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Soldier’s Home State/Country of (military) Record or State/Country of Residence:

California **

Hawaii *  

Oregon ***


Philippines #


AUS- Army of the United States

BNR-Body Not Recovered

BR-Body Recovered

DOW- Died of Wounds

DSC-Distinguished Service Cross (54 recipients)

KIA-Killed in Action

MIA-Missing in Action

POW-Prisoner of War

PA Philippine Army, part of the United States.Armed Forces

PS-Philippine Scout, part of the United States Armed Forces

SWA-Seriously wounded in action by missile

USAFFE United States Armed Forces of the Far East; organized 12/1941 commanded by Gen Douglas MacArthur beginning 7/26/1941

WAS- Women’s Auxiliary Service



Units established in the United States -1st Filipino Inf Bn, 1st Filipino Inf Regt (“Laging Una”), 2nd Filipino Inf Bn, 2nd Filipino Inf Regt, 5217 Recon Bn, 5218th Recon Co and 978th Signal Service Co

Ist Recon Bn (“Come What May”)




Zacarias M. Umagat ** born 9/12/1912 Philippines; died 5/25/1997; buried Queen of Heaven Salinas Ca; Army Sgt

Vincente Umali guerrilla Tiaong, Tayabas mayor

Untalan # guerrilla

Amadeo Urbano

George Urbano Alamo Scouts

Froilan Urmeneta * Filipino Inf Regt




Pacifico Valdevarona 45th Inf (PS) H Co


Basilio Valdez # Maj. Gen. Chief Staff Philippine Army


Celestino Valdez # Batac Ilocos Sur Sgt 1st Reconn Bn


Dominador Valdez #


Pablo S. Valdez SSgt 1st & 2nd Filipino Inf Regt, father of Sgt (Ret.) Pelagio A. Valdez


Armando V. Valencia Cpl Cav USAFFE Distinguished Service Cross


Macario Valencia Navy Casualty Mess Attendant 1c from San Roque Cavite


Silvestre Valencia * Sgt, also a WW1 veteran, Pvt Hawaiian Inf


Placido D. Valenciano born 1917 Philippines; enlistment 6/1/1944


Orlando Valentin * Filipino Inf Regt


Daniel Valenzuela * Filipino Inf Regt


Valera # Guerrilla


Herminio Vargas 45th Inf (PS)


Jesus Vargas


Benito Vasquez Navy Casualty Officer’s Cook 2c from Pilar Bataan


Cruz C. Vega Alamo Scouts


Nick Velarde


Braulio M. Velasco Officer’s Steward 2c Coast Guard Casualty from Ansingan Pangasinan


Jacob Velasco served 1942-1946


Prescillano Velasco # died 1942 KIA Casualty Distinguished Service Cross


Roque R.Velasco # Sta Cruz Ilocos Sur TSgt 1st Reconn Bn


Buny Velayo Cpl 1st Reconn Bn


Mariano Vellarama * Navy SDS; also WW1 veteran Hawaiian Inf


Melandio V. Veloria Filipino Inf Regt


Ildefonso Veloso Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 1c from Hinundayan Leyte


Marcelo Vendiola * 1st Filipino Inf Regt


Antonio Ventura * Filipino Inf Regt


Domingo Ventura * Filipino Inf Regt


Hilarion Ventura * born 10/21/1907 Philippines; died 1942 Casualty Navy Cook 1c; resident of 10 Deleon St Caridad Cavite; SS# issued Hawaii


Manuel Luna Veorpus 1st Filipino Regt


Miguel “Mike” Ver KIA 7/4/1942 Sierra Madre Mtns; founded Terry's Hunters Guerrillas in Manila; PMA & ROTC cadets


Lorenzo Verano Navy Casualty Cook 3c from 48 P. Gomez St. Batangas Batangas


Bonifacio Verdadero * Filipino Inf Regt


Cipriano Vergara * born 9/20/1894Philippines; died 5/1942 Casualty; Navy Mess Attendant 1c; resident of 1618 Int 4 Dominga St. Singalong Manila; SS# issued Hawaii


Edilberto Vergara Sfc 86th Field Artillery (PS)


Mauro Vertido * born 1/15/1897 Philippines; died 1/1945 Casualty Navy Cook 3c; resident of Badoc Ilocos Norte; SS# issued Hawaii


Teopilo Vidad * Filipino Inf Regt


Buenaventura Videna Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from Silang Cavite


Alfredo Villa born 1922 Cpt.


Isabelo Villa ** born 1911 Philippines; Army; resident of SF California; immigrated to U.S. 1930’s


S. Villa #


Eustaquio Edmund Villador # Sgt 45th Inf PS


Raymundo Villador


Romulo Villaflor


Pedro O. “Pete” Villafuerte * born 1920 Philippines enlisted 8/17/1944 1st Filipino Inf Regt


Albert Villamor Navy Casualty Machinist’s Mate 2c from Plaridel St. San Roque Cavite


Jesus Antonio Villamor # born Philippines; buried Libingan Ng Mga Bayani, Taguig MM Philippines; Maj. Philippine Army Air Corps, 6th Pursuit Squadron 1st Filipino Ace in U.S. Air Force; Awards: Distinguished Service Cross (twice) Oak Leaf Cluster; Silver Star; Philippines Medal of Valor (highest Phil military award) Manila’s Villamor Air Base was named in his honor.


Adriano Claro Villan Navy Casualty Electrician’s Mate 2c from 219 Jaena Caridad Cavite


Albert Villanueva * Filipino Inf Regt


Angelo F. Villanueva SSgt 1st Recon Bn from Calibo Capiz Philippines


Antonio Villanueva * Filipino Inf Regt


Esperanza Villanueva guerrilla spy 


Eufracio Villanueva Col.


Faustina Trespeces Villanueva, nurse treated soldiers


Esteban Villardo POW Merchant Marine


Villareal Gen. commanding 31st Philippine Army Artillery Division


L. Villareal


Johnny Villaro * Filipino Inf Regt


Rodrigo Villaroman * enlistment


Alfred Arro Villarosa * Filipino Inf Regt


Francisco Villegas Navy Casualty Seaman 1c from 812 Vito Cruz Manila


Pedro Villegas # (also known as Carlos Hassim) Laguna Hukbalahap guerrilla


Casimero Viniegas Navy Casualty Mess Attendant 1c from Binalonan Pangasinan


Andres Vinluan Filipino Inf Regt


Antonio Vinluan ON NOV. 12, 2005 at a gathering on the Ateneo de Manila University campus at Loyola Heights, Quezon City, 15 men will be enshrined in the Ateneo Heroes Memorial. Among the deceased honorees are those who fought in Bataan and walked the Death March -- Antonio Vinluan, Philip Buencamino, Antonio Nieva, Ramon Pamintuan, Oscar Coscolluela and Ramon Diaz, who was tortured by the Japanese for being a member of an intelligence cell that relayed information about the Japanese to the Americans in Australia through the interned Jesuits. Source:


Demetrio Arong Vios ** born 7/15/1903 Philippines; died 6/26/1951; buried Golden Gate Nat Cemetery


John P. Vios born 5/6/1895 Philippines; died 12/1981 LA Ca; post war: AA Degree LA City College; meat packer Hormel Meat Packing Co. Source: research by Maria Elizabeth Embry & Shirley Akiaten Chrisman e-mail 10/8/2007


Braulio Viray TSgt 26th Cavalry


Narciso C. Viray MIA Troop A 26th Cavalry Regt (PS) Award: Purple Heart, Silver Star; from Pampanga


Rodolfo Viray 12th Medical (PS)


Doroteo Viloria Vite born 2/6/1912; died 12/6/1990; buried Golden Gate Nat. Cem Army Tec Sgt; went back from U.S. to establish guerrilla operations in Southern Philippines


Ramon Vitorio # T/5 PRS Army arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943


Davit T. Vivit 1st Lt





Robert C. Wabinga * Filipino Inf Regt


Juan Wakalina * Filipino Inf Regt


Dickilon Wayas * Filipino Inf Regt




Alfred Yadao * Filipino Inf Regt


Frederico Yalca  * Filipino Inf Regt


Tura Luna Pascual Yamaguchi ** (CIVILIAN) Pilipino-Japanese descent; Manzanar California internee with her family born 7/10/1935 Hokkaido, Japan; postwar: family relocated to Chicago after Manzanar; an actress


Elias Yanoc


Pedro M. Yap Lt


Felix Yapit


Salvador Yaris * Filipino Inf Regt


Marne Ranada Yasay born 1921 Philippines; two brothers were war casualties; post war: founded w/ Azucena, his wife The War Veterans Families and Friends 1995; writer & speaker advocate for WW11 Filipino U.S. veterans’ Equity Rights; resident of Vallejo California

Wong Si Yew # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Co Tan Yian # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Simplicio Yoma


Graciano Ymas * also WW1 veteran Hawaiian Inf


Joseph Rivera Young # 26th Cavalry (PS) Troop C, his father was a WW11 POW @UST and was with the 9th Cavalry that went to the Philippines in 1898 during Spanish American War; Pilipina mother from Pangasinan


Roman Rivera Young, Jr # born 1922 Philippines Hdqtrs. Battery 86th Field Artillery

his father was a WW11 POW @UST and was with the 9th Cavalry that went to the Philippines in 1898 during Spanish American War; Pilipina mother from Pangasinan; post-war resident of Suisun California


Johnny Ysmael guerrilla, son-in-law of Sen Claro M. Recto


Delfin Cortez Yujico # 2nd Lt. 2nd in command Villamor (PRS) Philippine Regional Section; 1st Reconn Bn


Moses Yuson * Filipino Inf Regt




Evelio G. Zaldivar # Army from Iloilo Philippines


Silfide Perez Zaldivar Pototan, Iloilo chapter WAS


Jose A. Zapanta #Army from Polangui Albay Philippines


Amado O. Zaporteza Sr # Army from Lucena Quezon Philippines


Joseph V. Zemola from Santa Lucia Ilocos Sur; Navy


Jose Zulueta Lt


Bataan . . . Bataan.
Bataan Falls! Bataan.
Like the tramp of feet on the road to doom,
Like the bomber’s roar. . . like the cannon’s boom.
Like the drums of death the word command
Men and women of every land
To stop! To listen! To understand!
To pulse our hearts to the weary beat. . .
Advance . . retreat . . advance . . retreat.
There is glory in such defeat
For each man gave of the best he had,
Bearded veteran . . beardless lad
Gave of his strength, his hope, his life
For mother, brother, friend and wife.
Unknown heroes whose fame is sung
When “Bataan” is uttered by any tongue.
Take those banners from wounded hands
And carry the battle to stricken lands.
Work and sacrifice, hope and give.
That glorious word must forever live,
Symbol of courage. That splendid name
Should be stamped with blood and seared with flame
On the heart of every woman and man.
Dare to forget it . . if you can!

Written By Don Blanding, April 9, 1942

Don Blanding, noted lecturer, poet and artist, expresses the spirit of the Bataan defenders in his poem “BATAAN FALLS!” This poem was used by the U.S. Treasury in its war bond advertising campaign




Cedars on a hillside
In sunny Tennessee,
Mark the spot where soldiers fell
In eighteen sixty three.

Far from home and loved ones,
They rest in peaceful sleep.
The cedars stand as sentinels,
And faithful vigil keep.

No cedars mark the spot,
In faraway Bataan,
Where soldiers brave and fair and true,
Fell before Japan.

No cedars mark the spot!
No chiseled stone their name!
They fought, they bled, they starved.—And hoped
For help which never came!

The green growth of the jungle
Is creeping o’er the spot
Where they fought, and bled, and starved, and died—
The men whom men forgot.

Oh God of hosts, almighty—
God who created man—
Remember them—whose graves are hid
On faraway Bataan.

Mallie Wilson Farrell

Mother of Capt. William E. “Willie” Wilson Farrell, West Point 1937, 31st Infantry officer in Bataan; died on the Hellship Brazil Maru.



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