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(Inspiration for this webpage came while I was browsing thru the records of Thomas Embry, my grandfather for the purpose of sharing them with Col Romy Monteyro. Going again thru these papers I was reminded of the significant role & sacrifices made by Valentina Embry, my grandmother. Additionally, I remembered that my mother told me about the similar role that Rosita Del Valle, her mother, had played during WW11. Truly, these heroines are not only Rosie, the Riveter who supported the war efforts in the home fronts but, additionally we have to remember that they have to endure daily survival in the war fronts. Notes by Maria Elizabeth Embry 11/2/2008)



Salome Alforte, a nurse who treated soldiers


Isabel Almario a nurse who treated soldiers


Ramona Barrios. a nurse who treated soldiers


Matea (Sadava) Borja CIVILIAN Casualty (with Vicente her husband;) mother of Sfc Domingo Borja (their only child) who was himself a North Korean POW & KIA/MIA in Vietnam war & a DSC recipient Re:


Otilla Celo a nurse who treated soldiers


Fe Del Mundo CIVILIAN known as th “Angel of Santo Tomas” born 1911 Philippines; Harvard Med School grad; Red Cross volunteer for UST internment camp


Florence Ebersole Smith Finch Coast Guard  S2c; born 11/11/1915 Santiago Isabela Philippines; daughter of a Filipina & an American soldier from Buffalo NY; wife of Charles “Smitty” Smith,(Navy PT boat crewman KIA @ Corregido)r. Florence was a guerrilla spy; Prisoner of War on10/1944 was apprehended by the Japanese; tortured & sentenced to three years hard labor (Bilibid; Mandaluyong Women’s prison cellmate of Claire Phillips, another spy) & was liberated by American Forces after 5 months; she moved to Buffalo NY; was assisted by WIMSA (Women in Military Service for America); enlisted & was a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Women’s Reserve (SPAR) for 11 months; remarried to Robert Finch; resident of Ithaca New York Awards: Civilian Medal of Freedom & Asian-Pacific Campaign Ribbon Sources: (Oral Interview conducted by: Dr. William Thiesen, Coast Guard historian Atlantic Area Portsmouth Virginia)


Josefa Escoda refer to listing for Josefa Madamba LLanes wife of Antonio Escoda


Florence Finch (bio under Florence Ebersole

Commander Guerrero Pampanga Hukbalahap guerrilla

Josefina “Joey” V. Guerrero CIVILIAN recipient of U.S. highest civilian award. Medal of Freedom (1948) for acting as a spy for the Allied forces in the Philippines; she was able to go past Japanese sentry because of leprosy ailment as her cover. Josephina’s story was told in the Time Magazine 7/19/1948 edition


Monserrat Jaleco, a nurse who treated soldiers


Candida Jimenea born 1921 member nurse corps of the guerrillas 6th Military District   


Patria Jover born 1922 member nurse corps of the guerrillas 6th Military District

Josefa Madamba Llanes (Mrs Antonio Escoda) civilian; born 9/20/1898 Dingras Ilocos Norte; sent by the American Red Cross to study @ the New York School of Social Work (1925); cared for military interns during the Death March; husband was arrested 6/1944; Josefa was arrested & imprisoned in Fort Santiago 9/1944 & was last seen 1/6/1945 in FEU; presumed executed and buried in an unmarked grave in the La Loma Cemetery. A street and a building named and a monument dedicated to her; also depicted on 1000-peso bill as one of three Filipinos martyred by the Japanese Armed Forces; founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines & a women’s rights advocate

Perpetua Magno, a nurse who treated soldiers


Teresa Paginado, a nurse who treated soldiers


Luisa Dequina Parcon guerrilla spy 


Mona Parpana intelligence officer; guerrilla served as contact bet. Lt. Col Edwin Ramsey & Brig Gen Manuel Roxas (later, Pres. Roxas of the Philippines


Generosa Paspe, a nurse who treated soldiers


Salvacion Jesena Patrimonio guerrilla spy 


Natividad Kasilag Peralta organized Women’s Auxiliary Service (WAS) in Capiz & Iloilo; Award:  Degree of Legionnaire, Philippine Legion of Honor

Asuncion Arriola Perez born 8/15/1895 Gasan Marinduque; died 1967 Lt Col intelligence unit member Marking’s guerillas; post-war: Social Welfare Administrator 1948

Corazon Quimpo Aklan chapter Women’s Auxiliary Service (WAS)


Corazon Dy Rivera a nurse who treated soldiers


Florence Smith (bio under Florence Ebersole)


Pacita “Pacing” Todtod (Bobadilla) CIVILIAN born 1920 Philippines; Miss Philippines (1939) Golden Gate International Exposition; Pres. Filipino Community of Santa Clara County, (1942) who lead the Pilipino community in 1942 sending a letter to Henry Stimson U.S. Secretary of War to allow Pilipinos to serve in WW11 U.S. military. This led to the formation of the 1st & 2nd Fil Inf. Post war: Holywood actress; wife of Epifanio “Robert” C. Bobadilla


Esperanza Villanueva guerrilla spy 


Faustina Trespeces Villanueva, a nurse who treated soldiers


Silfide Perez Zaldivar Pototan, Iloilo chapter Women’s Auxiliary Service (WAS)



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Pursuant to Title 17 U.S.C. 107, other copyrighted work is provided for educational purposes, research, critical comment, or debate without profit or payment. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for your own purposes beyond the 'fair use' exception, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner