barlan St Caridad Cavite

Mariano A. Berona Sfc 12th Medical (PS)

Justo Berzabal # born 9/14/1897 died 10/5/1971 buried East Union Cemetery San Joaquin Ca. Army Pvt

Eugene Beter * Filipino Inf Regt

Ernest Betita * Filipino Inf Regt

Justiniano B. Betorin 57th Inf Co A (PS); from Malabon

Pablo Bibilone * Filipino Inf Regt

Bernaldo Daniel Bicoy born 1923 Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii; a lawyer; member Hawaii House of Representatives in Territorial (1958-59) & State (1968-69); also Korean war veteran

Enimicio H. Bicoy born 12/19/1921; died 3/27/1978; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy S1

Tommy Bicoy born 4/5/1926 Ahukini Kauai; died 6/4/2004 St Francis West Hospice; buried Schofield Post Cemetery; also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran; retired Air Force SMSgt; civilian: retired from post office

Bruno Bidar * born 1908 Philippines * enlistment 1944; prewar: McBryde Plantation employee

Abdulwahid A. Bidin # born 4/7/1925 Sibutu, Tawi-tawi; veteran 1944-1946 post-war: SC Associate Justice (1987-1997)

Victor Bigno * Filipino Inf Regt

Richard Elicrio Bihag born 1/4/1926 Honolulu; died 9/10/2006 Pahoa Hawaii; buried East Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc; Filipino Inf Regt; post-war: Honolulu City & County employee

Juan C. Bilcera 1st Sgt Troop F 26th Cavalry PS


Lao Bio Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Domingo Bisente born 12/17/1896 Philippines; died 2/1942 WW11 Casualty; Navy watertender 2c; resident of 89 Dra Salamanea St San Roque Cavite; also WW1 veteran: 5/31/1918-7/14/1919 Army Pfc Co G 1st & 2nd Hawaiian Inf resident of Puunene Hawaii during WW1 enlistment

Kablayan Bismani * Filipino Inf Regt

Labjabeto Bitong * Filipino Inf Regt

Bernardo Ababao Bitoon born 9/12/1900 Philippines; died 5/5/1981; buried San Francisco National Cemetery; Navy Steward 1c, also Korean War veteran

Joseph Bitte * Filipino Inf Regt

Pacita Bobadilla (see Pacita Todtod)

Angel Bocareli Bobiles born 3/1/1919; died 6/22/1993; buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery; Army Tec5

Jose Bokuiron Navy Casualty 3/1/1942 STM1c Navy; from Iriga Camarines Sur

Jes Bolante * born 1910 Hawaii; enlistment 9/21/1942

Tomas Boleta

Bernardo L. Bolibol **born 7/8/1905 Philippines died 2/1972 SF Ca Army Pvt; enlistment 10/7/1942

Urbano Rivera Bolibol born 5/24/1914; died 3/1/1989; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec4

Philip Bolilan * Filipino Inf Regt

Benny Bolivar * Filipino Inf Regt

Fausto Bolo

Bonifacio "Johnny" Bolongan born 5/14/1921 Philippines; died 1/17/2007 Waianae; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Sgt; post-war: retired Schofield Barracks maintenance man

Domingo Orque "Sandy" Bolosan born 3/25/1928 Makaweli Kauai; died 12/24/2002 Waipahu; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Cpl Army, also Korean War veteran; post-war: Schofield Barracks Entomology Dept. retiree

Mauricio Orque Bolosan born 9/22/1926; died 4/14/2003; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Cpl; post-war: retired deputy chief Dept of Agriculture

Raymondo Bolosan enlistment

Simeon E. Bolosan # died 1941 MIA Philippines; Cpl Troop F 26th Cavalry PS

Reyno Boltiador * Filipino Inf Regt

Federico C. Bolusan

Tan Bon Sgt. "Ampaw" Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

William Bonachita * born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 10/12/1944; Filipino Inf Regt

Gomersindo Bondad

Alfredo Bondoc Pvt Troop E 26th Cavalry PS

P. B Bondoc Maj Gen Chief of Staff Fil American guerilla Central & Southern Luzon

Elias Bongabong born 1914 Philippines POW Davao; moved to U.S. 1996

Miguel N. Bongato

Francisco Bongcak WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine

Floyd E. Bongolan Army Air Forces

Fernando Bonifacio * born 1901 Philippines; enlistment 9/8/1940

Avelino Bonilla

Tomas Bonita

William Bonkishio * born 1925 Hawaii; enlistment 4/27/1944

Antonio Bonoan Army

Louis Bonoan * born 1920; enlistment 5/6/1944

Patricio Bontog * Filipino Inf Regt

Alfonso G. Borja Army

Vicente & Matea (Sadava) Borja CIVILIAN Casualties; parents of Sfc Domingo Borja (only child) who was himself a North Korean POW & KIA/MIA/NBR in Vietnam war & a DSC recipient Re:

Abenir Bornales Lt

Vicente C. Borneo Army

Exequiel Algas Botictic brother of Gavino and Simeon, Kangleon’s guerrilla in Leyte

Gavino Algas Botictic brother of Exequiel and Simeon, Kangleon’s guerrilla in Leyte

Simeon Algas Botictic brother of Gavino and Exequiel, Kangleon’s guerrilla in Leyte


Silvino Bracamonte born Philippines; POW

Manuel B. Braga

Tomas Braga

Peter Bragair

Nicasio B. Bravo

Ramon I. Brazil

Conrado Boes Brillantes born 6/11/1911 Philippines; died 4/25/1985 Los Angeles California; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery; Army Pvt

Mike Bello Brillantes born 4/3/1912 Philippines; died 7/15/2004 Philippines; buried Nabaccayan Cemetery Gattaran Cagayan Philippines Army Tec5

Pedro C. Brillantes

Bruno Brillo Pvt Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Bringas, Colonel source: papers of Dr. Techico

Lauriano Bringas born 1/3/1912; died 6/15/1982; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec4

Feliciano Brion Casualty 3/1/1942 S2c Navy; from 1351 Pedro Guevarra St Santa Cruz Manila

Maximo Briones Cpl Troop C 26th Cavalry PS

Larry Saavedra Brown Army

Manuel Biteng Buaken ** born 4/16/1903 Philippines died 5/1973 San Diego Ca 1st Filipino Inf Regt

Jose D. Buan enlistment

Martin L Buan POW; born 11/11/1917; died 5/14/1997; buried Pili Catholic Cemetery Camarines Sur; enlisted

Oliver C. Buan born 11/10/1921; died 12/6/2005; buried Long Bridge Lutheran Cemetery Little Sauk, Long Prairie Minnesota; Army Tec5

Josefino Buccat

Felix B. Budiao** born 3/8/1907 Philippines died 3/6/1998 Watsonville Ca Pfc Infantry; enlistment 5/17/1946 LA Ca

Luis F. Buenafe

Philip Buencamino

Dewy B. Bueno

Francisco T. Bueno

George B. Bueno * born 1904 Hawaii enlistment 8/5/1942

Guillermo R. Bueno * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 11/9/1944

Leonardo Bueno

Ellis Bugarin * born 1915 Philippines; enlistment 12/5/1945

Ely Manglicmot Bugarin Navy

Feliciano Todias Bugarin; died 12/7/1941 Pearl Harbor Casualty Navy OC2c; memorial USS Utah Pearl Harbor;

(Notes by M.E. Embry: Feliciano Bugarin Army serial # 3551470; born 4/6/1893 Santo Domingo Ilocos Philippines; Cpl Co B 2nd Hawaii Inf 4/8/1917-2/6/1919; resident of Pahoa Hawaii -same person or a namesake? )

Freddy E. Bugarin

Mariano Buison Army

Manuel "Manny" Bulahan born 1919 Philippines # 2ndLt.

Meliton Bulan Lt

Ananias Bulanon Army

Ben "Doc" Bulatao ** SSgt

Justin Bulawan Army

Faustino Bulawit * Filipino Inf Regt

Vincent Sagon Bulosan ** born 4/7/1901 Philippines died 1/22/1966 buried Golden Gate Nat Cemetery Pvt, 2nd

Filipino Inf Co F

Jesus T. Bulquerin Army

Agustin C. Bumanglag born 4/22/1913; died 9/1/2001; buried Bangui Ilocos Norte Public Cemetery; Sgt Army POW

Guillermo Bumanlag Casualty; died

Placido Bumanglag born 10/8/1900 Philippines; died 12/15/2000; buried Pasuquin Municipal Cemetery Ilocos Norte; Army POW

Santiago Bumanlag listed Navy Aircraft Muster Rolls

Susano Crisostomo Bumanglag born 7/28/1912 Philippines; died 8/20/1996 San Mateo California; buried golden Gate Cemetery; Army Sgt

Elpidio A. Bumanlag Army

Pedro Balanay Bumanglag born 9/16/1901 Philippines; died 3/22/1999; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; Tec 4 Army

Candido Bumatay born 10/7/1908 Philippines; died 3/3/1996 San Mateo California buried San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery Pfc

Fulgencio C. Buna Navy

Diego M. Bunag born Philippines POW

Jose P. Bunag POW

Marcelo Bunag POW

Romeo Bunag * born 4/17/1922; died 12/21/1987; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy SD2, also Korean & Vietnam Wars Veteran

Santiago D. "Sandy" Bunda born 1927 San Nicolas Ilocos Norte; drafted 1945; also a Korean Veteran 5th RCT went to Pusan 7/25/1950; father of Hawaii Legislature Sen. Pres. Robert "Bobby" Bunda; Korean Award: Silver Star MSgt Army

Enrique M. Bungag Army

Isabelo Bunuan born 6/21/1907; died 10/14/2001; buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery; Navy SDSC, also Korean War; military service 11/15/1926-1/1/1956

Zosimo Bunuan born 1919; enlistment 2/15/1941

Abelardo Buraga * born 5/26/1907 Philippines; died 9/1/1942 Casualty; POW Navy Officer’s Steward 3c; from Cabagan Isabela; SS# issued Hawaii

Alfred "Fred" X. Burgos Sgt

Federico J. Burgos Army

Jose A. Bustamante Army

Dominador D. Bustos died 1942 Ft. McKinley; Casualty

Felipe Bustos born Philippines POW

Gregorio Bustos POW; died Ft McKinley Philippines

Prudencio D. Bustos 1942 Ft. McKinley Casualty

Macario Butron # PA Sgt; guerrilla; from Leyte

Marcelino S. Buyco, Sr. Army

                  Bataan has fallen

"Bataan has fallen. The Philippine-American troops on this war-ravaged and blood-stained peninsula have laid down their arms. With heads bloody but unbowed, they have yielded to the superior force and numbers of the enemy.

The world will long remember the epic struggle that the Filipino and American soldiers put up in the jungle fastnesses and along the rugged coasts of Bataan. They have stood up uncomplaining under the constant and grueling fire of the enemy for more than three months. Besieged on land, and blockaded by sea, cut off from all sources of help in the Philippines and America, these intrepid fighters have done all that human endurance should bear.

For what sustained them through these months of incessant battle was a force more than physical. It was the force of an unconquerable faith—something in the heart and soul that physical adversity and hardship could not destroy. It was the thought of native land and all that it holds most dear, the thought of freedom and dignity and pride in those most priceless of all our human prerogatives.

Our men fought a brave and bitterly contested struggle. All the world will testify to the almost superhuman endurance with which they stood up until the last, in the face of overwhelming odds.

The decision had to come. Men fighting under the banner of an unshakable faith are made of something more than flesh, but they are not impervious to steel. The flesh must yield at last, endurance melts away, and the end of the battle must come.

BATAAN HAS FALLEN! But the spirit that made it stand—a beacon to all the liberty-loving people of the world—cannot fall!

All of us know the story of Easter Sunday. It was the triumph of light over darkness, life over death. It was the vindication of a seemingly unreasonable faith. It was the glorious resurrection of a leader, only three days before defeated and executed like a common felon.

Today, on the commemoration of that Resurrection, we can humbly and without presumption declare our faith and hope in our own resurrection, our own inevitable victory.

We, too, were betrayed by Judases. We were taken in the night by force of arms, and though we had done wrong to no man, our people were bound and delivered into the hands of our enemies. We have been with mock symbols of sovereignty, denied by weaklings, lashed with repeated oppression, tortured and starved. We have been given gall to drink, and we have shed our blood. To those who look upon us from afar it must seem the Filipino people have descended into hell, into the valley of death. But we know that the patient and watching men who said their simple prayers in the hills of Bataan, have not lost faith, and we know that the hushed congregations in the churches throughout the land, drew from the gospel as Mass renewed hope in their resurrection. To all of them we give today the message of the angel of Easter morning: “Be not afraid, for He is risen.”

We, too, shall rise. After we have paid the full price of our redemption, we shall return to show the scars of sacrifices that all may touch and believe. When the trumpets sound the hour we shall roll aside the stone before the tomb and the tyrant guards shall scatter in confusion. No wall of stone shall then be strong enough to contain us, no human force shall suffice to hold us in subjection, we shall rise in the name of freedom and the East shall be alight with the glory of our liberation.

(Written by Cpt. Salvador P. Lopez, read by 3rd Lt. Norman Reyes over “The Voice of Freedom,” from the Malinta Tunnel Corregidor, on April 9, 1942)



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