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Soldier’s Home State/Country of (military) Record or State/Country of Residence:

California **

Hawaii *  

Oregon ***


Philippines #


AUS- Army of the United States

BNR-Body Not Recovered

BR-Body Recovered

DOW- Died of Wounds

DSC-Distinguished Service Cross (54 recipients)

KIA-Killed in Action

MIA-Missing in Action

POW-Prisoner of War

PA Philippine Army, part of the United States.Armed Forces

PS-Philippine Scout, part of the United States Armed Forces

SWA-Seriously wounded in action by missile

USAFFE United States Armed Forces of the Far East; organized 12/1941 commanded by Gen Douglas MacArthur beginning 7/26/1941

WAS- Women’s Auxiliary Service



Units established in the United States -1st Filipino Inf Bn, 1st Filipino Inf Regt (“Laging Una”), 2nd Filipino Inf Bn, 2nd Filipino Inf Regt, 5217 Recon Bn, 5218th Recon Co and 978th Signal Service Co

Ist Recon Bn (“Come What May”)




Mariano Paac 1st Sgt Army MIA 8/101942


Felix B. Paalan Pvt Army MIA 1/16/1942


Vicente Paalan Pfc Army MIA 4/28/1942


Flaviano Paano Pvt Army MIA 5/19/1942


Filimeno Paas * Filipino Inf Regt


Antonio Pabalate Sgt Army MIA 7/41942


Juan Pabalate Cpl Army MIA 1/30/1942


Pedro Pabalate Cpl Army MIA 8/8/1942


Miguel Pabilloren Cpl Army MIA 6/22/1942


Juan Pabiz Cpl Army MIA 5/11/1942


Segundo Pablo Sgt Army MIA 6/19/1942


Raymondo Paborian Pvt Army MIA 5/21/1942


Juan Pabustan Pfc Army MIA 6/7/1942


Timoteo Pacada Cpl Army MIA 4/7/1942


Juan Pacis Alamo Scouts


Felipe Packing Navy Casualty Cook 1c from Candon Ilocos Sur


Agrifino Pacleb * Filipino Inf Regt


Francisco Paculanan MIA 5/27/1942 Army Sgt


Leonido Paculanan MIA 5/22/1942 Army Pvt


Maximino Paddit MIA 1/25/1942 Army Pfc


Elareo Padilla* Filipino Inf Regt


Felix Padilla # born 2/21/1920 Philippines; died 6/22/2006; buried Memory Gardens Cemetery Concord; Army, PS; postwar: retired Sfc; resident of Pittsburg Ca for 41 yrs


Juanito Padilla Navy Casualty Ship’s Cook 1c from Candon Ilocos Sur


Francisco Padin * Filipino Inf Regt


Salvador Molar Padrique Merchant Marine Utility; Casualty 11/12/1944 Ship-Alexander Majors; from Leyte Philippines


Cipriano Pagaduan MIA 4/30/1942 Pfc


Martin Pagaduan MIA 6/3/1942


Jose Pagala * Filipino Inf Regt


Facundo Pagarra MIA 7/30/1942 Army Pvt


Crisanto Pagayonan MIA 7/6/1942 Army Pfc


Justine J. Pagdilao * born 4/13/1925; died 4/28/1990; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy S1


Louis P. Pagdilao ** born 6/9/1909; died 1/10/1998; buried Holy Cross (Culver Ca) Cemetery; Army Pfc


Roland Pagdilao * Filipino Inf Regt


Teresa Paginado, nurse treated soldiers


Hilario Paglinawan** born 1/14/1900 Philippines; died 9/18/1958; buried Ft Rosecrans Nat. Cemetery; Navy SDC


Rafael O. Paglinawan** born 10/24/1908; died 12/16/1996; buried: All Souls Cemetery Long Beach Ca


Teodoro V. Paglinawan # born 12/8/1918; died 4/19/2005; buried San Fernando Mission Cemetery Mission Hills Ca Philippine Army


Jesus T. Pagorogon MIA 3/31/1946 Army Pvt


Rafael Pagsulingan MIA 1/23/1942 Army Cpl


Tomas Pagtolon-an MIA 5/25/1942 Army Pvt


Mariano E. Paguirigan MIA 6/10/1942 Army Cpl


Juan Pagulayan MIA 5/9/1942 Army Sgt


Silverio Pagulong MIA 1/19/1942 Army Cpl


Leandro Pagurayan * enlistment


Domingo Pahanginan MIA 6/20/1942 Army Pfc


Esfredo Pahed MIA 6/10/1942 Army Pvt


Juan Pajarillo * enlistment


Juan Pajota # Cpt Guerilla Forces, on 1/30/1945 provided the military intelligence & support for the 100 members of the 6th Ranger Bn in the raid on the Cabanatuan (Phil) POW camp of 511 Americans with the help of Pilipino guerillas and civilians The Great Raid movie starring Pilipino actor Cesar Montano as Cpt Juan Pajota; Benj Pratt as Lt. Col Henry Mucci and James Franco as Cpt Robert Prince was based in this daring rescue. Lt. Col Mucci and Cpt Prince received Medal of Honor. Forgive me, for awarding Captain Juan Pajota top billing in this website although, he did not receive any MOH. Now, probably you could understand my sentiments in creating this website.

Source of info about the raid: On Distant Shore Val G. Abelgas “The Great Hope” Pinoy Today 5/29/2008


Emilio Palabay MIA 6/21/1942 Army Sgt


Joseph Palacat * Filipino Inf Regt


Nicolas Palaspas born Philippines; Merchant Marine messman Casualty 5/24/1943 Ship- Stanvac Manila


Fernando M. Palazo **** born 1/16/1921 Philippines; died 3/19/2003 VA Med Cntr Oregon; buried Arlington Nat Cem; also serve Korean War post war: retired after 20 yrs of service


Stephen Paling * Filipino Inf Regt


Angel Palma died 7/14/1942 Ft. McKinley; Casualty


Benjamin Palma died 3/11/1943 Ft. McKinley Casualty


Geronimo Palma born Philippines; POW 5/7/1942


Nestor Palma


Pedro R. Palma born Philippines; POW; 5/7/1942; 3/11/1945


Rodolfo Palma # Death March; postwar: Dean of Law School, UP


Joaquin Pama * Filipino Inf Regt


Miguel L. Pamaran MIA 5/25/1942 Army Pvt


Liborio Pambid MIA 5/8/1942 Army Pvt


Roman Pambid MIA 2/7/1942 Army Cpl


Jose T. Pamintuan MIA 4/17/1942 Army Pvt


Ramon Pamintuan ON NOV. 12, 2005 at a gathering on the Ateneo de Manila University campus at Loyola Heights, Quezon City, 15 men will be enshrined in the Ateneo Heroes Memorial. Among the deceased honorees are those who fought in Bataan and walked the Death March -- Antonio Vinluan, Philip Buencamino, Antonio Nieva, Ramon Pamintuan, Oscar Coscolluela and Ramon Diaz, who was tortured by the Japanese for being a member of an intelligence cell that relayed information about the Japanese to the Americans in Australia through the interned Jesuits. Source:


Alfredo Pampanga MIA 6/25/1942 Cpl Army


Rudy Panaglima


Juan Panalagao MIA 12/15/1944 Army Cpl


Francisco Panaligan MIA 7/3/1942 Army Tec5


Jose Lopez Panelo Navy Casualty Machinist’s Mate 3c from 908 Economia St. Sampaloc Manila


Candido Panerio * Filipino Inf Regt


Larry Pangan # Death March, POW PS Heritage Society, Pres


Edilberto Panganiban * born 3/22/1899 Philippines; died 3/1/1942 USS Houston CA-30; Navy Casualty; Musician 1c rom Rosario Cavite


Alfredo N. Pangusan MIA 7/14/1942 Army Pfc


Jay Panlilio # (also known as Jay Marking) guerrilla


Juan Panopio Cpt


Stanley R. Papada ** born 1913 Philippines; enlistment 5/23/1944 San Pedro Ca


 Felix Papina * born 5/8/1901 Philippines; died 6/1942; POW/Casualty; Navy Mess Attendant 1c from Guinobatan, Albay


Cirilo Parangan MIA 9/27/1942 Army Pvt


Zacarias Parangan MIA 9/27/1942 Army Pvt


Menandro Parazo # Cpt 26th Cavalry Troop C then moved to Hdqtrs in 4/1941, PS POW Camp O’Donnell & Ft. Santiago Intramuros Manila; native of Gerona Tarlac; joined the Army 1941 Source:Cpt. Menandro Parazo to Maria Elizabeth Embry e-mails & phone conversation 6/4/2004


Jose Panis Parcero Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from J. Castaneda Imus Cavite


Luisa Dequina Parcon guerrilla spy 


Santiago Paringit MIA 3/31/1946 Army Pvt


Mona Parpana intelligence officer; guerrilla served as contact bet. Lt. Col Edwin Ramsey & Brig Gen Manuel Roxas (later, Pres of the Philippines)


Salvadore Balanque Parrocha ** born 10/14/1905 Philippines; died 1/4/1959 Fresno; buried Tulare Ca


Antonio Pasco * Filipino Inf Regt


Wiliam Pasco * Filipino Inf Regt


Florentino Pascua * Filipino Inf Regt


Santos Pascua * Filipino Inf Regt


Segundo Pascua * Filipino Inf Regt


Amrafel Duldulao Pascual ** born 3/13/1913; died 11/1/1981; buried Tulare Ca


Pasoquen Marcelino * Filipino Inf Regt


Generosa Paspe, nurse treated soldiers


Anastacio “Jimmy Patacsil” * Filipino Inf Regt


Norberto G. Patacsil MIA 7/18/1942 Army Sgt


Gaspar Pataueg MIA 6/22/1942 Army Pfc


Patricio O. Patolot MIA 3/31/1946 Army Pfc


Nelson Patria * Filipino Inf Regt


Salvacion Jesena Patrimonio guerrilla spy 


Apolonio Pauig MIA 4/28/1942 Army Cpl


Alfred Pave * Filipino Inf Regt


Tranquilino Pavo * Filipino Inf Regt


Damian Pavon Casualty @ 26 yrs of age; small boat sunk while escaping from Corregidor

Lim Tan Pee # Sgt.  “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Juan C. Pegueros Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 3c from Cablay Bolinao Pangasinan

David Pelayo Lt

Gabriel Pena Navy Casualty Seaman from Candelaria Tayabas

Leonardo Pena # born 1919 Philippines; Death March


Nicanor Cruz Pena Merchant Marine oiler POW ship Malama was bombed 1/1/1942; released


Bonifacio Penaflor # born 1919 Philippines; died 8/12/1942 Ft Wm McKinley Casualty; Philippines Army Pvt; enlistment 2/18/1941


Caesar Ruiz Penaflor, Sr born 10/7/1925 Philippines; died 2/24/1990 San Francisco California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; SD2 Navy, also Vietnam War veteran


Donato Jenenez Penaflor born 7/12/1909 Philippines; died 3/4/1996 San Bernardino California; buried Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery; SDC Navy; also Korean War


Eleuterio Penarubia ** born 2/20/1922 died 7/13/2001; buried Riverside Nat. Cemetery; Navy RM1


Mateo Penawin Navy Casualty Cook 2c from Bauan Batangas

So Peng # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Romulo Pepito MIA 6/7/1942 Army Cpl

Tesalonico M. Pepito 1st Filipino Battalion H Co


Victorino Pepito MIA 12/22/1941 Cpl


Natividad Kasilag Peralta organized WAS in Capiz & Iloilo; Award:  Degree of Legionnaire, Philippine Legion of Honor


Macario Peralta, Jr # Major (PA); then Philippine Guerrilla Forces Col.6th Military District Panay Philippines Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 5/8/1943-8/6/1943 Panay)


Benjamin Perdido 2nd Lt. (PS) Award: Distinguished Service Cross (12/14/1941-5/13/1942)


Francisco Perez guerrilla with Matute Combat Regt Bulacan Military Area of Gen Alejo Santos


Mauro Perez POW; Navy Coxswain; resident of Juan De Leon St. Iloilo Philippines


Guillermo “Gil” Perla born 1921 Philippines; Death March; guerrilla;12th Signal Corps PS, retired Air Force; also Korean War veteran; Sacramento Ca resident


Edward Pesibry Merchant Marine A.B.Casualty 8/3/1943 ship -Yankee Arrow; from Naipiatn, Nabua Philippines


L. Picar Lt


Federico Pilapil MIA 3/31/1946 Army Pvt


Jose Pilapil MIA 12/31/1944 Army Tec4


Jose Pilar MIA 1/2/1942 Army Pfc


Julian Pilar MSgt 1st Reconn Bn


Mariano F. Pilar # Bacarra Ilocos Sur Cpl 1st Reconn Bn


Mark Q. Pilarca


Utique Pilicilda Merchant Marine Casualty 2/19/1942; utility ship- Pan Massachusetts; from Manila Philippines


Lorenzo U. Pimentel # San Fernando La Union Sgt 1st Reconn Bn


Apolonio Pineda Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 3c from 148 R. Basa St. San Antonio Cavite


James Pineda * Filipino Inf Regt


Vicente Pinuela Army Sgt arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943 w/ Cpt Ricardo C. Galang & Sgt Benjamin Harder


Santiago Piscusa * Filipino Inf Regt


Pivorano guerrilla; Casualty POW Ft. Santiago; executed 8/28/1944


Alvin Planas * born 12/4/1920; died 6/8/1984; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army 1LT 100th Bn/442; name in the monument downtown Los Angeles Temple/Alameda Sts panel 12A, 31 Row; Awards: Silver Star, Bronze Star, Distinguished Unit Badge, Combat Infantryman Badge; also Korean War veteran; suffered injury 7/29/1951 in North Korea; returned to duty; 38th Inf Regt 2nd Div Purple Heart


Isidor Zafra Plarisan** born 5/15/1901 Minglanilla, Cebu; died 9/21/2000 Madison Yolo Ca; buried Capay Cemetery; Navy post war resident of Yolo for 55 yrs


Sebastian Plasides * Navy Cook1 also WW1 Hawaiian Inf


Deliner Plunkett * Filipino Inf Regt


Eugene Patron Poblacion Merchant Marine Casualty 11/4/1942 ship-Wm Clark utility; resident of Manial Philippines

Bernardo Poblete born Minalin Pampanga; founded 1/1/1942 Hukbalahap guerrillas

Jose Poblete Maj.  also known as Jose Banal) Pampanga Hukbalahap

Tan Pok # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

 Ching Pong # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group

Cecilio Pontanilla * born 10/13/1895 Philippines; died 8/1942 Navy Casualty; Officer’s Steward 1c from Rosario Cavite


“Pop” Pilipino Cook Source:

From Shanghai to Corregidor: Marines in the Defense of the Philippines by J. Michael Miller

Mess Sergeant Milton T. Larios, Corporal Earl C. Dodson, and a Filipino cook named "Pop" were preparing rations for the Marines still in the Cavite Navy Yard when the air-raid siren went off. Larios shouted, "Let's get this meat off the fire," and tried to load the beef into a nearby garbage can when the bombs hit. Corporal Dodson remembered running until hearing the whistle of the bombs coming down and then fell to the ground. Explosions covered him with dirt and debris but he escaped the blast unhurt. He ran back to the mess area where he found Larios dead and "Pop" dying. He carried the bleeding Filipino to a collection point where 15 wounded Americans and Filipinos were lying together.

(Notes by Maria Embry-another mission of this website to be inclusive in listing all Pilipinos who served or died for the defense of the Philippines during WW11. Many remained nameless, truly their names are only known to God)


Damien Maraya Portillo * born 9/27/1896 Palo Leyte Phil died 12/7/1941 Pearl Harbor Casualty Navy SC1c aboard USS Pennsylvania BB-38 Battleship, also a WW1 veteran, Sup Sgt, Hawaiian Inf


Candido Pranco born Philippines; POW Casualty; Navy Steward 1c; resident of 68 Bambang Est Sanat Cruz Manila Philippines


Anacleto Prodigalidad Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from Rosario Cavite


Angelino Prosbitero * Filipino Inf Regt


Agustin Prudenciado Cpt Casualty


Paulino Prudente born Philippines; POW Casualty died 1942; Navy Coxswain; residence 90 A. Mabini St Caloocan Rizal


Teodorico S. Puig MIA 5/29/1942 Army Sgt


Pablo M. Pulcarpio # born 6/30/1916 Magalang Philippines; died 10/2/2005; buried Tracy California; Philippine Army; postwar: auto mechanic


Jose Puma * Filipino Inf Regt


Bonifacio Gaddi Punla born 10/30/1912 Philippines; died 8/26/2007; buried Masantol (Pampanga) Catholic Cemetery; POW Army 1st Lt


Crispino Punla MIA 12/31/1944 Army TEC4


Gregorio Punla born Philippines MIA 6/16/1942 Army Sgt


Macario Punla # born Philippines POW


Leon Flores Punsalan born San Simon Pampanga died 10/4/2001; Lt. Col. West Point (1936) Master’s MIT Mech Engr; invented & patented a rifle cartridge ejector credited with saving servicemen’s lives during WW11 (Source: Virginia Senate Joint Resolution # 154 1/18/2002); commander of 1st Battalion 1st Filipino Inf Regt; aide to Gen. McArthur


Juanito P. Purog MIA 5/29/1942 Army Pvt


Antonio Purugganan MIA 10/4/1943 Sgt Army


Ramon Purugganan MIA 4/26/1942 Army MSgt


Quirino Puzon * Filipino Inf Regt


By Robert N. Herriott

Second Marine Raider Battalion
Dedicated to the boys who fell on Guadalcanal

A clearing has been made beside that twisting trail.
A Raider rests in peace as his ship for home sets sail.
Each passing pair of eyes now lowered in sorrow,
Reaps vengeance as evening gives promise of tomorrow.

That rugged cross, native made, may it be
A token of remembrance, their ever humble Fee
There it stands in a far off tropic Land
A monument placed within God's helping hand.

To you, pal, a prayer from those now weary hearts
How true we knew the best of men must part.
For-ever, undisturbed, you so peacefully sleep
On our honor roll your name we proudly keep.

You, mother, raise your head and wipe away each tear.
Never once to us did your son betray a sign of fear.
We know that you will bravely face your loss, serene,
Know that to us your dear son was a true Marine.



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